Wednesday, August 31, 2005

how the fuck

someone in Kenner, Louisiana is reading my blog right now. How is that possible, that should be a lake? seriously do a mapquest search, that stretch of land at last report wasn't even there.

holy crap

some people say new orleans got it for years of debauchery but holy good god. I just talked to a guy from my company that was trying to get logged in to check his email to see if he could find his crew (hasn't spoken to a single one) and he was really nice, sounded tired as all get out and unfocused and apologized for breaking down a couple times but man o man, i feel for him. I think i'll keep my earthquakes.

these are local pages in NO for images

amazing and possibly more horrific pics than on cnn. google earth apparently has sat feeds too.

why can't i sleep?

Just damn busy. I started my ride on monday and the tire was flat from a good sized thorn. Why didn't I replace both innertubes with thorn proof? and walked back with the bike, went to the bikeshop and got another. But still haven't put it on.

I had to run around making medicinal deliveries last night. I'm tired but got to look at a catalog of art from an old friend from the last 40 years. It was like going to a museum and being able to touch and flip art everydifferent way at my leisure. freakin amazing. he made chili ribs with bacon, sweet corn, sourdough bread, his own pickled cucumbers, turnips, peppers and onions (pickled salad so to speak), it was excellent. For desert there were fresh dates and japanese grapes that tasted like old fashioned grape pop. Freakin good. A couple more stops and I made it home to do some reading but everyone was already pretty much in bed so my night was over. I read some harry potter and then tried (unsuccessfully) to sleep and was just tossing and turning all night. I think I need a taste of my own medicine. I want to ride. And this friday i have a half day of work (paid) and then a 3 day weekend to make shirts and have a big ass bbq. Anyone wanna come you're welcome, chicken, hot links, potatoe and garden salad, and some berries and whatever else I find at Farmers Market this weekend.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

i just like looking like a lobster

I scorched myself again. And again it was due to those pesky kids at Hogwarts. This time i put on some sunscreen but just stayed out there too long and burned anyways. I really must be more careful.

I saw Brothers Grimm last night and let me tell you, DON'T, and I mean DON'T see it. I wouldn't even recommend watching it on free cable. It sucked HUUUUUUUGE donkey balls. Even the donkey was pissed. It was good for about the 8 seconds that I got to stare at Monica Bellucci's ample busom. Seriously, I'd let her do socially unacceptable things to me.

Went to sunset junction tonight and wandered around, not much by way of obscure northern european post modern art prints that I liked from last year, but I got to see Rilo Kiley and Jenny appeared to be a bit blottoed but she did the frug and all were happy. Ran into old friends from school and hung for a few and it was cool. Then the rest of us went to Palms and ate thai food. New location, food wasn't as good, but that could be cause the decor wasn't as old and homey. Maybe I'll post pics if oyie ever uploads em and you can see how really nicely my burn contrasts with blue eyes. Oh wait the only pic of me is making a half hearted attempt to make out with jason. I should make it my myspace pic but that'd be too paris hilton of me.

Friday, August 26, 2005


I had a friend call ask me if I wanted to be in an adult movie. This becuase it's S&M and I've been known to dabble. My knot skills are not that swift as of late but with some practice. I might be able, but he said there may be spitting involved and I'm not one to spit on a woman sooooooooo, i might have to find someone else. My masochistic fetish has diminished somewhat but is still there, I'm just not a sadist all that much. And my experiences have been much more pleasurable when it was mild and not hardcore. Anyone interested in tying someone up and whippin them for money, he needs someone soon. Must know hentai as all the japanese guys are way too expensive.

This is actually pretty funny

MrDudeMan News - Move your mouse to make Jessica Simpson Dance - I don't need a gun, all I need is my nun-chucks

I've gotta go here soon

Eames Foundation - History of the Eames House

This is what i love about my friends. They're a bunch of art flunkies. Mom's been takin me to museums since i can remember so it's engrained in me, but how many groups of friends do you know that plan an evening or day around museums. Thats fuckin awesome I say.

my ass hurts and i never dropped the soap

I'm back on my routine bike rides and my ass hurts. The seat is pretty hard and I'm back at the point where my pace is on and actually have had some of my best times lately. I was pacing a guy that never wanted me to have the lead (it was the challenge of who's music was better on their ipod i guess) but he finally turned it on and took off while i just paced, well, about a quarter mile later i passed him up while he was walking his bike. Justice baby.

How come ikea furniture is so damn difficult to build. I went over to some friends' place last night and spent about 3.5 hours building the damn shit. Only got the tv cabinet built and left the 3 other pieces to build later as it was late and I needed to make a late night bootyless bootycall. Don't ask, you'll frustrate me (but i'll smile).

Thursday, August 25, 2005

if you ever win the lottery...

I don't want a house or a car, I want everything off this site, and maybe season tix to the Los Angeles Angels..............................................of Anaheim.

and this one

I mean c'mon, if anyone deserves a haunting

"Man Accused in Civil War Vet's Desecration
August 25, 2005 9:54 AM EDT
NEWBURYPORT, Mass. - A young man performing court-ordered community service in a cemetery has been charged with desecrating a Civil War-era tomb, pulling apart the skeleton, and posing for pictures with the skull and other bones.
'It's bizarre, absolutely bizarre,' police Lt. Richard Siemasko said. 'I can't even imagine what was in his head. This is just a whole new level of weird for me.'
Neil J. Goodwin Jr., 19, of Salisbury, was working at the city's Old Hill Burying Ground on Aug. 17 as part of his court-ordered community service for a burglary conviction.
Prosecutors said Goodwin, who was on probation for breaking into an apartment building last fall, kicked in the thin marble entrance to the tomb marked '1863 Pierce,' and twisted off the decomposed corpse's spine, collarbone and skull.
Police said they got an anonymous tip on Saturday, and later received three photos of Goodwin holding the bones. Police would not say who took the pictures or identified Goodwin, but they do not expect to make more arrests.
Investigators found the skull in a hole about 15 feet from the tomb.
Goodwin was arraigned Wednesday in Newburyport District Court on charges of desecrating a corpse and breaking into a tomb, both felonies. He was ordered held on $10,000 cash bail and is scheduled to return to court on Sept. 22.
Siemasko said the city plans to hire a funeral home to piece the skeleton back together, so it can be replaced in its casket.
Police were still trying to determine the exact identity of the grave's occupant, but the body could be that of Civil War veteran Willard Balch Pierce, according to curator Jay Williamson o"

just amazing

Flakes called me late last night from Waikiki and said that she was bored out of her mind and alone as her daughter had gone to stay with friends, and wished I coulda gone out there(enough to ask me to fly out today). I motivated her enough to go get a drink in a bar. Reading on a beach in paradise for long periods apparently isn't good enough as that was my first suggestion. She got over it right quick after her 2nd drink and that i'd call her and check on her to make sure she wasn't getting kidnapped by any samoans, which i think there are none of in Waikiki. She said I'm fine, g'nite. Ahhhhhh, fickleness is fine when the interest isn't there. Odd duck that one is. Can y'all see me travelling with her and her teenage daughter that is really spiteful? Yeah I didn't think so. She'd lose my luggage. I told her she better learn something about the history of the island and report back to me as she's probably going to sit in the hotel and on the immediate beach for the whole week.

whats even funnier is that she called me late this morning. (AFTER I CALLED HER LAST NIGHT TO MAKE SURE SHE WAS OKAY, AND SHE BRUSHED ME OFF) and said that her two drinks had caused her to throw up all night. Ironic, but I think thats what she wanted. I originally said to get a book, order room service with cocktails, and sit on the balcony and watch the sun go down and read. Go figure, this is probably why she wanted someone to go with her.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

i'm just sayin

how cool would it be to sit and smoke a dube with willie nelson. Dudes more popular than ever. My moms a huge fan and I don't think she knows he's the new leader of the marijuana counter culture. Just the knowledge he'd pour out while he's toasted would be bad ass. I'm just sayin, I'd party with him. Peered into his bus in New Orleans when I was at the house of blues, didn't see him though, didn't smell him either

whassat? you want to swim in the river like augustus klumpt

I'm in the mood for chocolate. I want like 4 of those Reeses Big Cups. Hell i'm just hungry thats it. Lunch is coming and it'll be good, but daaaaaaaaaamn peanut butter and chocolate sound good. Eating right stinks when you want instant gratification. Alas, I'll be back on the bike this afternoon, eating more bugs so that should kill the pangs.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

fucking aye man

I really like listening to the white stripes more and more. I am trying to get it all with headphones on. I've done that with the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Elliott Smith and maybe, maybe a couple others but they're getting better and better the more I listen. Well layered, great lyrics, and amazing multitracking with such simple effects. I love it when bands hit that status with me. It means I can hear them a million times and find something new each time. Effing aye. Booyahbase to all ya brothas and sistahs, peece, werdt'yermom.

don't know you and don't wanna

Domain Name (Unknown)
IP Address 38.119.155.# (Performance Systems International)
ISP Performance Systems International
Location Continent : North America
Country : United States (Facts)
State : California
City : Hawthorne
Lat/Long : 33.7866, -118.2987 (Map)

it's like that person that walks through my campsite, you don't do anything just walk through!

Domain Name ? (Commercial)
IP Address 24.218.127.# (Comcast Cable)
ISP Comcast Cable
Continent : North America
Country : United States (Facts)
State : Massachusetts
City : New Bedford
Lat/Long : 41.6543, -70.9393 (Map)
Language English (United States)

Monday, August 22, 2005

i'm dry whaddya got, need some inspiration

I've found an outlet for my creativity and i've been unloading it in regular conversation but i can't get enough of it.

I've got to make shirts, i got as far as getting the one of the screens done and had to go to kinkos and get the transparencies. But for all of you that went to kinkos and got screwed for high prices, be happy as the attendent handed them to me and walked away so, well, so did i. I have been screwed enough times by that horrible horrible company to feel no remorse in taking a bit back from them. Good times. I have been to california chicken cafe on someone else's dime (well he's getting free labor in shirts) and it was so so good.

I don't have anything profane, no outstanding wit or isms to spew. I'll think of some tho. I have been listening to the Shout Out Louds and can't get enough of them right now. Friggin awesome. I did do a major cleaning of my room and expunged it of all old receipts and junk mail and everything is clean except rainbow fishs' (not to be confused with Gay Fish) bowl.

I did get to go to the Chatsworth hills to walk Shawn's dogs and that was nice but they conked out early cause it got wicked hot by 10 am.

why the hell it won't rotate, i don't know. They're sweet dogs but they're huge, about 95 and 85 lbs respectively.

Other than that, i'm boring lately, just cookin alot and reading more potter. it's good again, need i gush over and over about it? probably.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

nope sorry

I gots a secret and it's someone I'm not sharing yet

Saturday, August 20, 2005

so far so fair

I got a ticket last night in west la. dammnit, the sign were not clear enough, even though i got out of the car and investigated thinking i was okay. should have known. oh well theres $40 down the drain. i got up this morning and read some harry potter and then made it to china town and back pretty smoothly with some fresh tshirts and have to prep a bunch of screens so that i can sweat my arse off tomorrow and make a bunch. It's been a bit since i've made some so it'll be a welcome reprise from my lazy weekends. i'll share with you later some of the new designs. i'm scurred of posting them as someone may steal my designs and use them themselves but i'll give you some mojo for a bit then remove them after a while.

Friday, August 19, 2005


I now have a slinky at my desk! Awesome you say? I know!!! This brings the number to two of things that really annoy my coworkers. I usually have a baseball that i throw in the air and they were extremely happy the day i missed it when i threw it up and it came down on my forehead. We'll see if i can manage to severe a finger in the slinky. It is a friends last day here and we are actually going to have a race at full speed around the office. But we have to wait until all the head honchos are out of the executive conference room. It's one of those things thats suggested on whacked out "to do at work emails" like paging yourself over the intercom with your voice plainly recognizable. I have in fact already built a fort of boxes around my desk, that was cool.

seriously, my diction is horrible. I usually don't look at my posts but when i do, if there are more than two grammatical errors, i will then edit them out. but i still hate punctuation and capitalization.


I now have a slinky at my desk! Awesome you say? I know!!! This brings the number to two of things that really annoy my coworkers. I usually have a baseball that i throw in the air and they were extremely happy the day i missed it when i threw it up and it came down on my forehead. We'll see if i can manage to severe a finger in the slinky. It is a friends last day here and we are actually going to have a race at full speed around the office. But we have to wait until all the head honchos are out of the executive conference room. It's one of those things that suggested on whacked out things to do at work like paging yourself over the intercom with your voice plainly recognizable. I have in fact already built a fort of boxes around my desk already, that was cool.

Go Fug Yourself

dude jenny whats up with the stockings? and yes you usually can see straight to Fallopian city

Thursday, August 18, 2005

on a lighter note

My boss has a bin of hot tamales that is packed full with thousands of them. I doooo love me my hot tamales. i think i'm going to leave some in my pocket just so i can find em all warm and gooey later. If they were gummy bears, I'd give em to mr rooney on the bus on the way home.

And I think the guy I work with just let out a looooong creaky fart.

grrrrrrrr, szzzzzzzzznnnkrrzzzt

I'm beat, I couldn't sleep last night. I've been having conversations with someone I thoroughly enjoy, and while I was in mid conversation last night, i got a call coming through from the ex. I don't have any lingering issues over her, though we were very serious (sorry, i'm just not going to share that much detail). I didn't pick it up as I really wasn't sure who it was and didn't want to break from the cal I was on (haven't really talked or seen her in over two years). I took some time then listened to the message that was cordial and then returned the call. Usual niceties, and she asked me what I was doing, and told her I was reading and she asked if I could come over to her brothers house that was really near my house. Not really having an out and not wanting to run away from anything, I said fine. Now I've faced my issues and fears with her and how our relationship ended and it's been moot for some time now, but not knowing what she wanted made me apprehensive. I went over there and spent a couple hours catching up with her, her brother and her sis in law. I was really close with them and they wanted me to keep in touch after we split. I told her I was a bit uncomfortable with keeping in touch and that the likelyhood of that i had to address as i felt a bit awkward with the whole sitch right then. It was okay, I knew I didn't have any feelings for her romantically, and just caught up pretty much but there was some fishing and some eye looks between them that I was catching. I spoke with my sister beforehand and she asked how I felt and I said defensive and she said go with that and maybe it's best to keep that defense up to a certain point. So i did and it served me well. Don't get me wrong it was good to see them to an extent, and their wonderful labrador retrievers that freaked out when they saw me (my favorite kind of dog). But when it came to her sis in law saying she was going to bed, i was done and ready to go. I didn't need to sit there and know why she called to hang out or any other eff'd up thing. I just went cause i couldn't run from it and had to feel like I had really been done with it, and I am. But I spent the rest of the night (i got home at about 1am) and mulled over what it all meant and realized, why? who cares? I did that, and at the end of our conversations they told me to keep in touch or to come over and I said okay you call me too and we'll see who calls first. Just odd that I hear from her now and go see her for a catchup. I don't know what her motives are, don't care, I was happy to get out of there and I'll probably not share another visit anytime soon. There is a reason it ended, I'm glad we can be civil and talk normally, but I question the motives and don't wish to find out what they are. I think all it did was resurface the feelings i had when I knew the relationship was done, not the feelings of loss I had when it was gone.

Either way, I'm more irked that I'm this tired and that I lost sleep over it. I was able to go and do it and be nice and thats it. I'm good, I just want more sleep.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

i just dunno

What do I write, I've been unusually speechless lately. I'd like to share recent events but some things I just like to keep personally to myself. I'm cookin alot, got the next two harry potters and am reading azkaban right now. i dunno whaddya want to know, i'll tell you, most of it anyways.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

who's comin with me

I'm ready to go diving again. Pacific waters are getting warm again. I want to go down and play with some fish. I want to get to the point I have all my own equipment and need to design up some stuff for he instructor so I can get all the gear. Thats the most expensive part of diving is getting all your gear initially. I've lagged on that, and can't do that anymore. I want this to be my new addiction. As it really is worth it and I do love swimming so and being in the water and ocean is my friend.

I need to eat, i'm makin me some jambalaya tonight, i'm craving it.

Monday, August 15, 2005


who is performance systems international?

38.119.155.# (Performance Systems International)
ISP Performance Systems International
Continent : North America
Country : United States (Facts)
State : California
City : Hawthorne
Lat/Long : 33.7866, -118.2987 (Map)

someone put a bullet in my head

i woke up this morning and the sheets hurt against my legs, i swear i'm done bitchin about it, but i gotta get some alow, just my butt white upper thighs that are hurtin, atleast i gotta wear sweatpants to work, atleast nobodys sayin anything, they're my nike sweat and they're like supersoft polar fleece on the inside, safe to say someones going commando today.

Sunday, August 14, 2005


i'm officially in a bit of discomfort. i put on sunscreen but i guess not high enough as I hiked up my shorts to get my upper thighs some sun and they're burned. i'm hurtin. i need some aloe. I can easily say i'm in a measurable degree of discomfort, but not after I got sent possibly the foulest mostest disgusting video i've seen in sometime. I can't share it here, but if you think you can handle it i'll send it to you. It's disgusting. I will definitely discourage people from watching it and may say no to some requests. It's not cruel or violent but utterly and fantastically disgusting. To the point i bellowed and left the room to call the person that sent it to me. I asked if he showed his wife and he said NOWAY and that i could show it to her the next time i came over. and I will, just to let her know what her sweetie is looking at. c'mon some of you are curious but none of you will probably see it. I'm going to hell, i know it. now my eyes are burned, i'm going to go rub some aloe on them.

again nice sunday

I got up a bit early this morning and started laundry then packed a backpack and tooled over to the park on the bike. I found a nice secluded spot (the park is quite large and with all the festivites on a weekend there I still had nobody bothering me. Until a freeflight model airplane (rubberbands, no engine) went over me. it looked like my gramps' plane so i watched it soar straight out of the park and toward the busy street beyond. A bunch of old guys came walking over and i directed them toward where it went. watching them i noticed they couldn't hop the fence so i went over, jumped it and walked with one that had walked clear around and helped him find it stuck in a tree. It was cool chatting with him as he was grandfatherly and decided this will have to be something the nephews and I do soon. I went back to my spot and seeing the sun was coming up high now i moved into a bit of shade (hell now i'm a good pink to get some melanin back into me). I then read 3/4 of the second harry potter book. I'll probably finish it today and then meander to the library and pick up the next two. I'm hooked, gotta say. Will keep reading them until they're done. and i found me a nice cozy spot in the park to read and get sun.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

ahhhhhhh, nice saturday

I didn't do much today. Cooked enough homemade (nowhere near kraft) mac and cheese, threw the football a bit, and read 2/3 of Harry Potter to finish it off outside for almost the whole afternoon, mighta even made what tan i have, last a bit longer as the day was really damn nice. Not hot at all but warm. I could only justify being lazy all day, by reading all day. It was quite nice. I may start the second one tonight and see how far i get into it. Hell tomorrow i may bike into the park and do some reading in there. it's big enough for me to find a nice secluded area to get lost in. Hell, now I can hardly wait.

Last night was nice, saw some freaking amazing art, sat and read teh paper and listened to live jazz at the museum while people got there, and then 9 of us met at Tom's for some of the best black and tans this citys got. It's been a damn good weekend thus far. Lessee if i can continue it.

Friday, August 12, 2005

friday night

So i'm not going to do the bike thing tonight. I'm too damn tired nearing the end of my 10 hour work day. No cuban paella and sangria either, just too damn expensive and i'm full from lunch still. We're gonna go hit up LA County Museum of Art for some art viewing and hopefully good outfit viewing, then on to Tom Bergens for some black and tans. C'mon Tom Bergens, you've heard of it, if you watch Entourage and before the show made it fashionable. Get the booth and you automatically have the in to ask someone to come sit with you. So it'll be a nice, easy, placid and cheap night. Seriously, I'll tell you 25 things to do on a tight budget that you'd have more fun at than hitting standard hollywood nightclubs.

Morrissey's house up for sale-Sothebys international realty - Find A Property : Property Details

Oyie wants to buy this one.

Sothebys international realty - Find A Property : Property Details

do you ever

When people walk closely by me, I tend to smell them. It's a thing. More women than men but sometimes i'll get a whiff of a cologne that I'd want to wear. My sniffer is pretty sensitive. At concerts its fun cause you're always close to people, but the bad thing is you get the sweaty b.o. people too.

ya know, i might have to elaborate on this later. I'm not feelin it anymore, might be getting to "into" the psyche and dunno if i wanna yet. huh go figure, you ever have that happen, where your train of thought just ends cause you want it to?

Thursday, August 11, 2005

liz phair=yummy

so oyie scored free tickets to liz phair at the troubador. Tiny venue west hollywood. We get there and there are CHAIRS in front of the stage. never in my times at this building have i seen chairs. That was a bit of a downer but the anorexic bartender that has done me right and wrong soooo many times IS. I got us some drinks and we watched Cary Brothers (1 guy-Garden State soundtrack). He was alright but I anxiously waited and then started the first of a few calls to dear sweet sister that couldn't be there to see the tasty morsel that was comin on. She finally did come on and I must say looked much better than any woman could for her age. She's on the list of women i would let do socially unacceptable things to me. After all she did introduce me to fantasies that I never thought I'd have with women. She has the best post child pooch of a stomach and the tiniest muffin waist squeezing out of her jeans. She sang plenty from her self titled album including polyester bride, Hot White Cum, and a few others and also a couple from Guyville, and one from whipsmart. I yelled at her a couple times and she acknowledged both shoutings even when she acknowledged the temperature, and my requests not to turn on the 4 foot fan. Tons of early 30's ladies and others. One lady brought her 7 and 8 year old daughters and I'm glad liz didn't hold back on the profanity/sexual songs but told mom when to cover their ears. I tell you, that woman makes raunchy sex sound so damn sensual and natural it's wrong/right. Damn i love small venues. She ended on Fuck and Run and Flower(almost a georgia o'keefe of rock). Damn good, and i was able to steal a few posters for those that couldn't be there.

Cool thing was there was a girl that oyie and I will call Peg(ala meg from white stripes), she had a shirt with green and black stripes and matching socks and cool saucony's. She was just damn cute, I shoulda said something but was too into the tunes. destiny will cause us to meet again.

Let's hear it for kick ass free (but sold out) shows. She provided a place for all sorts, jock-esque guys, gay guys, butch women, single moms, post hipster couples and the like with damn good listening for an hour and twenty. rock fuckin on, good thursday night.


When your favorite team loses by doing this

With Eric Chavez batting, Jason Kendall scores on defensive indifference. Bobby Crosby advances to 2nd on defensive indifference. Missed catch error by pitcher Francisco Rodriguez.

HOW THE HELL DO YOU LOSE A GAME BECAUSE OF INDIFFERENCE?!?!?! i could understand if you didn't get your tps reports in because of indifference, but to get paid millions of dollars playing a game and you're one of the best relief pitchers in baseball in a very important game and you miss the throw back from the catcher, letting the winning run score? godfuckingayedammnitshitbitchassholes!!!!!

human super nova, a solar super man

Yeah so oyie just scored free tix to Liz Phair at the Troubadour, which is tiny which puts me quite close to the beautifully aging hottie. Fortunately or unfortunately, dear sister won't be there to belligerantly holler at her. But since its the Troubadour and I have a wonderful track record of being extremely drunk and loud there myself, I think i'll be able to hang. Now I was upset for quite a long time that she got married and domesticated and her music started to suck. But happy to find that it all ended badly and now shes back, singing raunchy songs, and is still, sexy as ever. She IS into younger men, so I might just have a sporting chance. This has been one of my longest fantasies, and unless I was really stoned the last time I saw her (mighta been a bit buzzed) either way she had a hot and fashionable dress on and good socks with boots, so lets hope for something similar. Hell, ripped jeans or the following outfits will suffice as well. Mayo will bitch about the repost of pics but it's worth it.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

good stuff

I like the harry potter. I started reading it two days ago and am almost done with the first one. Pretty cool. I liked the movies but wanted to start reading the books from teh beginning. I'm diggin them. I'll have to cook up stuff with the 'phews to see if we can make some wizardry food.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

HOLY SWEET JESUS those are hot! Sock Dreams ~ Argyle Leg Warmers

If you know me, then you know I like socks, and argyles ones at that, but any socks are wonderful to me especially long ones of any color on nice legs. yommay.

Sock Dreams ~ Argyle Leg Warmers

Bike Ride Friday

anyone wanna check'd this out? Oyie, Jason, and I are ridin

:: Bicycle Kitchen - Los Angeles ::


we're goin campin, we're goin campin! This is a place that my family used to go to when we were kids. Well now the crew of friends is gonna hit it up. We're thinking two sites, and about 15 of us. Thats enough drinking, smoking and debauchery for us I think.

It's a purty beach with a really scenic walk through sycamores that grow like vines low to the ground then reach up and then are surrounded by golden poppies. It's pretty colorful, theres also bad ass tidepools. Walking around at night you hear hundreds of frogs. We're gonna go the end of october so it'll be cooler but not freezing. Hey thats what campfires are for. The ocean will still be warmer than it is in the summer.

Damn I hope this goes through. I love that place.

Another one

I like this guy, good skipper and respectable guy

Los Angeles Angels : News : Los Angeles Angels News

Monday, August 08, 2005

wooooooooooo, again

for the second time, i am recorded in some way on the a live a rilo kiley concert....yelling.

at about 2:30 of the song, when jenny's talking about chandra the hot guitar tech. you can here me say first "YEAH!", then "Chan DRAH!" i remember it somewhat, not cause I was drinking (cause i wasn't-mighta had one) but because I tend to do that at small...rilo...kiley...shows. Go figure, the venue was the echo and it's tiny. It pales in comparison to the last one, which i'm going to try to email the band and see what i can find as far as mp3's. but that one was far more embarrassing and involves me going to work the next day with writing all over my face, and getting their andrealizing i was still really, (not a little) drunk.

good times, good times i tell ya

this bummed me out

Rest in peace amigo

Ibrahim Ferrer Dead at 78

Susan Hopkins reports:
World-renowned Cuban vocalist Ibrahim Ferrer, best known for his part in the wildly popular Buena Vista Social Club, died Saturday of multiple organ failure. Ferrer was 78, and in the middle of the resurgence of a career that spanned more than six decades.

Easily recognizable by his hip Kangol cap and gray moustache, Ferrer began singing at the ripe young age of 14, and capped his career at the ripe old age of 72 with-- of all things-- a Best New Artist award at the Latin Grammys. In 2000. Did we mention he was 72?

As his career began, Ferrer had success singing with big bands, but between the late 1950s and early 1990s he shined shoes and sold peanuts in Havana to make ends meet. When legendary chameleon-slash-guitarist Ry Cooder approached him and others to form the Social Club, a collective of Cuban musicians largely silenced by you-know-who, Ferrer initially declined, later telling Nonesuch Records' that "I felt... disappointed by my life in music." He did change his mind, though, and his clear, passionate falsetto and flair for improvisation were a perfect match for the collective's jazzy Latin sound.

The Club, having released only one album together, won the Grammy in 1998 for best traditional tropical Latin performance, and the documentary of their staggering rise to fame and fortune became a hit of its own and was nominated for an Academy Award. Not too shabby.

After a solo career consisting of two albums (the latter of which helped earn the aforementioned Latin Grammy), Ferrer occasionally went on tour, which is what he was doing this week before he fell ill. Ferrer suffered from emphysema, and had entered a hospital in Havana for treatment of gastroenteritis. He is survived by his wife of 33 years, Caridad Diaz, and countless fans and friends.

didn't bum me out as much, he's a journalist, he knew what smoking could do to him, but he was a man of integrity and i liked his news delivery (just didn't touch me in any way-catholic or not)

Peter Jennings dies of lung cancer
Longtime ABC News anchor was 67

Monday, August 8, 2005; Posted: 11:51 a.m. EDT (15:51 GMT)

Peter Jennings, 1938-2005

• August 3, 1964, joins ABC News
• 1965-1968, Anchors "ABC Evening News"
• 1968-1974, Beirut, Lebanon bureau chief, establishing first American television news bureau in Arab world
• 1975-1976, Anchors "A.M. America," predecessor to "Good Morning America"
• 1977, Chief foreign correspondent
• 1978-1983, Chief foreign correspondent for ABC News and foreign desk anchor for "World News Tonight"
• 1983-2005, Anchor/senior editor for "World News Tonight"

• "The Century" (with Todd Brewster)
• "In Search of America"

Sixteen Emmys; two George Foster Peabody Awards; several Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Awards; several Overseas Press Club Awards. YOUR E-MAIL ALERTS

Peter Jennings
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Manage Alerts | What Is This? NEW YORK (CNN) -- Veteran newsman Peter Jennings was remembered Monday as an outstanding journalist, a hard worker and "a man of conscience and integrity."

The longtime anchor of ABC "World News Tonight" died Sunday, some four months after he announced on the air that he had been diagnosed with lung cancer.

Jennings was 67.

"Good Morning America" co-host Charles Gibson announced late Sunday that Jennings had died in his New York City apartment. His wife, Kayce, his children Elizabeth and Christopher, and his sister were at his side, Gibson said.

He read a statement from the family that said: "Peter died with his family around him, without pain and in peace. He knew he had lived a good life."

ABC News President David Westin told reporters Monday that it was a sad day at the network where Jennings had worked for more than 40 years.

"Peter, in addition to being an outstanding journalist, an outstanding leader, was also a very warm and decent man and a great friend and colleague to so many of us," Westin said. "We all got to see how professional he was on the air, and sometimes his urbanity could be mistaken for a certain distance. But in fact he was a very sensitive, warm, decent man who cared passionately for what he did, for what all of us do -- for reporting the news every day of the year."

booyah public school knockers

I went to the market at like 11pm last night as I NEEDED milk (seriously i drink it like water-nonfat ofcourse) and as i was walking out, I heard the contract security guard on the skank shift read my shirt which is none other than the sponsor for the original bad news bears.

I went back and asked him if he knew what it was. He asked if it was an actual bail bondsman. I said yes in fact that it was but shared the fact that it was the team sponsor for the original Bad News Bears and that it was still in operation in Chatsworth, CA. He kept asking me why the liberty bell was cracked and I finally got it and told him that it was because it was dropped out of the wagon going from new england to Philadelphia for the 2nd Continental Congress for the ratification of the Articles of Confederation and the founders decided to keep it as a symbol of the new states resiliency. He said very good. I did the double take on him and told him to have a good one, and I smiled all the way home. It's random interactions like that, that give me faith in humanity. Hell he could've been really random and not cared a rats ass about what I had to say but the fact that he said something initially and I barely heard it enough to respond, means that it meant what I thought it to mean and was still cool.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

holy hot sunday batman

It's soooo damn hot here. It's hotter in the san fernando valley than it is in tucson arizona. sheezuz h heist. I slept until 11:10 this morning, can you believe that? I can't, it's been a long time, but i needed to recharge. i got over to moms again and started playing, all the nephews and niece were there, then all the other kids started getting there. Lil chris had a good bday but moms beta fish took a fall as one of the kids pulled on it and broke the vase, then food hit the ground and sodas, I think mom and gma were going to burst but it ended up going off without a hitch, there were kids that wanted to pick up the tortoises and I just couldn't let them as the turtles were getting upset at being put in the sun when all they wanted was to either sit in the mud or the shade. The kids then tracked in tons of mud. I asked where the kids games were to distract them and most of the planners said it wasn't necessary. now i know how to throw kids games even in this heat. (water balloons yo) but they still said none were needed. Chris was on crack the whole day cause he finally knew the day was all about him. He got tons of gifts. he's very technical so he got his own tool box, some plain old light switches, my old cell phone (with plug), a kit of flashlights, a padlock, some toys, some clothes, a beat up old clock radio for him to take apart, a lightsaber (guess who thats from?) an extension chord, a surge protector, and his very own expandable vornado like fan. Trust me these are all things that he was super happy to get. he is gonna crash out like no other. We had a good time but I had to go home. I'm honestly sick of being at moms house. Not sick of babysitting but glad I get a break now. Something about other peoples kids is that you can give em back. Don't get me wrong, I'll take em forever if I could but if i was ready to have kids, i'd be in a loveless marriage right now raising some. Shit I was almost there. I seriously think i'm going to start looking into teaching credentials. Sister is doing it, I might just have to too. I love kids too much and understand them better than most to NOT do it. we'll see.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

not all that tired either

got up this morning and had my first barber haircut in a while. It's nice to go in there. The lady is finally gone so I can go back to cursin and carousin in there again. Couple of the guys hollar at me when i get in there. They're all old farts except for Wynn. He's about 6'2" and solid and looks like he got out of jail to work on hot rods with his two fully sleeved (tatted) arms. Les just say I wouldn't ever take a swing on him and theres not many guys I wouldn't take a swing on. A few but not many> I hate going in on Saturday cause thats when my old barber is there and he wants to talk about my old girlfriend cause she would come in and talk raunchy with him and they liked each other, but his clippers sucked and he didn't always give me a good haircut but I liked the guy so I kept going to him. When i became single I stopped cause i hated his haircuts and he wasn't there on weekdays. But i feel guilty and he wonders why I don't go to him anymore, but thats okay, wynn doesn't fuck around on the haircuts and I figure he'd back me up if I ever got in trouble. Hell, I won't get in trouble but the insurance is worth it.

I jammed over to moms after and started playing with the boys, we went down to the baseball card shop to look at star wars figures but the dumbass was closed again. My brother and other nephew got there while ma and the hermana were shopping and we played for a short bit before they got home, we ate lunch then washed moms, mine, and sisters car. Albeit, not that well. But thats okay. I gave them a dollar for their efforts. Usually they crap out alot quicker. We also went and finally got to the card store and 711 to get slurpees seeing as how it was a million degrees out and i carried one on my shoulders the whole walk(happily by the way). Okay maybe only 10000. I then helped the boys look for my old toys in the garage again, then went home to shower as I was nasty.

Got back and brother and sisinlaw, and niece and nephew were gone :( (this is the first and probably last time I make one of those dammned internet symbols). But the boys and I got the rocket together (no not one of those cheesy stomp on with your foot or water rockets, the real deal that go almost a thousand feet) Got them both to work after nearly space shuttle mishaps and delays. Then on to toys r us and a new star wars figure as one got one yesterday with my help and the other didn't, but he promises to pay me back so I told him he can go on the ten year loan. They think I do this job for some sort of benefit other than the fact I love them. I told them being their uncle is a low paying job, and hard, hard work (bush says that too, but trust me, i work harder than that asshole-it is harder work!) But the fringe benefits and perks are freaking awesome. I mean c'mon, I get to be the major reason (outside of seeing their cousins) that they love to come down. I also get tackled alot, i have this magic touch that can make them stop crying in less than a second, and they never, ever think I'm going to kick a homerun in kickball but I do almost everytime, even though they win everytime. anyhow, we were alone the rest of the night to give mom the time off and gma took off to the mans house for her usual saturday night getaway. we ate a whole chicken in less than twenty minutes and we didn't even pig out, then we played lightsabers and I actually got my head chopped off, that doesn't usually happen. Then we watched empire strikes back, bathed and brushed teeth, and get this they went to bed without a peep, without a story nothin. Thats rare. They knocked the eff out. Woooooooo, and I'm still standin. Told ya, like pirates. Arrrrrrrrrgggghh. Friggin good saturday. Now i'm gonna pass out, but try to watch SNL.

Friday, August 05, 2005

mmmmmmmmm friday

I slept in my bed for the first time in almost two weeks last night. It was heaven. Heaven I tell you, I also got to catch up on Entourage episodes and got tons of clean laundry. I slept way past my zero wake up time but still made it to work in time.

This weekend the nephews all come over. We're gonna play like pirates and never wear out (cause we won't be drinking rum) and launch some rockets and play kickball. We're gonna give mom some time off this weekend, and beat the crap out of each other.

Today we're having Tito's Tacos. Damn it's good., yommay. Exclusive to LA and damn good. I know yer jealous, but don't be, cause I won't share anyways!

Thursday, August 04, 2005


who's in Iowa?


I woke up mad early this morning. Yes it was mad, and did laundry as mom needs the sheets and her friend is allergic to cats and all so everything got washed. But gathered all my stuff and have to go back and grab it all, but finally, i can watch my episodes of entourage, and weeds. I'm looking foward to being home lets just say, but when it gets hot again i'll wanna go back to mom's

check this, it's creepy, odd but i was compelled to play with it for a couple

yeah it's scary, but check her middle fingers. looks like she's flippin you off for yanking her through things

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

your mission should you choose to accept it....

use the word "zinger" as much as you can. You will appear years advanced than your actual age but you will also be reintroducing an undervalued word back into everyday lexicon.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

don't be jealous, it's really not that exciting

I had steak for the 3rd day in a row. Shit is good thats all I can say. Cooking on the charcoal grill helps. Just tastes better. If you know me, you know I hardly eat read meat, but it's been good especially with the fresh from the garden salad. I'm eating tomatoes like apples, I shit you not. Just good and the antioxidants in them I can use. I finally made chocolate chip cookies tonight. Heres the pic:

This not even half of them, I already had them boxed up and stowed the extras in the freezer for when the nephews get here. I don't think I used enough flour as they're not fluffy, but they're still wicked good and chocolate-y/chewy. Odd thing is, when I'm cookin them, I only ate like 2 and and maybe a fingerful of dough and I was done. I think the smell does me just fine. Couple that smell tomorrow morning with fresh roses. Not bad to wake up to. I think I'll make costa rican coffee just to smell it. I'm a domesticated bitch over here I tell ya. No cable, no high speed internet and I actually get something done. I'll miss the ac, moms comin home Thursday. I must say, I've had a relaxing time and kept it cleaner than she does.

Frosted Flakes came over yesterday, and if I didn't want my coconut shell ring from Costa Rica back so bad, and if she wasn't pretty cute, I think I'd seriously tell her to fuck off. (long friendship aside and all) Selfishness isn't something I'm looking for in someone, and it sure seems, she's it. Take, take, take, no give(she'll say she'll give, but then never call you back). Best thing was watching her walk into the sliding door. Shit was funny. Just give me my ring and I'm pretty much done. Why did it have to fall off at her place.

pretty damn funny

Monday, August 01, 2005

Mondays always start off this way, don't they?

First let me say that Rafael Palmeiro has killed any kind of faith that there are people that have been great legitimately. I'm genuinely bummed by hearing he'll be suspended for steroids. And the announcement after the Hall of Fame inductions and more importantly after he got his 3000th hit. No way is he a first ballot entry. Can there be no more hero's in baseball? I can't say anything more on it.

The weekend went pretty nicely. Friday a group of us met up at an antique salvage shop in east hollywood(the only hollywood for non tourists) for a restaurant unveiling. Free wine, dj, hors d'oeuvres, and good company. We then walked into silverlake and ate. It was nice.

Saturday, I got up first at 5 to feed the cat, then about 6:30 to go to UHAUL and get a truck for Jamie and Darrens move. I drove the truck over to Darrens folks house to find out the uhaul people didn't unlock the trailer so we had to wait an hour for them to come over and open it. Then we moved some stuff over to the new place. Then spent the rest of the day loading the truck and it was freaking hot out. I got oyie up to help and that helped (thanks brother, it woulda taken alot longer). It was going great until the granite topped table fell on my foot. Now my foot is a whole bunch of pretty colors and doesn't hurt so much as just being uncomfortable. But they got their stuff in so thats good.

Saturday night we went out for BMillah's birthday and had some damn fine 21 yr old scotch, damn fine. Then went to dinner at Cobras and Matadors in where else East Hollywood. Really good food, it was a mix of just about everything and all very tasty.

Sunday I got up late finally (somehow I unconsciously got up and fed the cat at 530). Got up and watched my beloved angels run on no gas and get beat embarrassingly by the Yankees. I then did some laundry, trimmed rose bushes, and got some great roses out of it, then went to my bros for dinner and quality play time with the niece and nephew. It was high quality time. I have to tell you, if you're into meat ask your butcher for Chuck Eye cuts. I know, chuck isn't the best sounding cut, but if you know your butcher, he'll tell you how much HE likes it. I shit you not, it was one of the best steaks I've ever had. Tender enough to cut with a fork. Its the end of the chuck tip and they usually don't have it very long as theres not multiple ends of the chuck. But get this, two steaks, just over 4 bucks. It was a freaking good steak, really good. I'm going to the market today to see if I can wheeze some more. Then I'm making chocolate chip cookies as they're better homemade and I've decimated my moms hidden stash.