Tuesday, January 29, 2008

fun music with photoshop

thats why nirvanas baby was underwater

suuuuuuuper creepy

the only think i would want to do with this is play kickball baby in a crowded street of onlookers. even the photoshopped image of the baby in the flower. shudder!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

enjoy some hotness

Then worry about your back. No not that mole, more like this bitch and her bad spelling. YO, way worse than mine.


...but i like them anyways!

Saturday, January 26, 2008


weekend started out early with the arrival of BMillah on wednesday night. We had some fun but i still had to work and felt a bit under the weather as it's cold as hell here. I attempted to work from home yesterday and was interrupted often as the boys needed to use the computer to check their trip to mammoth as it has been dumping snow for 3 days and the roads aren't great. The salmon and I are staying home for a bit of bowchickawowow and rest. I still took the opportunity to catch some trippy pics of the bad moon rising (even though it was pretty good) as well as the sun comin up the next morning. I dunno why snow on mountains makes me feel good but it does and "the cock" provides ample beautiful views of em.

Monday, January 21, 2008

I did the same damn thing in school

but I'm not a rhodes scholar

thats a damn good dream...

I just hope it's fully realized in all places of the world. This is a man I truly respect just about above anyone else (he's above jesus) and is still my number one of "if i could have lunch with him" people. I just hope he doesn't ditch me for his mistress.

Not sure if any of these are fit for a shirt and I have to think of a tasteful way to caption his mugshot as it's my favorite and this one I don't want to offend in any way.

You all should listen to his recorded speeches. They bring comfort and instill peace on yourself. Go here to find a few. Don't forget bobby kennedy announcing mlks assassination it's abso-goddamn-lutely heartbreaking but inspiring. seriously spend a few minutes on the mountaintop, oyie did and so did i. it's worth it.


I'm just putting a pic of my dog with super stinky breath in here so the last post doesn't touch the next post. yeah thats how i roll. I mean it's HIS day.

Friday, January 18, 2008

why oh why can't they wear longer skirts...

...or atleast a tampon?!?

really this isn't all that safe for work.

Britneys Not Pregnant - Period!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

if theres a dead fish in my butt, does that mean my dog is eating my ass?

I hope not. But my pooch's breath smells like dead fish. He's a soft jaw and doesn't do the things regular labs do to clean their teeth like chew up plastic and rubber. His breath really really smells bad. He's cute as anything but i really have no explanation as to why it's that bad. he gets yearly cleaning and that means when he gets to be an old man he won't be able to get his teeth cleaned as much cause their tickers get weaker. does that mean he'll smell like he died long before he gets to be old? i dunno...it warranted a post cause it was that bad.

on other news it looks like the net is back on at the cock finally after almost a week without. but today i'm beat, really really beat. I haven't worked this hard in a long time. the morning started out emptying a container truck of a lot of boxes...of bags. ironic. we hired up about 6 messicans and they kicked that shit out quick, super quick. i admire the brown man. it's his time to get stomped on in this country. the protestants initially, then the indians, then the irish, onto the chinese, the japanese (we jailed em and them bombed their families so they get two), the blacks, and now the brown man. i'm always pullin for the non-whitey. we were all there at some point, but i feel better working beside them than on top of them. I kept the jefe's number so we can call him back when it comes time to do it again. we're right next to a home depot and there are double the number of guys out there all day as there just isn't much work when mortgages are like this. longer rant than i wanted. i'm going home to collapse instead of going out drinking to celebrate.

wow this post went everywhere, yet nowhere, shows you my scatterbrain today

Friday, January 11, 2008

ohnotheydidnt: Dick Cheese

Yep, that kills her hotness for me

naked phone

you tell em david. now just gimme a minute while i go take the movies off my pod

i mean, he's just...so...FUCKING...eloquent

Thursday, January 10, 2008

1-900-REUSABLE-NUTSACK, this is Hot Karl, how can i tea bag you?

i would like to propose continuing the tradition of our friends Paolo and Carlos and gimme your best gay phone sex lines you can think of, cause thats how i roll! Vulgar not gay. So let me start you off, and when it's all said and done this can be a huge bucket of luscious man-aise for us all to spread on our buns!

first a repeat, which doesn't happen too much at the OV, but well worth it

now for some submissions, which i will include all of yours for the world wide internet pleasure once you give it to me.

religious themed
...1-900-nutsack this is hezekiah...
...i want to pound you to a cross, and make you see god!...
...thats no crown of thorns on my head, thats your massive bristly man muff...
...sure you can punchus your pilate as hard as you want!
...so you want to pilgramage to my mecca? then bow down!
...yeah you'll need that bike helmet when you go on your mission to my manhole...

sports themed
...1-900-nutsack this is kobe...I wanna dunk your balls...
...you're a baseball fan? great well i got a significant curvyballs in my pants...
...oooooh yeah, thats a hat trick alright, an asshat trick...
...thats not a spitball, man, thats my spit... on your balls...
...thats not unnessesary roughness...thats very, very necessary.
...i want to just line up under your center and just stay there with my hands under your warm asscrack.
...so when we get into our huddle, I just stay there and you audible into my ear all night long.
...just clear your mind, put your fingers in and imagine its ten pin...
...come on it's just like bobsledding, you just get a running start and slide all the way down the chute, yeah like that, not very icy is it?

music themed
...1-900-nutsack, this is Miles, and miles and miles and miles of my cock...
...greeeat, you like the trombone? have you ever played a rusty trombone?
...you can play me like a bass drum, with a few krishendos on my snare...BOOM, BOOM, BADDA, KSSSSSSSH
...play my nipples like a fretboard Jimmy Page, YAOOOWOOOO! you rock me all night long!
...love, love me doodoo, you know I love poo! (sung to the beatles love me do)

now please feel free to continue this on with any topic

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

well this'll piss a few people off

well maybe not, since theres only a few of you reading regularly.

you might have gleaned that i'm a liberal. card carrying, tree hugging, bleading heart liberal. I don't particularly mind taxes if that means keeping a vet (no matter the war) off the street. or keeping condoms in high schools (kids are having sex no matter how hard they hug the bible), and replacement needles to junkies cause they're gonna do it (regardless if theres nobody to love them enough to get them off the junk). I support legalizing marijuana, cause it's just stupid that it's not legal. I think healthcare is in the hands of the drug makers and thats just wrong, it needs to be fixed. The status quo for the last 7 years has been apocryphal. really. it has and if you don't think so, then you have your head in the sand.

i've always said that i'd vote for a cardboard box over any republican candidate, unless it was colin powell before he was in the cabinet. well now it's more than cardboard. romney is a given for my middle finger. mccain is still the manchurian candidate in my book. ron paul would actually get my vote if he had an inkling of a chance. this brings me back to my registered party. i have been pretty firm in saying hilary was my choice as any vote for hilary wass a vote for bill and that would get a balanced budget if it's at all possible now. obama still has no chance in my book cause there are enough evangelicals out there that will say "the day a nigger is president...yaddayaddayadda," they already disavowed him and me. Hilary has been freaking me out. I understand that a president has to be as unfeeling as possible and she is. her feigned emotion made me feel angry. it IS scripted, and i don't believe it. I look at it like this. She's a strong, strong woman, which i appreciate, if anyone knows me, my mom is similar. i've seen her at her weak moments, sometimes unlike my siblings. I've also seen her when she's politicizing, which she does in her line of work. she must do... in her line of work. she's ruthless and vicious when she needs to be. I understand that there is a time and place for it. and the presidential office is perfect for it which made me think she's the best candidate. but the scripting is freaking me out.

i've since been listening the salmon day in and day out and i have to say, reading and listening to the news (NOT FOX). that edwards sounds like the guy for me. i hope he can last as i've seen him as admirable but never having a snowballs chance. I can soapbox up and down but NONE of the dems (with a chance) can stand on a platform of experience. the top three have less than 2 terms. and considering we're looking at a record number of republicans flipping to another party, it's a little frightening that we could be turning the power of the oval office over to a veritable noob. who have any congressional or senatorial experience of the front runners for either party, mccain? not a chance. seriously, i see him personally sitting on a bomb over iran with a cowboy hat riding it all the way down. it really is up in the air and the possibility if someone fucking this up worse than the bush administration is frightening. i know thinking of hilary is a thought of someone that can play the game and go ahead with the order to kill potentially thousands wouldn't make her blink. That is frightening beyond a doubt but thats the world we live in. am i a true jackass to think that? i just wish woodrow wilson was president again and we were in an isolationist society. sigh. here comes the Depression again, seriously...own a home with a subprime mortgage?

damn world powers.

this is why the presidency is the last job on the planet i would want. i could bar brawl anyone, but i couldn't kill innocents, or even order it. hitler or osama, maybe, but anyone else? i don't want the intelligence, ignorance is bliss, this is why i'm an artist...well artistic.

fuck you, i didn't say autistic. but thats an acceptable ignorance.

who are you?

29 palms? you're loyal to a t, so to speak. mac user too! speak up, i've had to piss you off at some point.


And it's one of my favorite sites of all time. Their logo sucks now, but who the fuck cares?
GigPosters is back!!!!

post script- i might have been high and it was never gone, but i looked hi and lo for this site and it just was not there for the longest time.

Monday, January 07, 2008

to whom it may concern...

To the person that leaves the note that complained about me drinking your pop out of the fridge? Please see this so that you can properly address my assholedness or just figure to go plunk yourself!

honestly, thanks to mayo, this may be my new favorite site.

you wanted to see the bathroom that even Britney wouldn't go in


Oyie and Tim's life with matt & kim

It's a good read but even better is the fact that the 3rd picture down you can see oyie and myself enjoying the show from the balcony!

my life with matt & kim: 9/17 still in LA

Sunday, January 06, 2008

in recent news from our cock

Holy shit!

so we were shopping at Ralphs today, which is a market that i'm slowly beginning to detest more and more, we walk up to the checkout and the dude in front of of us has a bag of dog food. No this isn't just any dog food. It's Old Yeller Brand Dog Food. No seriously. I'm not joking. The salmon and I quickly started making comments as our ears perked up like a foaming dog with a target on its chest. Seriously, OLD YELLER DOG FOOD! the food that gets your dog foaming at the mouth. So after he eats and has to do his deucing bidness, does "putting him out," actually mean of his misery? I mean shite. Read more from that link or this one. wow.

this isn't to mean the weekend wasn't without wonderfull-osity. Yesterday we went down to the LBC (SORRY DEAN!!!) and picked up a & k. We then headed to OCMA for the Birth of Cool: "California Art, Design, and Culture at Midcentury, for it's last weekend (check it at the bottom or link). It consisted of kick ass jazz, and fucking amazing funiture. it also had art by influential california artists of the 60's including Kim Abeles who is an instructor at CSUN and has been interviewed by Dean (Again I'M SORRY!!!) This all despite the fact I've got a bit of a nagging cold. I said a week ago, rain or shine or cold and it didn't rain too much. It was well worth the jaunt. As A took us to a place where she photographed her line of handbags at a midcentury building that was sick and also about half a block down from Killingsworth Architects who designed case study house #12 (thought it's listed as #26 (i'm prolly wrong). Anways, it just so happened that the other shop where she shot her bags, well, the owner was there, by himself, and gave us a tour. Donald "Badass" Gibbs kicked ass. I mean really kicked ass. He was inspirational. Prolly late 60's to early 70's this dude was working on a 3 axis router making geometric designs out of mdf (Medium-density fibreboard). They were friggin awesome. I wish i had photos or could explain them better but i'd definitely buy one if i had the cash. He tooks us all over the place, and it was amazing. he's summited Kilimanjaro, swears, smokes a pipe and calls them TITS, not breasts. We really need to hook up with him to collaborate on projects (no not blow him). The wall of the conference room was covered in all his designs from midcentury to now. I mean he designed the Long Beach Pyramid for chrissake. It turned out to be quite a special day even though i was wiped the fuck out by the time we got home.

aight then, that didn't hurt too much did it boy? BANG!

oct 7, 2007 - jan 6, 2008
October 7, 2007–January 6, 2008
Newport Beach

Birth of the Cool examines the broad cultural zeitgeist of “cool” that influenced the visual arts, graphic and decorative arts, architecture, music, and film produced in California in the 1950s and early 1960s. The widespread influences of such midcentury architects and designers as Harry Bertoia, Charles and Ray Eames, John Lautner, and Richard Neutra, have been well-documented. Less well-known, however, are the innovations of a group of Hard-Edge painters working during this period including Karl Benjamin, Lorser Feitelson, Fredrick Hammersley, Helen Lundberg and John McLaughlin, whose work retains a freshness and relevance today. Birth of the Cool revisits this scene, providing a visual and cultural context for West Coast geometric abstract painting within the other dynamic art forms of this time."

Friday, January 04, 2008

it's more like alhambra than pasadena

today concluded my first week working at kans. it's pretty cool. plenty of toys to play with, and not alot of heat in the warehouse but i've been keeping out of there when we're not shooting things with the red ryder, ryans pellet, and jasons crossbow.

i have to do alot of little knickknack fix it things and then next week i start on office addons. that should be fun and tiring. the one thing is the bathroom. i don't even think britney would walk in that thing barefoot and i haven't been feeling 100% so going in there i'm glad i've had my shots. shit is a bit scurry and i'll include pics next week. oh yes i will subject you to that. eventually i'm hoping i'll be a little bit more financially secure soon and can visit people and afford a proper night out for the fish and myself and even go and see some family. sigh...

oh yeah the xmas decorations come down this weekend (houselights permitting the rain lets up) and chainsawing the tree and then fixing the pooches hole in the wall. hopefully my landlord doesn't read this! either way, it'll be indistinguishable when i'm done.

I'm so going to download this

Long Island Lolita makes movies?!?

so does HE shoot her in the face or does SHE?