Friday, March 30, 2007

return of the Vaninja

To my surprise and no special search term for this other than the word "ninja" do I find my Tarantino-esque female ninja team leader.

seriously there was no disclaimer or anything

stock photography

The search term for the day is ninjas and pirates

i'm still on the side of pirates even though their stock photography representation is pretty weak.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

stock photography

Try as I might, I couldn't think of any funnier caption for this image alone. It came up on a simple keyword search for "midget." Feel free to leave your own caption.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Stock Photography can always be fun

Disturbing...yes, but fun. All these searches are simples word searches in my stock photog site (ie-old people love, child molestation, crack cocaine, sodomy).

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I've been chewing the same piece of Gus's cowboy jerky for 9 minutes just keeps getting better and better.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

if he had balls they woulda frozen off

Hard for me to talk about all thats been goin on but i'll give you the highlights not the lowlights. I took a 4 day weekend and part of it was spent in Mammoth decompressing, literally. The altitude the gas, the poo, scatology is at the forefront in the mountains. The pooch loved it, i loved it even though the 3 floor climb with all the stuff we brought was sometimes exhausting. Hye did quite well and remembered how to be a dog. After jumping into a frozen lake he showed no signs of even being cold but thats cause the dog with balls....has no balls.

However, tonight is Bloc Party at the Wiltern, baby!

My dog has good taste in beer.

he intentionally blocked her out of the shot.

This is what soyrizo looks like before/after your colon.

Lakes above Mammoth

when a halfbreed remembers his labradority

For a split second i was ready to go in there and get im.

NOw thats just purdy

Charles Atlas

There was a large crack in that ice riiiiiiiight there.

Frozen waterfalls in the distance under one of the minarets

wet and happy

Dis is how we roll in da pub, 6 deep, round one on the black-n-tans, listening to irish folk music

God bless beef jerky in the middle of nowhere is what i'm sayin

Monday, March 05, 2007


So i'm spending my day backing up my files that i've worked on in the event that i get canned this week...or laid off, rather. I have an absent boss, and a crushing headache. i'm almost done copying software so if anyone needs, cs1 for pc or cs2.3 for mac, suitcase mac, quark 6.5 mac or pc, possibly office 2004 for mac and suitcase fusion, lemme know, i now have them. Hopefully i'll have osx tiger in the next couple days.

it was a pretty good weekend

shopped like crazy on saturday then met up with friends for one of their bdays for karaoke. The weather was friggin gorgeous so i planted tomatoes, basil, lavender, and rosemary. i know it's early but the mock plum trees are blooming in my neighborhood so i figure global warming has set in so it should be okay. also got us a red ryder bb gun so we were shooting that til the wee hours last night. it's just magical the power of the red ryder bb gun.

ms. salmonella and i went to the japanese garden yesterday which was lovely. But i have to say that last friday i had an english muffin with warm peanut butter but added my twist that i have loved since i was in grade school. i threw a dill pickle slice on it and she said screw it and tasted it. and to my surprise, SHE LIKED IT!!! nobody in the history of tim has given anything but a pained response when i tell them thats my favorite sandwich from my childhood. But she didn't and thats why i love her. well one reason anyway. aight thats about it. peace out. go here on the 24th if you're like me or oyie and like silkscreening. i really am happy they opened closer to my place. the dude there was typical mclogan and cursed like crazy and allowed his boxer to run freely through the warehouse and was pure punk rock.

Friday, March 02, 2007

fun with stock photography pt 2`

The search word this time was neighbors and up this popped.