Friday, June 30, 2006

Hear me now bitches!!!

One of the two perks of working where I work (possibly both perks today) is that twice a year the In-N-Out truck (g'head click it) comes to fix us lovely hamburgers for free. If you know me, you know i don't do the beef all that much but i do enjoy the more than occasional burger, tacos and burritos con carne asada much much more. But I have checked. You can get a double double, you can get grilled onions, just no fries, and yes, i can have more than one. Hells freaking yeah. And apparently, if the owner of the company is a no show, perk #2 goes into effect. We go home early, paid. Sheeyit yeah. Then we're off monday and tuesday paid as well. Can't bitch about this, well formerly cranky can, but I can't. I only ate a couple biscuits last night and turned in early as part of my preparatory fast for gluttony today. Hell, whats another of the deadly sin, that I openly mock? I'm not a true buddhist!

go ahead hate me...I'll post a pic for you to be jealous of later.

count em 3 double/doubles, i'm comatose.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

you know you want this shirt

I'd go to this concert

.. width="425" height="350">..>

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

it's comin mark my words

World War 4 people it'll be here. This is my theory and no matter how far fetched it is, it's still gonna happen. I dont' like to soapbox or grandstand that often but here goes.

We skipped WW3, theres no way it can happen. That was specifically between Russia and the US and that ain't gonna happen. Therefore we jump straight into George Bushs' (not senior, he was still ww3 but studying up on the middleeast) Crusade cause if you think this isn't the 4th crusade you're jokin yourself son. It's all about falsely spreading democrapsy (not a typo) in the name of christianity and with this country being a majority minority we get to plant the seed in immigrants' and emigrants', and asylumed citizens (yes citizens) heads. Whether it's Iraq, Afganistan, Iran, Korea, Palestine, Israel, or Palestine, we can't win. Theres no way. Korea will be smart and flex it's nuclear silo muscles and wait, wait, wait until we are so overstretched with manpower, even after a draft (it's comin, save your women, and children). Georgies regime won't be selective, women and kids bleed just as well as men do. We are going to end up policing for the sake of oil or money cause if you think it's democracy, well you're just dumb. Palestine and Israel, well thats a pretty righteous war cause it's been going on for 3000 years and not a damn soul has been able to keep the peace for very long. Those people weren't meant to live in the same hemisphere let alone the same city. Moses mighta picked the wrong spot, but I can't argue for either side. Either way the US is on Israels side whether i like it or not, i really have no preference. we end up going to iran cause well that fool is crazy and just gonna end up another fanatical regime that this cabinet has to systematically take out. Hell lets go to venezuela while we're at it. They have oil, we need it cause you heard they're givin out a years gas if you get a hummer now. So go...seriously now, go get one. dumb fuck. But we don't listen to Germany who said all along our intel was horrible and most likely false. we don't listen to the weapons inspectors. Who's to stop us? The voters? sheeyit, they watch too much tv and listen to shit ass ad campaigns and the dems sit there pickin crabs outta teddy kennedy's pubes. Seriously, watch korea, why are we positioning patriots in japan when theres already so many of them in S Korea? Why is the media listening to george bush saying that its the media eroding the war on terror. Refocus on afganistan and pakistan not iraq you puppet fuck and go after al qaeda not people that are fighting because they're pissed we're occupying their country not liberating it. it's not germany, and it's not japan where we can fuck em up the ass with attrition or nukes then set up "peaceful" bases for 60 years and counting. The middleeast i'm thinking isn't going to roll over like that, and nobody is gonna be surprised by a nuke cause anyone can get one apparently.

Fight people, fight back against the government. Don't listen to their shit, don't let the media roll over in fear of jail time. Remember there was a time when it was respectable going to jail in protest of bullshit. complacency be gone and voice yourself. I know it won't happen until the draft but it will will come and you won't be happy about it.

i'm done


usa today got something on me

With Dodger Dog creator Thomas Arthur dying, USA Today picked up a story and linked my musings on dodger dogs to it.

USA Today meets losanjealous

My tacos mexico review posted recently as well. enjoy today is .45 taco tuesday!!!

on a lighter note

What makes John and Joan such a good combo in movies. I mean since 16 candles even. I'm not saying it's bad, I'm saying it's good, but why the hell does it work? But i may just know the bag lady throwing those stones and screwdrivers over his wall. Doesn't he appreciate orange juice and vodka?

Monday, June 26, 2006

ooooooooooooha, it was hot

Friday night we went to purans on hillhurst for a late bday dinner. Just about every single special edition peep i know showed up. Damn tasty food, some good prezzies. and some cocktails at a local dive watering hole. I'll post up some pics as soon as I either develop (yes develop) them or get digital copies.

Saturday was the joint mayo/teo bday festivities at dear sweet mothers. It was also the introduction of our significant others. Significant occurance being operative here. Nicest bf ever and gracious grace did well, really really well. Amazingly well and the pre-stress jitters were gone quickly as the family enjoyed them, the friends enjoyed them and the mother did as well. Go figure! Hopefully impatient brother doesn't drop any bombs or anything. He's already said he had a good time.

Sunday morning came with an early breakfast at moms with the sister, mom, nephews and gbfe. Then it was a morning afternoon of target shopping and hobby store romping with the nephews for some rocket engines. We headed to the park and attracted all sorts of seemingly pregangbanger kids that turned out to be damn good kids with really good questions and naturally inquisitive streaks. Basically they wanted to know how to work the rockets and then run after it (albeit through a softball game) and be the first to catch it. Again will post pics after developed. Good day other than the east coast humidity and heat. That didn't stop Grace from venturing back into the valley for some more sweat. The kiddy pool didn't even provide enough relief.

Quest for the 45-Cent Taco

Check out my Quest for the 45-Cent Taco over at losanjealous.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Darkon has helped me become the man I want to be

I am Klorg the Not-So-Terrible. Seriously though, foam swords and arrows.....good times?

Darkon - Trailer

just nasty

I woke up yesterday with a stye in my eye. My eyelid was swollen as hell and everything was blurry. I called work and said there was no way i was going to try and negotiate the 405 when i couldn't see, so I stayed home. Senora Solstice came over to tend to me and drive me all over the place. I just called my doctor and they told me what to do as I already had eye drop antibiotics. We did some resume stuff and then went to ernies in burbank which turned out to be pretty bad mexican food. After that we headed over to Granada Hills to look at a tract of Eichler homes (bad ass mid century modern-huge windows, flat ceilings, personal little courtyards at the entryways). It was kinda depressing, there were, I'd say about 60+ homes but only about 1/2 still looked like Eichlers. Idiots totally killed the courtyards or removed windows, stucco'd them, added tile roofs. They were hideous. There mighta been about 7-8 really really nice ones, with the funky pastel doors, sliding wood panel garage doors, and custom numbering for the address. It was sad. I think i only yelled at a few houses admonishing them for doing what they did to their homes. They were also reselling some for 800K and labeling them as Eichlers when they didn't remotely look like one anymore. assholes....

Toured the old college campus and looked at original oldtime movie posters and ran into some old instructors. It was a salvaged day that ended really damn well.

Today my eyelid looks like it's got a giant whitehead on the edge of the lid. Nasty. But i still want to pop it. Atleast I can see.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Better not break your neck playin football

Friday June 16, 2006

By Joselyn Masters, Religion Correspondent (I wanna be one of these???)

PASSAIC, N.J. -- Attention all sports teams and their supporters, those who pray to God before each game for victory:

"The Supreme Being told us he regrets that He can no longer devote time to deciding which team is worthy of winning a sporting contest," said Jeremiah Gottlieb, a spokesman for Unified Voice, an organization that claims to get messages directly from God.

Gottlieb said the Almighty entrusted him with this message after a recent highschool football game between Erasmus High and Dan Quayle High.
"Both teams prayed to Him before the game, which is not unusual. But God said, 'There are great kids on both teams. How am I supposed to pick a favorite?'

"God also said He has nothing to do with who wins an Emmy, a Tony or a Good Citizenship award from the local Rotary Club.

"Frankly, to use a metaphor, God doesn't want to take His eye off the ball," Gottlieb said. "Which is more important, directing a 15-yearold's field goal kick through the uprights or looking after an island being slammed by a hurricane?"

"I thought God could do everything," said weeping 15-year-old field goal kicker Bobby L. O'Heem after missing a game-losing kick. "I guess next time I'll just have to help myself."

Monday, June 19, 2006

Fabulous weekend.

Saturday started with two labs playing for about 4.5 hours. I purchased a kiddy pool for $15!!! and it was beyond worth the money to see how much joy it brought the dags. I'll post pics later. But it was joyous.

Saw the omen (meh) and xmen (still liked the second one better-but its a good progression from the comic book-yes the comic book that i read when i was a kid).

Sunday cleaned, and chilled, then the iripanese and i went to torrance for a bbq. It turned out quite well and the food was kick ass. micjap even got 5 pairs of pants out of it? how can that be bad?!? Back home for some relaxtion....and a dog walk that got me a RED RYDER BB GUN!!! My neighbor has a buddy that has a dirth of them for shooting at "non-living things." Either way we were up until 1230 shooting at cans in the backyard. holy crap was that fun. Dunno why but maybe in my advancing years feeling like a 10 year old is good in spurts. either way there were only 2 ricochets that did nothing. but i still have the keen bb eye. it took a bit but my target shooting came back quite well. It's been a long time since cub scouts.

good happy purebreeds

Wind Gallery Kites

Friday, June 16, 2006

seriously, think about it

what would you say if you got 30 minutes with the Dali Llama. Seriously, you him and 30 minutes of talkin? Seriously if you come with bullshit, i'll oppress you into communist china.

36 hours of internal balloon animal tying

Seriously, the ONLY time i'm not happy to have a little circusmidget inside me tying my intestines up in balloon animals. Feels like someones in there. I know there is a massive jumbo gaseous emission waiting to come out that will cure it all but it just doesn't want to come. Only itty bitty ones that do nothing but make it so I can stand for a moment. I'd say punch me in the waist (not stomach) but i'd be afraid it was actually my appendix (it is not). Fun times.

Anyone wanna go comic book geek with me for two hours tonight and go see xmen? the internee gets a night away from manzanar so I'm gonna go see a movie with a bunch of pimply faced preteens and get the back of my chair kicked.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Anyone need to get me a late bday present?

Atech's toilet paper dispenser/iPod dock - The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)

this is what i got google imaging for Buddha

why am i working?

me, quint, ventura, santa barbara, beaches, food, drink, birthdays, intentionally lost home touring, just us, just right. kick ass 3 compared to 0. nuff said.


Monday, June 12, 2006

weekend mirth and merriment

Friday went out for cocktails for informal get together for the ageless wonder and got home and don't remember much after that. Got up Sat morning and cranked out shirts. Finally got to see "the Wonder" in the afternoon to give her one bday present. Still say i like the black one better....I'm so gonna have to get the white one, watch. After that went up to Ventura to visit the Maylard clan and had some sick gutbusting humor. Stayed the night, got up, read a book in some damn nice weather and hung out with them most of the day taking a trip to Lowes to get a funky toilet seat for mama maylards bday. Good job Jermy. They headed down to the SFValley and i stayed in their lovely backyard after assisting in the hauling of 3000, yes 3000 lbs of stones and only smashed my finger once. Bunch of friends met me in ventura, picked me up and we headed to the Santa Barbara Bowl for....lessee, TV on the Radio, She wants Revenge, (someone else), Yellowcard, Franz Ferdinand, and the Strokes. We missed the first 3, and got there just in time to leave the venue to people watch in the courtyard during yellowcard. I'm sorry, you're a sum41 clone, with some jackass on an electric fiddle. How could that be good? Either way, the show made me feel old, tons and tons of kids, and pretty much a whitewashed crowd. (Have i ever told you how much large quantities of white people scare me?) Franz Ferdinand didn't get as much love as they should have and had to play while it was still light. Last time I saw them they put on a crazy live show but had great lighting to go with the great stage presence. The strokes were exactly as I've heard, as I've never seen them live. They sound great, pretty much like the albums, but I've also heard that if they're not stinking drunk, then they're pretty boring to watch....and they were. They sounded good don't get me wrong, but they pretty much don't move or dance, or even prove their pulse while they're up there. The word that came to mind was disaffected and his comments about doing some radio show proved that. I mean c'mon there were mosh pits for both FF and the Strokes. Nuff said. easy drive home and then i couldn't sleep until after 3. sooooooooooo, here i am at work after a 530 wakeup. Calgon take me to tuesday.

Friday, June 09, 2006

i ain't even embarrassed

I was giving myself a good stretch in the small shared quarters that is my office. One that you groan loudly and long for until my sphincter loosened itself and made a noise that could be heard plainly (well to me atleast) clear out to Lodi, CA. In my quickened anxiety i let out a woah, didn't know that was comin just to find out that the only guy left in the office other than me never heard it. Now i feel a little ripped off.

on that same note (and i didn't think i was gonna post this but i will), I was q'tipping my ears the other morning two at a time when i finally opened my eyes during that lovely feeling and noticed i was bent over sideways like my poochie getting his ears rubbed. i started and straightened up redfaced but realized that if that was my first inclination then why the hell not?!?!? It felt good yes it did.

there i think it's all outta my system....for now.

sooooooo, i'm gonna pimp my bday as much as possible for free shwag

I've been a bit off the planet for the last week, but thats okay. Agent Oranges' bday and mine are comin up and we're getting outta dodge. What would be perfect present for you to give to me is free tunes.

What I want is any shite you got thats pretty new.

I'm hooked on metric so any of that you got (sans-from mayo-from marzia)
Broken Social Scene
grizzly bear
page france
regina spektor
of montreal
Blackalicious (i lost all of mine)
Rebirth Brass Band

and some old punk


or anyone that sounds like a female tom waits.

and anything else you think is worthy. hit me up and i'll give you jesus' gmail. Other than that I want nothing from you and I hate you, unless of course you give me lovely tunes.

Holy motherloving god. I think even jesus is playing this show

I mean, yeah i'm behind on my music happenings for the last week but have you seen the friggin lineup for Lollapolooza?!?!? Holy shit man! How the hell do i get to chi-town?

Lollapalooza 2006 : August 4-6, 2006 : Chicago : Grant Park

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

It has come to my attention that it really could be a valid subject

If you refer back to my post (this one here) there is a study, i'll get it to you as soon as walker, labrador ranger gets it to me, that shows that one [female] should be wiping from the front to the rear and not rear to the front. It keeps urinary tract infections to a minimum. Also if you're sexually active and wipe from the front to the back, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, you gonna get it.

and here it is. Thanks to RustyIronicNail

Simple bladder infections develop when bacteria migrate into the bladder. Because of the structure of the female urinary system, women are far more likely than men to get these infections. In women, the opening to the urethra (where urine comes out) is close to the rectum. Therefore, bacteria can migrate from the rectum, where bacterial counts are high, to the area around the vagina and urethra. From there, it is a short trip (4 centimeters, or less than 2 inches) through the urethra to the bladder. Sexual intercourse can propel these bacteria into the bladder, so there is an increased risk of bladder infections in sexually active women. Wiping toilet tissue from back to front after having a bowel movement also can transfer bacteria from the rectum to the urethra. For this reason, women should always try to wipe front to back.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

what the fuck (seriously it needed to be spelled out, no internet anacronisms)

following the worst day silkscreening i've ever had I had one of the easiest. sunday was purely the worst outing ever no matter what was adjusted or tweaked. I'm thinking it was the heat and the ink. it was prolly 100 degrees and the ink was soupy. some of the textiles were different than i've ever done but i couldn't think why it was fucking up so bad. So I get an okay enough to finish them as they might come. And i tell you easier than abc's and 123's. the ink wasn't so soupy and in one pass previously difficult textiles came out splendidly. go figure. No joke, i'm a horrible physical silkscreener (passing ink) but occasionally it's easy and oyie's "heart attack man" wasn't even here to throw towels in. "Millers curse" flared up like a herpe and then went away just as easily. I had a jumbo celebratory drink and am ready for shipping and am going to bed. seriously after this last weekend this shit was looming over me like a dawn hanging [for me]. I think i'm gonna have me some fun tomorrow or go see a flick. We'll see what yoshinoya is in the mood for. Sikki-san mamma you might need to hold the man card, cause if it's a cool day....yeah well, we'll just see. so post away i go cause i'm feeling a bit better, but the powder hasn't come yet, we'll see about that one. i wonder if anyone ever understand my language. sometimes i don't even speak me.

really, cause i didnt see you put anything up

It's my sisters birthday. She is betrothed to the beast just today, so if her head spins around wildly and she projectile vomits on you, wish her a happy birthday and perhaps get her a willing soul. You thought i was gonna say priest didnt ya? WRONG.

Last point. I love hard butterscotch candies and the little caramel cubes but i hate werthers. go figure. dunno why. you'd think it would be best of both worlds.

Friday, June 02, 2006

only a couple tidbits

I hate verizon wireless, and i love the new yeah yeah yeahs. other than that I got nothin'.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


I want one! But I'd want him like a homeless midget so i could cleans him up myself and make him better. or dress him up lord of the rings style.

my own midget

check it

So my bday plans kinda fell through and I want to do something really low key (yeah i know, me....low key). But before I must digress. I want a kinky dinner somewheres funky. like an all you can eat sopes and tacos at King Taco party, where a bunch of peeps come and we get a taco cart guy. Where would one find a taco cart for rental. Even more importantly where would one find a king taco, taco cart guy?

Doesn't have to be that, but something funky thats still gonna taste good and cost people about as much as bus fare?

no holds barred people. we could even go to baby nurserys and get us some fresh baby meat (that ones for sayshuh).

I'm up for suggestions.

i dunno about you

But I'm cravin me some falafel now. I was turned down on every single front by the breakfast burrito brigade. Toothless boy can't do it because of said missing tooth. Dependable girl is out of the office. Tweedle and deedle are out today, and the brothers computer already ate.

And I doubt medium well will want anything to do with a nasty ass breakfast burrito and considering falafel makes her sick, that is plainly be out too. damn! Please buddha, don't make me eat an inferior burrito! Where are you king taco?!?

well i must say, blackalicious brought me some falafel king with the caveat that it would no longer be good after its long journey. I must say...goddamn good. no joke. really good. falafel plate, good lettuce, good tomatoes, great falafel, hummus...yummus, curious garlic sauce...garlicious, and the funktastic sweet potatoes chips. you say poe-tay-toe, i say, YO-can-i-eat-those? my belly is happy and satiated. mmmmhmmm, yup