Thursday, August 31, 2006

Cause you wish you were as cool as AC Slater

28 Days Slater - Episode 1

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


someone i was speaking to on the phone spelled something phonetically and it ended in "U- as in unich"

well i snorted and wanted to correct her as the correct spelling would be eunuch. Then i wanted to ask her where she got that one but i just asked her "u as in Unicorn?" and she said "yes that too."

good times

like this is news

Tim is gay

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

And he loves it!

The Receptacle Eats Brent’s Deli

monkey vs snake

Seriously a box of styrofoam packing popcorn stands a better chance that bushie when Iran's leader calls for TV debate with Bush. But they'll deny the debate in the interest of national security. I mean i don't stand up for political zealots, but atleast someone stands up to that idiot. God I fear my government more than i fear terrorists.

and sayshuh, again says it right in response to the thumper camp:

Sometimes the human mind amazes me with its wonder and knack for creating marvelous things. Sometimes though, I do not understand its ignorant depravation of our basic connection as one people on earth and lack of common sense. This disturbs me to no end, and it is things like this that make me want to leave this country. 200 some odd years america has under its belt is nothing, we haven't come very far at all, and in the past century, democracy has lost itself and it gets worse by the day.

Bohemian Grove


On Aug 29, 2006, at 12:34 PM, YouTube Service wrote:

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I want to share the following video with you:

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here is the trailer for the movie jesus camp

taken from

Freaky Christians via WMV

Personal Message

wanna make up a satan camp?


Monday, August 28, 2006

i think my hangover is over

friday i went over to the taco lovers place for some dinner and a weekend of alternate labby love with her pooch. We made up some homemade pizza. (to much sun dried tomato bruscetta). Then relaxed and stayed in. Saturday, watched V for Vendetta (really good, and I don't know why yet) we drove back to the heat bowl and went to dog park, and picked up fixins for some damn tasty fish tacos. Sunday woke up and had juevos con soyrizo. Also damn good. Then relaxed and watched amores perros. Then back home to get ready for Hollywood Bowl.

Most of the click showed up for Zero7 and Gotan project and quesadillas, hummus, pita, chips, and various other stuff. But tons of wine, some Mojitos, and more wine. Sia danced around the stage like crazy and mixed drinks for the band during non singing times. They were really good. Then came Gotan, at this point, i'm just about hammered. But near the end of their set, taco lover and I got to dance it up in the isles with tons of other people. It was fun but it was sad too cause it was the Millahs last time venturing out with us. I may have shed a tear or two. I will miss those two, dearly. Taco lover drove me back. I detoured her through the valley hood and she dropped me off. I didn't remember eating quesadilla but i remember laying on the floor while people talked. Bad thing was waking up at 5am on the floor just to go to bed for half an hour before getting up to go to work with my massive new friend, the headache. Hangover was gone pretty quickly so i'm back up and doing not that is.

Friday, August 25, 2006

See? Anyone can paint like Pollock

yeah right...

press any key to paint

now where's the drinking and driving button? or the party like peggy guggenheim button or the paint better, like lee krasner button?

either way. pretty cool

whaddo i got?

Lessee, I've been late to work the last few days. Yesterday considerably, and today barely but I found out my 3rd and 4th alarms were off and i've conditioned myself to wake up to them and not my clock radio. Either way it's been a weird couple of mornings getting to work. I haven't showered and I haven't had my constitutional so I'm just waiting.

This past weekend we finished our biggest run of shirts and delivered them on wednesday to bo duke. I got to see the General Lee and Bo himself was super nice. Rapped a bit, he showed us a bit of the movie he's starring in, directing, editing and producing. Pretty cool. Hopefully he wants more shirts so we'll see. I'll post up some pics later when I'm at a computer that they're loaded on.

This weekend shoud be pretty good. Get a ton of time with iripanese and Sunday a bunch of us are going to the Hollywood Bowl for the Gotan Project and to kind of see off Brian and Bethany. Hope you all have a good one!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

anyone wanna buy Jack Whites house?

1731 Seminole – Detroit, Michigan

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

rip or thrash, either way

Music art director Ed Thrasher dies at 74

Monday, August 21, 2006

(08-21) 03:58 PDT Big Bear City, Calif. (AP) --

Veteran art director Ed Thrasher, who worked on hundreds of albums with such artists as Frank Sinatra and received 12 Grammy Award nominations, has died. He was 74.

He died of cancer Aug. 5 at his Big Bear Lake home, said his son, Jeff Thrasher.

Born in March 1932, Thrasher was the son of a Los Angeles city councilman. He graduated from John Marshall High School and served in the Navy during the Korean War.

Thrasher attended Los Angeles Trade Technical College and the County Art Institute before being hired as an assistant in the art department at Capitol Records in 1957.

He joined Warner Bros. Records in 1964 where he did the photography for many of the albums as well as print ads and posters. Among his work was the Jimi Hendrix Experience's "Are You Experienced?," Joni Mitchell's "Song to a Seagull," the Grateful Dead's "Anthem of the Sun," and Sinatra's "My Way."

When Sinatra came out of retirement in 1973, it was Thrasher who suggested the title of the singer's comeback album, "Ol' Blue Eyes Is Back."

"Ed showed the artwork to Frank, and he just flipped, as we all did," recalled Joe Smith, former president of Warner Bros. Records. "Frank thought `Ol' Blue Eyes Is Back' was a great phrase, and it later turned out to be an ad hook when Frank was out on the road again."

Thrasher received a dozen Grammy nominations as an art director from 1962 to 1974, the year he and fellow art director Christopher Whorf won Grammys for best album package for Mason Proffit's "Come & Gone."

After leaving Warner Bros. in 1979, Thrasher formed an advertising company that created art for films, including Prince's "Purple Rain" and Mel Gibson's "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome."

Thrasher, whose 22-year marriage to actress Linda Gray ended in divorce, is survived by his son; his daughter, Kehly Sloane; two grandchildren; and his sister, Marilyn Ball.

check it

Monday, August 21, 2006


Can I get some armor to protect me from this crap?

i need another weekend.

Friday night we headed to El Cid for appetizers and drinks to say farewell to one of Sayshuh's good friends. A bunch of us met up there and were supposed to head to bmillahs to help him get rid of alcohol. Well I woke up at 4:20 am and was pretty wiped by about 1030pm so we bypassed bmillahs for my bed. Master Dean crashed at our place and we got up early enough Saturday and then headed to Chinatown to pick up shirts. We got 6 dozen too many returned some and picked up food and rolled home. Oyie and I cranked out over 135 shirts and one side of the other 135. We were at it from 230 pm to 8 pm and then cleaned up and headed to bmillahs at about 11pm. Couple hours of drinking over there and we headed back home. We got to hit up Brents Deli in the am some shopping at Tar-jette and then on to more shirts sunday. Dean helped out and the best looking sweatshop employee ever helped heatpress the shirts. They're done, they're pressed, they're ready to go. I'm going to drop them off at Bo Dukes on Wednesday morning and see if I can get a pic with him or the General Lee.

ummmmmmmm, yeah - Almost Better Than Tacos

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Beavis 1 offered to you first by these people, second by Sasha

Playing With Dead Things: The Mummification of Beavis I

links today brought to you by cinnamon

the quizzes are cool. i'm about 25% on them


Whats that thing? You know that piece of paper, you know really old? Oh yeaaaaaah

The friggin CONSTITUTION. the one that the cowboy uses to wipe his ass with.

Judge nixes warrantless surveillance - Yahoo! News

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

fak owfft

I want soy tacos, really want them. She's had them. Like 5 times this week. No it's not fair. but ask me if I'd like to crack up a taco on that spot below the nape above the breasts (aka- the common chest [sic-harldy common]) and eat it straight off of that spot that i love so much. I might need a drink. i might need 2 or 3. but i might need to get more booze. No, no I don't. I have something. it's russian, it's got a pepper in it. that should suffice. But i DO need hot sauce. I must go to baja fresh, order a drink with my prepurchased sipper cup and drop the cholula in the cup, apply lid and venture back to tiataco sittin in her salad bliss. upon returning

me - Why are you munching?!?

tt - mmmmfft*crunch*

me - the gall of you! that was my taco!

tt - mmsh* it'sf goob * mmm

me - you've eaten tacos all week! maybe you won't be happy until you've eaten every bit of soy taco meat ever made?

tt - mmmmmm, yeah! goody!

me - don't you want to share? I made those!

tt - you had to go *mmmm munch* get taco sauce, it was getting cold on my chest, and i didn't want it tumbling down on the bed and getting into your sheets.

me - like theres not a dog here to clean up after that?!?! I don't care, that was my taco!

tt - you said it yourself, that I wouldn't be happy until i've consumed them all.

me - ...

tt - make another i'm going to clean up

me - I have a hairy chest!!!

tt - use more hot sauce! and make me another please!


tt - love you!!!

just horrifying

A friend of mine sent me a 5 minute clip of dylan kleibold (sp?) and eric harris on their rampage at columbine. It has sound via a wounded students cell phone, that just sits down at a desk and dies. I can't express the stupidity and rage i feel with these two. They're animals, utter animals. The way they antagonize, berate, and taunt the students that are begging, is disgusting. They randomly shoot people in the back, lying on the floor, anywhere. You don't even get the satisfaction of witnessing them having a painful death or any kind of punishment. They just wrecked carnage and then nonchalantly said okay, on the count of 3. They discuss it like it's rock paper scissors. They should be rotting in prison. Makes me hope theres a hell just for those two.


i lifted yesterday for the first time in over a year. my arms are a bit sore but i feel good. i saved a couple groups to work on tonight if i can lift them. I WOULD ride the bike but someone who won't be named that sleeps in the room next to me rode through hundreds of thorns and theres no thorn proof tubes that'll stop that many thorns so the tires are flat and I ain't replacin them. Shite I know where the thorns are and I don't ride there.

I think it's funny that everytime my dog goes for a walk on trash day, he barks and growls (like someones attacking me) at random piles of garbage that lie next to the cans. As if they're not supposed to be there. Seriously, he really wants to go after the piles of trash. This coming from a dog that occasionally walks by recessed ground lighting and gets freaked out like you wouldn't believe. Funny shit.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Weekend in review

Saturday, milled about a bit and the mostly veggie woman and I hit up the tofu festival and met up with the Losanjealous clan (albeit quickly - i fear crowds in packed beer gardens with no chairs) and ate tofu, plenty of it. Some good some really bad. Go check it here at Losanjealous. This little bugger, called Tofu Cutlet was my favorite . Blackalicious played at about 10 after watching (very little of) an asian rap group that LOOKED like modest mouse (but asian). The sound was bad for all but blackalicious was pretty phly (yes PH). We took off a bit early, as we were parked in the shit downtown and wanted to limit our mugging potential and limit the wonderful aroma of homeless guy/lady urine.

Up on Sunday for a whole lotta nothin. The ms's came over and Dean shortly after to meet us and discuss a kickass photo shoot for us. Then he proceeded to cook us a fish dish (heads, eyeballs and all) with cilantro, ginger, garlic, shallots, squash and many other things. It was tasty, damn tasty. Dean is a very good cook. We enjoyed a great meal, with beer from Taiwan, aptly named Taiwan Beer . Is good, is very good. That was about it. Wha'd you do?

Oh They're finally advertising on tv and radio for "That Girl Emily" and the commercials are really lame and it's for this jackass. She has a cat in the commercials, which doesn't go with the blog. Either way. It ended up not being a very good ad campaign even though it started off with potential.

Yeah that was alot of links huh?

Domini Pacem gentes

Friday, August 11, 2006

so my back is gonna hurt mark my werd

So oy-ee and i got hooked up from master vic to do Bo Duke's shirts for his surf boards/shop? Yes this is Bo Duke from Hazzard County. The Blonde one. Pretty cool. But it's 250 bloody shirts front and back. Thats like 500 shirts. I'm way down to do it, cause it'll be nice coin to throw back into BridgesBurning but doing 50 both sides usually hurts pretty good. Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining believe me. I'm as awake and alive as ever when i'm screening, it's just fun (when it works ideally). MV got me a die cast General Lee signed with a personal 30th bday message to me, that sits currently to my left hand. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWW, fa, fa, fa, fa, fahuh, fa, huh, fa huh, huh, huh. yes thats my version of the dixie horn. We also have a much much much larger than life poster of his bo duke publicity shot that looks like bo dukes senior picture from way back in the day in technicolor. Seriously this thing is about 7 feet by about 5 feet. I'm gonna go all stalker and have him write something crazy on it. Plus i'm gonna ask him if he can talk to his buddy Cooter and see if he can get arrested so I can make a free cooter shirt. cause who would want some free cooter?!? I think he's a councilman for some city somewhere. I'll keep you posted.

We here in our little st elmos fire circle are getting closer and closer to losing one of our own. BMillah is moving away to the virginia, DC, Baltimore, Philly area. No he has no idea where yet, or does he have a job or any real prospect for one. I think he is planning on slummin while the missus works and he looks for a mountain remotely close enough that he won't get to board on come winter. He might have to keep wheelin on his skateboard. But the closer it gets (8/31) the more i realized i'm really really gonna miss the guy. when i first met him at csun in our graphic design class i thought he was a bit anal, quiet and frankly dull. well how wrong was I?!? We would crit each others work and when i started working in the design office at all hours of the night he would pop in at 3am and work with me for a few farting his nasty vegetarian farts. I didn't mind cause i hid booze in that office like crazy and he would help me consume it. he invited us to his wedding in vagina and three of us went. it was an honor and a wonderful thing. i love the guy and always will but i'm not gonna get to sit and screen with him when he would come over and skeeze all our supplies. I would gladly give up all my stuff if he would stay. seriously the closer it gets, mostly privately, the more i start to miss him, our occasional tom bergins jaunts, museum crawls, and dinners. all the boys are going over when his missy goes out of town to help kill off all their booze. i know he's gonna hurt for it later when he's moving in where ever the hell he moves in to. Damn you Chris Martin!!!!* it's all Gwyneths fault. But truly, i know they have to go, i know why, i know it has to be done but i will miss them and i won't be able to corrupt the kids once they start comin. hmmmmmm maybe this is why they're leaving. dammnit.

*he really looks like chris martin

up from the 36 chambers!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

wu-cha, whu-pstt, pst, pak, sock, kick, thok, whap 1+1=11

My Wu-Name is Thirty-Sixth Mathematics.
Take Wu-Tang Clan Name Generator today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Takes a fascist to fight a fascist - Bush: U.S. at war with 'Islamic fascists' - Aug 10, 2006

takes a facist to fight a facist i guess - Bush: U.S. at war with 'Islamic fascists' - Aug 10, 2006

kinda cool

Mojizu - A Contemporary Character Design Community

Play video on your (non)video ipod

Looks a little buggy on an iphoto but here it is nonetheless.

Video Player - wikiPodLinux

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Annikan Skywalker had a sister!

Darth Gayder

i know... i'm not writing that much

I was sick last week and okay by saturday to play with a ton of kids for the nephews bday. Pretty fun and not too hot here anymore at all. Then over to the amateur suchefs house for the rest of the weekend for some quality indoor time with her and the dags. Since my physical and my cholesterol reality check I've been eating really well and have gotten back on the bike. It's harder than i thought but i think thats cause i didnt have the riding glasses and got a bad headache. I'm actually studying for a test that for work that I don't really think I need but apparantly I need the certificate to justify the $1200 class price tag that I went to a year ago. Stupid test reminder has been popping up for 36 weeks and I keep hitting that postpone button in Outlook. Well I can run from it no longer. I have alot to do this afternoon and it's making me miss the Editors show. My concert goings have fallen off dramatically and thats not good, but you do what you gotta do. We'll see how shit goes.

Anyone have a design job for a quietly angry filipino? If not he can survive on unemployment for another 2 years. hit him up.

rasta la vista

This is what the precision arms WE sold Israel can do.

If you can't hang with seeing the remains of children and innocent people, you don't want to see this. But maybe you should. Think what the American military machine has done that you haven't seen.

horrific images

Monday, August 07, 2006

Britney for president

like it already isn't worse?

Friday, August 04, 2006

i think a good bar name would be...

Avant Yard. No not avant bar...

teo blair

The contents of my stomach wished no longer to be in my stomach while i was walking the dog this morning and went about 4 feet, some actually making it to my intended target of the street but not all of it. so if your dog is walking and tries to eat the remains of my former meal, and you don't catch it in time, i apologize

Thursday, August 03, 2006

what really sucks

i already slept for 18 hours, fucked up my sleep pattern. popped a million pills, changed my eating and i feeling like i'm sicker than i was. Now that i'm working while sick theres a ton of other people with the same thing. achy back, neck, congestion, plugged ears, fever, exhaustion, and a sore throat that keeps getting WORSE! I'm missing Bloc Party tonight cause i don't want to stand outside and get MORE sick. I'm missing playing with the nephews that think i'm better than sliced bread. I'm missing out on featured lovin nights. Is this what 30 means? I mean i used to do all this despite being sick and chuck in a couple nights of heavy drinking and drugs. Now i don't and i still feel like ass. If it weren't for bananas, tomatoes and red bull i wouldn't be coherent.

BAH, i can't even blame it on the lubba for sucking the life out of me, she's been awesome. Almost friday. I wanna be good for Pee Wee in the cemetary, please buddha let me get better.

i'm not looking for sympathy, i'm just venting....gas, which is finally back thank you, i needed it

seriously who's with me?

We need some kinda Little Rascals Bus and costumes. This would be a team effort and Buckwheat is already spoken for. I'm froggy. So anyone else. I can also be spanky but not as a little rascal

San Fernando Valley Illegal Soap Box Federation

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

now i gotta get caught up

Ummmmmmmm, saturday, i saw miami sucked. The show was better, there were no boobies. I mean c'mon its miami vice and it's R rated. very little gratuitous violence (c'mon it's drug kingpins), there was a scene where the white power dudes pepper a car full of FBI agents with 50 cal auto sniper rifles and an arm gets blown off in slow mo. but blech. I think that was Saturday...actually that was sunday. Saturday night went for ramen in lil tokyo, with the mates and very lil tokyo other than by a bit of heritage. I bet if styx did the menu she woulda understood mr roboto! huh, i'm gonna get it for that. then to sounds eclectico at california plaza. It was cool, everyone scattered for better viewing potential or left early and whatnot.

Monday, felt like I was getting sick, monday night knew I was sick, Tuesday stayed home sick. slept most of the day, woke up had a cocktail(s) to knock me out, watched field of dreams, ms. tokyo came over gave me a backrub, i passed out until 130am and never got back to sleep. I watched the constant gardener (very good), then stealth (very bad), then a documentary about a homeless guy that is given 100k just to see if it turns his life around, it doesn't, he pisses it away and presumably ends up homeless. That ended at 445am. I tried to sleep that didn't happen. i loved up on my twitching, dreaming dog, got up, fed him. did laundry, made a killer lunch (healthy one as my blood work for my physical came back and I eat like shit so i have to change it) and took the boy for a long walk, then read the paper, then sat on the infernal 405 later than usual as i have a late shift and then have to find a way to go to moms for scampi and newphew play. we'll see if that happens.

i think thats about it.

oh and we get to do shirts for Bo Duke from Hazzard. kinda cool.