Tuesday, August 08, 2006

i know... i'm not writing that much

I was sick last week and okay by saturday to play with a ton of kids for the nephews bday. Pretty fun and not too hot here anymore at all. Then over to the amateur suchefs house for the rest of the weekend for some quality indoor time with her and the dags. Since my physical and my cholesterol reality check I've been eating really well and have gotten back on the bike. It's harder than i thought but i think thats cause i didnt have the riding glasses and got a bad headache. I'm actually studying for a test that for work that I don't really think I need but apparantly I need the certificate to justify the $1200 class price tag that I went to a year ago. Stupid test reminder has been popping up for 36 weeks and I keep hitting that postpone button in Outlook. Well I can run from it no longer. I have alot to do this afternoon and it's making me miss the Editors show. My concert goings have fallen off dramatically and thats not good, but you do what you gotta do. We'll see how shit goes.

Anyone have a design job for a quietly angry filipino? If not he can survive on unemployment for another 2 years. hit him up.

rasta la vista


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