Wednesday, August 16, 2006

fak owfft

I want soy tacos, really want them. She's had them. Like 5 times this week. No it's not fair. but ask me if I'd like to crack up a taco on that spot below the nape above the breasts (aka- the common chest [sic-harldy common]) and eat it straight off of that spot that i love so much. I might need a drink. i might need 2 or 3. but i might need to get more booze. No, no I don't. I have something. it's russian, it's got a pepper in it. that should suffice. But i DO need hot sauce. I must go to baja fresh, order a drink with my prepurchased sipper cup and drop the cholula in the cup, apply lid and venture back to tiataco sittin in her salad bliss. upon returning

me - Why are you munching?!?

tt - mmmmfft*crunch*

me - the gall of you! that was my taco!

tt - mmsh* it'sf goob * mmm

me - you've eaten tacos all week! maybe you won't be happy until you've eaten every bit of soy taco meat ever made?

tt - mmmmmm, yeah! goody!

me - don't you want to share? I made those!

tt - you had to go *mmmm munch* get taco sauce, it was getting cold on my chest, and i didn't want it tumbling down on the bed and getting into your sheets.

me - like theres not a dog here to clean up after that?!?! I don't care, that was my taco!

tt - you said it yourself, that I wouldn't be happy until i've consumed them all.

me - ...

tt - make another i'm going to clean up

me - I have a hairy chest!!!

tt - use more hot sauce! and make me another please!


tt - love you!!!


At 10:56 AM, Blogger cinnamon said...

taco whipped


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