Friday, August 11, 2006

so my back is gonna hurt mark my werd

So oy-ee and i got hooked up from master vic to do Bo Duke's shirts for his surf boards/shop? Yes this is Bo Duke from Hazzard County. The Blonde one. Pretty cool. But it's 250 bloody shirts front and back. Thats like 500 shirts. I'm way down to do it, cause it'll be nice coin to throw back into BridgesBurning but doing 50 both sides usually hurts pretty good. Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining believe me. I'm as awake and alive as ever when i'm screening, it's just fun (when it works ideally). MV got me a die cast General Lee signed with a personal 30th bday message to me, that sits currently to my left hand. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWW, fa, fa, fa, fa, fahuh, fa, huh, fa huh, huh, huh. yes thats my version of the dixie horn. We also have a much much much larger than life poster of his bo duke publicity shot that looks like bo dukes senior picture from way back in the day in technicolor. Seriously this thing is about 7 feet by about 5 feet. I'm gonna go all stalker and have him write something crazy on it. Plus i'm gonna ask him if he can talk to his buddy Cooter and see if he can get arrested so I can make a free cooter shirt. cause who would want some free cooter?!? I think he's a councilman for some city somewhere. I'll keep you posted.

We here in our little st elmos fire circle are getting closer and closer to losing one of our own. BMillah is moving away to the virginia, DC, Baltimore, Philly area. No he has no idea where yet, or does he have a job or any real prospect for one. I think he is planning on slummin while the missus works and he looks for a mountain remotely close enough that he won't get to board on come winter. He might have to keep wheelin on his skateboard. But the closer it gets (8/31) the more i realized i'm really really gonna miss the guy. when i first met him at csun in our graphic design class i thought he was a bit anal, quiet and frankly dull. well how wrong was I?!? We would crit each others work and when i started working in the design office at all hours of the night he would pop in at 3am and work with me for a few farting his nasty vegetarian farts. I didn't mind cause i hid booze in that office like crazy and he would help me consume it. he invited us to his wedding in vagina and three of us went. it was an honor and a wonderful thing. i love the guy and always will but i'm not gonna get to sit and screen with him when he would come over and skeeze all our supplies. I would gladly give up all my stuff if he would stay. seriously the closer it gets, mostly privately, the more i start to miss him, our occasional tom bergins jaunts, museum crawls, and dinners. all the boys are going over when his missy goes out of town to help kill off all their booze. i know he's gonna hurt for it later when he's moving in where ever the hell he moves in to. Damn you Chris Martin!!!!* it's all Gwyneths fault. But truly, i know they have to go, i know why, i know it has to be done but i will miss them and i won't be able to corrupt the kids once they start comin. hmmmmmm maybe this is why they're leaving. dammnit.

*he really looks like chris martin


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