Saturday, October 27, 2007


The grasshopper body LIVES!!! it's still going even though it lost another leg. The head is dead and eyes black but the body is still slowly clinging to life! I have since found no more grasshoppers. I will name this Headless Hopper, Ichebod Scarehopper as an example to other locust like creatures trying to eat the hibiscus.

Friday, October 26, 2007


i found the source of what was decimating the hibiscus in the front yard. there were like 5 huge grasshoppers on it. as soon as i went inside to get something to whack em off with (no entomological masturbation) i lost a couple of them as those bastards stay still as hell and look exactly like the branches. well i got a couple too and one i knocked the head off of with a screwdriver first strike and the second i just sadistically cut it with said screwdriver. what was funny is that half an hour later i went out to the still very lively head and bodies and faced the head to the bodies so he could watch them die and the mailman came up just as kharma police was blaring through a window and i was taking this picture. i laughed he looked at me funny and i realized i was probably quite odd looking. oh well.

kharma i guess.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

More from the forbidden woods

Sayshuh and I were having a Hogwarts moment and reminiscing.

dumbledore is a master of the wand
he enjoys things being placed inside his cauldron
Horcrux now has a whole new meaning
i'm gonna butterbeer all over your back

broke harrys back

played with a little Weasley
once you go black magic, you never go back.

T:what was the three headed dog


Hagrids Blast ended skrewt


Dumbledores 3 headed cerebrus

the chamber of deep slits
the sorcerors bone

and the room of requirement requires young boys!

prisoner of all that man


the order of the penis
berties bottoms

minister OF fudge
dark corners of diagon alley

get plugged in the quiDitch
swallow my quaffle

getting hit in the head with a quaffle
defense against the dark warts
doing it hippogriff style

i knew that was coming soon...


premature prestidigitation

Hagrids not just a HALF GIANT. he's a full giant elsewhere

hot potion

THE leaky cauldron

i'm voldimoritfied

please add more

But this from Mayo:

Seven clues that 'Potter's' Dumbledore was gay - Los Angeles Times

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

a sign that the world is either getting better or worse

This one the world is definitely getting worse

This one exists with blue skies and more helicopters killing fire on a windless day

you decide...

whenever i need a pickmeup...

I just go stare at these.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Seriously...I'm outright stealing this from Sayshuh

Sayshuh posted this about making Prison Hooch and fuckit, i wanna try it!!!

haven't bit him in a while. i think it's passed time... and worth it. I'm on this like...mold on a sock.

I think i have everything crossed

So a placement agency i belong to called me and asked if i'd work either production or mid level designer for BLT. This place is sick. They came to our portfolio review and did the punch drunk love packaging way back when, when jeremy whats his name that just killed himself, worked there. I want this job, either one. I'd do production work on movie billings. Thats what i wanted to do in school. i love movies and love posters and dvd packaging. i'm hoping i don't jinx myself writing about it but i've been silent on other jobs and thats gotten me bupkus so i'm saying now, i want this job...badly. they do some sick shit and hopefully thats my in cause i gots some billings, and packaging on my online pf. Get me this muthafukkin job! PLEASE!

no more blue skies

So we're pretty safe from fires in our neck of the valley but since the whole of the southland is burning we start getting stories of friends of friends that have lost everything except their lives. It's just crazy the way they speak of the fires on the news. No matter the resources that are provided there just is no way to fight the inferno. mostly its just really overworked and outmanned departments desperately trying to save structures. people are talking about their pets being lost, all their belongings, ALL of them. The good thing is alot of people are getting out, safely, and they're not even concerned about their material possessions. They try to get photos, heirlooms and animals. But FUCK ME nearly a million people evacuated. THATS an exodus. Like wartime exodus, albeit with fewer belongings. The skies above are dark midday, below are pics i took at 430 and the sky is dark. The air smells like campfire and if the wind ever died down i'm sure it would snow ash but the wind so far has relented only a tiny bit. I'm fortunate that I'm not personally involved in the destruction and can only watch the preempted tv reports and view the sky above and it's hectic back and forth highway like patterns of the tanker planes and water-copters and news choppers going back and forth to Castaic Lake at almost all hours. Those are tired people doing hard work and they should be praised, thanked, and commended as much as possible cause it's not going to get any better until possibly tomorrow.

October 24th
much bluer skies today but still alotta work. the jumbo canadian fixed wings are now down in san diego.

I applied, did you?


Monday, October 22, 2007

you wanna play frisbee table soccer?

all the problems we've ever had are because of her...

It's been a while since you've been that white

i DO like fingerpainting...

Saturday, October 20, 2007

holy fawkes!!!

I gotta say, i'm not all that surprised to learn that Dumbledore is gay. i say good for him. many in powerful positions for epochs have had the same leanings, but not all were as noble, so I say awesome. but my question is, was he a virgin...? i wonder...


hit up two gallants at the el rey on thursday and as much hype as i pumped em up with to myself, they lived up to my expectations. i came home sweaty, sore and tired. good show, great show. songs for mom (kick ass all girl band) were damn good too.

Friday was a wash. didn't get much done but had a lovely dinner.

Come today we watched as sod was put in the backyard. quite nice. then the salmon and i hit up home depot and got some stuff for painting the (20th century fox) letters taht she acquired some time ago. Those are gonna get primed and hung in the space behind the dining room table (see below). We then took down the hideous ceiling fan above the diner table and put up sputnik that we went and bought earlier this week. As well as the canvas bubble light above the dining room table. A little rewiring for both and they look pretty damn good now. props to mom and boy scouts for any electrical prowse i may have.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

you caption it

some may call me lightheaded, bubbly perhaps

hazard pay for models NOW!!!

not much but alot

sorrow and joy go hand in hand these days and it's hard to get as angry as should be when i feel good. the salmon and i love the place as i hope oyie does. the gardening (new plants and sprinklers) is getting put in by some really nice guys. (seriously, gotta love the brown man, how much would NOT be done if it wasn't for the thankless, backbreaking labor they do?) They've even been really cool with MY wants even tho i don't own the house, but i get a couple garden plots to work with like vegetables and the such. he even said we could work in the future when he learned that we do shirts and might get some exchange work done.

more joy is the fact that we finally get to see Two Gallants tonight at the el rey. this band is something. you mighta read way back when we happened (luckily) on band of horses and there was a crazy weird buzz in the air when we saw that band, but since and without prior witness oyie found two gallants and the more i listen, the more i get the vibe i do with elliott smith. not the same morose sound but the "listen to it more and more, and it gets better with each listen" feel. They're a gutwrentchingly sweet band. a dj from kxep seattle said it made her want to dance and cry at the same time. i said it was like a punch in the stomach that you want to happen again and again. the you tube videos of their live shows lend even more to the fact that there is just something about this duo that you gotta feel deep inside. yeah i know, i'm sappy, but thats the level i feel music on.

now onto the pain...last night i sat and lost all internet connectivity. the wireless network just quit and could have been due to the fact my pod died and i was reinstalling all the music from the salmons lappie cause it's faster but it all just took a shit. i started from scratch and ended up on a 4 hour techie trip that made victim of a bottle of white wine. this isn't the real pain but this IS where i get cryptic. Sometimes, i want to "go oyie" on people. Shun them, berate and belittle them [verbally] to extent that it takes them to the darkest places of their psyche (trust me, i'm capable of wrecking a person psychologically). However, i know i can't do that and i'm not as violent as i was in my punk rock youth but this twangs that string that still resides in me. to the point of punching that person square in the maw, no matter their gender, size, or disposition. it's deserved. it's probably more of a helplessness in me than anything, but the rage is there hidden under remorse and near despair.

it's hard to control the rage and the joy, but then again, i'm a gemini and not typical in the sense that i have extreme moods often. i usually just retreat to my introspective side and get extremely quiet and disconnect from my friends and loved ones, but it's almost like it was way back when and i'd used cocaine in my violent youth. it amplified my feelings. the near loss of control and sheer possibility of what i could do if i let it, but the feeling that some of it felt great. This all coupled with me hating the drug for the most part. i'm more of a pot guy than anything and that mellowness really equals me out often. So yeah, weird as all this post is, counfounding even to most of the few, but a handful know what i'm talking about.

Saturday, October 13, 2007


alot of cramming for a client thursday and friday and I dunno if they even showed the end product to the owner oh well.

I found out my fat fuck of a former boss was fired thursday so he got some of the same treatment he helped lump on me and others. it was with a loud loud yell that i celebrated that one.

we headed to pasadena art night with the barbers of pasadena and hit up some limited art but some scrumptious shit at art center. really that place is arguably second only to RISD. the over to mi piace for some vittles and another stolen set of salt shaker and pepper grinders. we had to round out our set and give the pepper to the slighter barber.

today was grabbing a ton of firewood from ma's so we could chill inside if it rains tonight. Then hack up the overgrown and unproductive lemon tree so that it could start givin us sweet citrus. the lime is already budding after some tlc, and got some succulents into pots and finished pruning plants that were passed on to us from the loving morgan. soon to hang some huge shades so we're not blasted with sunrise everymorning through our nice sliding door. Frenchies mom is comin over tonight to check out our cock and kick back for a while. Tomorrow gotta get some garage done so the salmon can park it in her riverbed.

oh yeah for the love of me I checked out the Cinnabon's band today as I just don't surf myspace all that much, but fuck me! They're good! I like! me lo gusto! if they should need, i could phenagle them some free design...if they should need.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

ladies and gentlemen...welcome to the cock

We left the lake a bit ago and want to give you an idea as to the home life. First initially omitted the GODLY amount of work that guy down in the pic with the baby blue shirt that matches his eyes. The sayshuh stayed the muthafukkin night to start working and stayed until the almost bitter end (leaving only so he could go eat copious amounts of meat at Lawrys). That boy saved us an extra day of work and i owe him a blowjob...atleast! pictures of the address and face of the house are redacted since i don't know you. you wanna come over and meet senor lupara? i know where it is, with xtra shells, do you?

We left the lake and i drove by to see if i could snag a couple plants left behind but alas the owner was there checking out the nicely working and ample pressured sprinklers.

Heres a quick tour. You'll notice the Cock is actually a cock that master dean gave us...essentially deans cock stands erectly on our house round the clock. damn dean thats a good cock! And dean couldn't make it that day to move but his cock surely did.

Thats the protector of the cock, he's actually become pretty damn agressive while tend the flock at the cock.

We brought the mel's to us

The picnic table LIVES

View of the mountains

food prep area

This is timoteo, our creepy gift from BMillah that lives next to the washer and dryer so his packed pants can stay nice and white

This is affectionately known as Grammas room

Oyies room is as shy as he is...or he's rubbing one decide.

La oficina-slash-lightsaber room-slash-toy room

This is the Ptm

And ofcourse Bettie and Tempest made the move nicely so you can look at them while you "deposit."

Okay now get away from our cock!

If you're a design head you'll spend some time in this one


But check out who we are...just nice.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

4 runs, in two innings, in only 3 games of a 5 games series

and the angels are out. that was just sad. game three 8th inning was just the worst i've seen them this year, but guerrero just can't hit in the playoffs?!?

This was a Disappointing Angels Season Ender

Friday, October 05, 2007

so, where were we?

or where was i? since this seems to be a one way conversation in binary and html code.

we're moved in. took a few days to get everything in and out of boxes. i only have about 3 boxes left to unpack. stuff which i need a junk drawer for. place looks really good. we only have to find some more wall hangings and get a few more pieces of funiture in for it to be complete. i'll take pics later and post em.

i was sore for the first bit and my feet and fingers were really swollen but the space seems perfect thus far. yesterday i got the cable guy to give me as much cable as i wanted. he was surely happy that i volunteered to go under the house and through the attic to fish the lines through. now i just have to work on the owner as he promised rebates for work i would do and they seem to be balking on that. the stove was in sad shape and the gas company came out to prove that it was leaking gas pretty badly so we got that replaced. now just have to set up a power outlet for it on saturday. the garage needs more organizing so we can get the silkscreening up and going.

had another interview this week and all things aside that went well other than me locking my keys in the car in the garage but AAA came quickly and got dusty open.

the really cool thing is there is an ice cream truck that goes through the neighborhood twice a day. the salmon was almost napping when she heard it and went out the door like a bolt to get her a big stick. pretty cool to have a regular ice cream man. other than that, i'm boring, but i gots a guest room if anyones rollin over drunk!