Friday, October 05, 2007

so, where were we?

or where was i? since this seems to be a one way conversation in binary and html code.

we're moved in. took a few days to get everything in and out of boxes. i only have about 3 boxes left to unpack. stuff which i need a junk drawer for. place looks really good. we only have to find some more wall hangings and get a few more pieces of funiture in for it to be complete. i'll take pics later and post em.

i was sore for the first bit and my feet and fingers were really swollen but the space seems perfect thus far. yesterday i got the cable guy to give me as much cable as i wanted. he was surely happy that i volunteered to go under the house and through the attic to fish the lines through. now i just have to work on the owner as he promised rebates for work i would do and they seem to be balking on that. the stove was in sad shape and the gas company came out to prove that it was leaking gas pretty badly so we got that replaced. now just have to set up a power outlet for it on saturday. the garage needs more organizing so we can get the silkscreening up and going.

had another interview this week and all things aside that went well other than me locking my keys in the car in the garage but AAA came quickly and got dusty open.

the really cool thing is there is an ice cream truck that goes through the neighborhood twice a day. the salmon was almost napping when she heard it and went out the door like a bolt to get her a big stick. pretty cool to have a regular ice cream man. other than that, i'm boring, but i gots a guest room if anyones rollin over drunk!


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