Sunday, September 16, 2007

au revoir, lake..almost

i'm finally feeling it...

Friday i spent the whole day 8am-10pm cleaning the house, well the office and the garage and staged it to get my stuff out. the office is nearly empty and the grafitti from our parties is, well mostly painted over, i realized i could see through the paint the next day. but i was tired and am still sore. sat morning i took the doof (as he had to be out of the house so the owner and vic could walkthru) to arroyo grande to my sisters for my brothers and his boys bdays both pretty belated. it was fun as my niece and i "camped" under a blanket with make believe marshmallows and hotdogs and AIR CONDITIONING! They're all precious, the niece and nephews and i love my time. even though it seems more like work lately, it's not work i loathe in the slightest. i could tell my pooch wasn't happy to be there as my sis' dog is sick but NOT DYING! although the stink can be strong, really strong. strong enough to take a shower immediately upon getting home. we cleaned up the yard again and i think her house is in really good shape or getting there.

but coming home the office is empty, alot of my stuff is packed away. i guess the walkthrough went really well and the owner agreed that the house was in better shape than she delivered it...ofcourse...

i'm bummed i have to leave my tomato behind before it's done. theres like 30+ blooms on it and that means those tomatoes will probably die a dry death and i'll be wanton of fresh flavorfull red fruit. i've seen it since it's 2" sappling that i planted in late march to it's 7 foot splendour.

while far be it that this house was ideal (my girlfriend spent about 30 seconds, or less in the shower and asked, seriously how i lived with it at my size, it was still a decent house. decent is a good word, cheap is better, we're almost outta here and my dog will miss it.

what he misses more is oyie. he really is almost to a lethargic point. oyies been gone for 3 weeks in europe and i think the doof thinks he's gone forever to never come home to him again, which he LOVED. he even stands at his bedroom doorway sticking his nose up in the air or sniffs his bed as he walks by, for his filipino "effervescence." Little does he know oyie is coming home TONIGHT! he's going to shit, well probably pee, when he sees him. i can't tell you how much of a difference that presence does for my dog. he loves him, he's the uncle that fusses over him whenever he gets home from work with his "WHAT DID YOU DO TODAY?!?!?" 100x. the pooch loves it, misses it, and will once again have it shortly, even if oyie is jetlagged and timezoned. i guarantee a wet spot in the car port. that'll be super fun. maybe he'll stick to him like a magnet, we'll see.

theres a short time to deal with this house, which again, is a good word, then we're onto a much bigger and much better plumbed house. i can hardly wait. there'll be 2 dogs, much wrastling, and alot of work, but i'm happy. now i just have to find a job. which i could be looking forward to. i want to be able to pay for the salmons riverbed to the standards that she expects, and that time starts very very soon...what time is it? really soon.

piece to you all and peace to the rest.


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i want tomatoes...


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