Thursday, September 06, 2007

larry manetti would be my best man

...i mean he's got the ice pick hook up.

you can take your miami vice or your alf or silver spoons. i think magnum pi is the best 80's action drama out there, and one of the best 80's tv theme songs of all time

way better than their original theme, but the graphics are cool

in other news, it looks like renting a house might be easier than first thought...i hope. and i might be gamefully employee pretty soon. i'd like to say sooner than the salmon but she's got something lined up that might get her employed faster. fortunately my client might pay me another installment as the contract date is coming up and my direct report wants me to stay happy. the salmon is mega happy, she's got everything lining up perfectly. new car, possibly new job, already upgraded bank acct. but i have some nice nibbles from placement agencies and an interview tomorrow. they have a test of my capabilities and for once in my life, i'm really confident on my skills. so bring it on bitches, i'm cool. I have my id's, portfolio, and 16 page app already filled out.

so yeah enjoy magnum...i do.


At 9:15 PM, Blogger socaljed said...

Hey Biatch call me when need to catch up. I need some german, irish lovin fool.


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