Sunday, September 02, 2007


so i watch alot of flip this house and designed to sell etc etc. i've seen now a total of 4 people i know including a girl that used to be my manager named lily lillie, no, that is not a typo.

today i saw a psuedo country hick that i used to be a flashlight cop with. he eventually went onto the lapd back in my dark period of wanting to be a cop. on the show his wife said he was hurt on the job and couldn't work. well thats a crock of shit. i remember when we all heard about a year into be a cop he was still a "rook" and shot and killed a dude they thought had a gun. the dude apparently was reaching for his cell phone and he's been on paid administrative leave since. he was a prick so i have no problem saying that Tim O did his fair share of bringing a bad name to those named tim. fuckin asshole cop prick, cause he was, and i'm sure still is...weird thats the second Tim i've known and seen on these shows. nuff said about nuthin.

back to the heat


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