Sunday, September 02, 2007

lucky bastards

as i sit here trying my best to not get heat stroke, oyie and sayshuh send a pic of them at the guiness factory. i'd like to be there but alas someone has to make sure the house doesn't spontaneously catch fire.

seriously, we went house hunting yesterdsay it was 110 on the house thermometer. normally i wouldn't bitch but it was hot all night too and our house doesn't have the AC. my best defense is to stand in the sprinklers and pour ice water over my head, then go sit in front of the fan for 5 minutes until i'm completely dry...INSIDE!!! after going with salmon to drop off EBU (her upstream travelling vessicle/vehicle) at the dealership as the lease was up in Hawthorne, it was a momentary respite from the valley heat, but right back i came to feed moms animals. fortunately for the Doof, i brought him to mothers icy cold abode and here we sit for a while longer to appreciate proper AC.


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