Thursday, August 30, 2007

mustard, mayo, pickles, onins and catchup

for those of you who haven't known...i haven't really been "here" for a little bit. i've dropped off the radar so to speak and while i'd say thats inexcusable for some of my dear friends near and far, my stress level has been at a near high. when i'm under that kind of pressure whether it self made or not, i get a white spot in my beard. i haven't seen this white spot since 2003 but it's back. this is why...

the salmon and i have decided to stick around socali for a bit, maybe a year? dunno. this allows me to help with my sisters recovery, replace dusty (my ride), make a bit of scratch at a higher level and get some daily time with the salmon (and the tootsie roll) which we need. She can swim upstream and take care of her bidness and we can build things for our house.

this brings me to the next item of biz, we need to find a place to live. to find rent in LA, in a house no less (with muthafuckin AC for the love of god, i'm melting in here!) is no small task. plus i'm racing the clock with my client to finish the job and get paid. that money would handle the deposits and 1st month and get me out from under the old "mate" who got a great deal in us making his credit spectacular but showing we have zero rental history for the last 4 years. Good times.

I'm applying to anything and everything design so if you know of anything, lemme know and i'll link you to my portfolio website, i won't post it here but i'll send it over to you.

pop over to sayshuhs blog (linked over there >>>>>>>). I'm going to be funny over there while he's galavanting around europe with oyie and the commie.

then i can drop off the radar again. there are a few of you i MUST call to catch up with and i'm extremely apologetic for not checking in especially those of you in the central area of the states taht may or may not have recently bought a house and are currently mantraining...well that would make just one of you which would constitute 1/4 of my readership.


At 6:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

then that central person won't answer the call when you do :) sorry saw this morning you called. Figured you didn't want a wake up call at 5 AM.

At 6:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

but i still lub ya :)


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