Monday, September 10, 2007

ahhhhhh shit

okay i havent been posting. my last post was a video that wouldnt' work. but me and the salmon have been trying to find a place agressively for the last two weekends, and have been to about 30+ houses. we found two that we really liked but one had all french doors. i mean every door in the house was a french door. the other is kick ass, in northridge. 4 br, 2 bath so oyie can actually have a nice ass shower AND be close to his family and fuck around on the computer whenever he wants without distubance. we get a kickass bathroom tons of room, a backyard, place to silkscreen and room for the dogs. so tomorrow i have an interview, this weekend my sisters, next week another payment installment from the client we should be good. but the landlords are kickass, oyie has TONS of space, almost a whole small house, i mean TONS and his own, PROPER shower, of space. space to silkscreen, nice kitchen (not kick ass) but nice. AND REBATES. if we (I) do work on the place, they may give me rebates and pay me back...may. but sal's an old galoot and would rather have me do the work but be there and have a young buck squeeze into the spaces. i'm hopeful, super hopeful and the salmon gets her own bathroom so thats key. should have comps by tomorrow night and finish undoing some of the stuff in this house then up to SLO for my sister, then the next week of hopefully finishing my freelance and getting a printer and getting last payment, then san fran and some hometime to finish thhis house and get the fuck out. the landlords seem super cool to let us in early since the house is empty to get our stuff in. ALL ON ME. i like that shit and can handle a couple days of hardcore labor and thats it! i won't miss this plumbing, toilets, kitchen, yards, or lack of ac but you pay for what you get we come northridge, I'M COMIN BACK!!!


At 7:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW! you were typing so fast i could barely understand you :)
That is great!!!!!!!! i hope she gets her own bathroom too!
yeahhhhh i am super excited for y'all. let me know if i can help....


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