Sunday, September 23, 2007

san francisco in a hot minute or 210

aight so we sat around in the rain on sat until 2ish, drove to frogtown, picked up the salmons lovely gigantic piece then got on the 5n at 3pm. Only hit traffic and/or rain a couple times but made really good time in the bee-huie-mouth van to gilroy where we stuck our heads out of the boat to smell lots of garlic. we stopped finding meager pickings for food but an in-say-shuh-bul hunger for anything garlic. It was heavy and not that good the little diner we found. After a day of "i'm only going to be in gilroy long enough to drive through it," I think I can say that if i developed a food allergy to garlic, i'd kill myself.

made it to Sunnyvale to see Germy at about 11pm and hung with his girl until he got home. The salmon retired and we went through the house at length. The boys got tools, lots of em. quite nice. his garden is lovely. Tomatoes that almost put mine to shame. so to speak. we got up early the next morning and headed the hour into san fran, drove by the procession of giants fans going to a game outside at&t & momo's. then luckily after a little bit of driving confusion in northbeach, found the client and their lovely pooch and carted the crazy big platform up three flights of crazy kinking stairwells, without dinging a thing. It looked amazing. fit the room and the furniture and their taste perfectly. i think the st bernard liked it too!

we left from there and i found how fun it is to maneuver a 16 foot long van around downtown sf on the hills and one way streets. we found a good garage to park and headed back for our second trip to Sears Fine Food - the San Francisco Tradition (ours for sure now). It was as good as we remembered and we ended up talking it up to a gay couple, both older but spry and to my immediate left was jeff who is a graphic designer and we shared tips on programs and things we like or dislike about others. the salmon got to chat it up with the more uppity of em and he was fun too. But that makes two splendid meals at that establishment with kick ass wait staff, good bar (@ 1:30pm) and dee-rish-ous (as she says) food. we walked a couple blocks and then got in the car and headed back along the 101 which i gotta say is MUCH better than the 5 and takes just about 15 minutes more than the 5 but about 2 hours shorter than the 1.

many a conversation we had, but this one, while somewhat on the topic of the gays, was the one that did both our heads. Gay musicians, click it. i can name a bunch of lesbian musicians. just look at a lilith faire billing. But significant gay men in music had us a bit flummoxed. we named the regs like freddie mercury, george michael, but you gotta think of others. Are they? I don't know little richards real name but i've heard of him and well, c'mon, i'm sure little richard is probably quite known as bigger richard. I've also heard Pete Townsend with alot of stories to boot. Could i be wrong?!? I dunno, add me some, spiral off on topic. please, for once you lazy bastards from iceland and iran looking for perverted shit that you find when you land here, speak up.

i digress.

either way, my back hurts from the driving but it was fun. i hadn't stepped foot in pea soup andersons in years but i did so i could add pee and stretch. what they do with it is up to them. then home. it was a quick trip, but a damn fine trip nonetheless. i must go back up so i can shop in germy's garage. Next weekend, a whole new meaning to tired.


At 4:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah i didn't hardly know any of those cats on the gay musician list. Went to D.C. this last weekend. It was fun! Coolest thing was the International Spy Museum. I really happy that y'all are moving right along with the new pad. Can't wait to see pics :)


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