Monday, September 17, 2007

matt & kim troubadour 9/17

after an exhilarating but tiring day of driving all over socal for furniture that, i gotta say, the salmon was impeccable in finding, we moved said furn into the house with the owners' emphatic approval, they met oyie and loved us even more, especially with salmons modernica couch score, and diner booth goodness. we inspected one other piece of almost museum quality couches/endtable that we'll pick up later this week.

after that oyie and i went and saw MATT AND KIM at the troubadour. i gotta say, that was a super fun show. not the best concert i've been to but one of the MOST FUN which puts it up there in the tops. they're kick ass and after the show matt showed up in the crowd and danced with fans holding his red label buh-wiser. then kim showed up. they have got to be one of the MOST fan friendly bands out there (two people, LOTS of noise). i gots pics with them telling oyie what he can do!

she signed my ticket and i let matt know that it's not just kim i wanna fuck but him too now! they both laughed hard and she let me know that she'd try harder next time for my full affection, but they're fucking fun, and rock hardcore in a way that makes me feel young in a really good way. he's funny as hell and she's crazy good lookin and had no problem giggling her tiny boobs in her tiny tank. she's not hot, not stunning, not anything. she's crazy cute and sparkly. unexplainable, i guess. she has a grin that never ends and kids are absolutely gaga over both of em. i gotta say us too! matt was super apologetic, i mean really apologetic for having to cancel some shows on a fan and took full blame for it and held the kid and sincerely said he was sorry for that. i caught a vid on youtube of them in austin and they were really happy to play there so they're exceptionally well wishing with me.

i got back to my car at the river and the fish had left me a love note that ended the night very nicely on a near perfect day. this is where fatigue is well worth the toil. so up yours life, you can be pretty damn shiny sometimes. today was a good day.


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