Friday, September 28, 2007

moving days

spent all day getting a couple more delicate loads to the house and tomorrow i pick up the truck at 6am and start a-loadin the major stuff and multitudes of boxes. i'll be offline for a few days until the cable gets hooked up but will still be working freelance then finding a hotspot. the salmon has her bed and will be staying allllllll aloooooone there tonight.

until then we celebrate oyies bday tonight with tacos and then 3 of Clubs (ages since i've been) feels like Swingers just came out and we were hangin there more but either way. a little 80's'll get the party started, then i can ske-daddle home early to retire so i can wake up at the ass crack. if you're reading and you know where i live, c'mon over, we're starting at 7am (or earlier).

piece out, don't miss my banality too much.



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