Friday, October 26, 2007


i found the source of what was decimating the hibiscus in the front yard. there were like 5 huge grasshoppers on it. as soon as i went inside to get something to whack em off with (no entomological masturbation) i lost a couple of them as those bastards stay still as hell and look exactly like the branches. well i got a couple too and one i knocked the head off of with a screwdriver first strike and the second i just sadistically cut it with said screwdriver. what was funny is that half an hour later i went out to the still very lively head and bodies and faced the head to the bodies so he could watch them die and the mailman came up just as kharma police was blaring through a window and i was taking this picture. i laughed he looked at me funny and i realized i was probably quite odd looking. oh well.

kharma i guess.


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