Tuesday, October 23, 2007

no more blue skies

So we're pretty safe from fires in our neck of the valley but since the whole of the southland is burning we start getting stories of friends of friends that have lost everything except their lives. It's just crazy the way they speak of the fires on the news. No matter the resources that are provided there just is no way to fight the inferno. mostly its just really overworked and outmanned departments desperately trying to save structures. people are talking about their pets being lost, all their belongings, ALL of them. The good thing is alot of people are getting out, safely, and they're not even concerned about their material possessions. They try to get photos, heirlooms and animals. But FUCK ME nearly a million people evacuated. THATS an exodus. Like wartime exodus, albeit with fewer belongings. The skies above are dark midday, below are pics i took at 430 and the sky is dark. The air smells like campfire and if the wind ever died down i'm sure it would snow ash but the wind so far has relented only a tiny bit. I'm fortunate that I'm not personally involved in the destruction and can only watch the preempted tv reports and view the sky above and it's hectic back and forth highway like patterns of the tanker planes and water-copters and news choppers going back and forth to Castaic Lake at almost all hours. Those are tired people doing hard work and they should be praised, thanked, and commended as much as possible cause it's not going to get any better until possibly tomorrow.

October 24th
much bluer skies today but still alotta work. the jumbo canadian fixed wings are now down in san diego.


At 4:57 PM, Anonymous sayshuh said...

duuuuuude...i can't fucking believe my eyes (or yours for that matter). those pictures are unbelievable - what the hell are we supposed to be doing to help? rain dancing must commence...


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