Saturday, October 13, 2007


alot of cramming for a client thursday and friday and I dunno if they even showed the end product to the owner oh well.

I found out my fat fuck of a former boss was fired thursday so he got some of the same treatment he helped lump on me and others. it was with a loud loud yell that i celebrated that one.

we headed to pasadena art night with the barbers of pasadena and hit up some limited art but some scrumptious shit at art center. really that place is arguably second only to RISD. the over to mi piace for some vittles and another stolen set of salt shaker and pepper grinders. we had to round out our set and give the pepper to the slighter barber.

today was grabbing a ton of firewood from ma's so we could chill inside if it rains tonight. Then hack up the overgrown and unproductive lemon tree so that it could start givin us sweet citrus. the lime is already budding after some tlc, and got some succulents into pots and finished pruning plants that were passed on to us from the loving morgan. soon to hang some huge shades so we're not blasted with sunrise everymorning through our nice sliding door. Frenchies mom is comin over tonight to check out our cock and kick back for a while. Tomorrow gotta get some garage done so the salmon can park it in her riverbed.

oh yeah for the love of me I checked out the Cinnabon's band today as I just don't surf myspace all that much, but fuck me! They're good! I like! me lo gusto! if they should need, i could phenagle them some free design...if they should need.


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