Saturday, December 31, 2005

last post of the year

Word of the Day for Saturday December 31, 2005

Hogmanay \hog-muh-NAY; HOG-muh-nay\, noun:
The name, in Scotland, for New Year's Eve, on which children go about singing and asking for gifts; also, a gift, cake, or treat given on New Year's Eve.

This is Hogmanay, the gifting of another year, the coming of midnight, the darkest hour, before the turn towards dawn.
--John F. Deane, "The music of what happens," Irish Times, December 28, 2000

The biggest celebration in Britain was in Edinburgh, where Hogmanay drew about 200,000 people to a free street party in the city centre.
--"Archbishop of Canterbury calls for greater generosity," Irish Times, Saturday, January 2, 1999

Happy New Beer!!!

It's new years eve and it's raining. Don't really feel like going out. It's cold, it's wet the only street concert going on is $80 and I'm in no mood to pay for that or sit with a ton of people in the rain while getting over the flu. Some peeps are rolling over here. We can pop off some fireworks that have been sitting in the closet for a couple years and drink some left over booze. I got some Digiorno's so thats about it. It's gonna be couples night so i'm gonna couple myself up with the least elligible taken person at my house and do nothing. I'm gonna kiss my fish, his fat ass needs it. Can barely swim even with his Hollywood diet thats he's been on. I'll be heading up to San Luis Obispo area next weekend so I can hardly wait for that. Get some exotic meats from teh butcher, find some obscure music and hit a couple thrift shops, play with the nephews and their pooch and putter around that area. I just have to make it through 4 days of work. I love 4 day weekends that are paid. can't complain about that. What ch'all doin?

Thursday, December 29, 2005

He should be made a eunic - 'Honor' killings shock Pakistan - Dec 28, 2005

so whatcha, whatcha, whatcha, wanna do?

I'm trying to think of what I wanna do. I'm thinking a hike tomorrow. I'm getting over a bit of the flu but need to get the hell out of the house. I'm not all that jazzed about going out on new years with a ton of other people that all could be sicker than me and just pushin through it. Saturday is a new years eve and that means tons and tons of people are goin out cause they don't hafta work the next day. I'm thinking I'm stayin in. I'll just kiss oyie at midnight, he'll enjoy that. Plus I'm getting scruffy as hell 2 weeks now without shaving. I love it. Theres enough booze at our house to get me by, add in the bag of fireworks.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

theres no chip on my shoulder

but i think theres a piece stuck up in my nasal cavity. Damn you cooked tortillas. I remember coughing a little whilst i was munching and it's annoying. i can feel it behind my eye.

Back from the edge of the holidays

Do you really want to know? I'm not a big fan of the holidays for it's commercialism and false good tidings and stuff. I worked security at a department store for a long time and saw the worst side of people and I still see it. Well I haven't worked there for a while, but i still see the worst side of it. Saw two fights xmas eve due to people being stressed in traffic, one they pulled over and got out and i kept drivin so i didn't see what happened next, the next two people were screaming at each other on the side of the road. My family has it's usual tension and my mom and aunt don't get along. I must say my aunt was acting pretty horribly to my mom and she was pretty ungrateful (meaning no thanks to anyone) for her gifts then left. I'm done with her pretty much. One of my nephews is at a stage where he's pretty greedy right now. I guess I should say selfish and it's just a stage he's at but some of the things he says or does eats at me like nothing else and breaks my heart. I know he doesn't mean them and it's not my place to say anything (my sister does) but he's the oldest and one of my 3 favorite nephews so it's a bit painful.

My mom says things equally as hurtful but because I'm financially indebted to her, she seems to think it's okay to say snide things to me and not me to her. So there was plenty of that. Honestly, I like the holidays, and I absolutely love seeing my siblings and their kids, it's the rest of the family thats a pain in the ass. I honestly want to find a new place to spend it so if any of you want someone to help cook and clean, I'm available, no distance to far. In fact the furthur you are away from my mom's the better excuse i have to not be there. i don't like getting gifts so you don't even have to buy anything for me, just feed me. With that said, I'm not going to go into any more detail. I've been negative enough this month and need to make the turn.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

freakin cool art

Inside the Mind of Gloria Brame: Tampon art

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Thats HOT!!!

Healthy Black Smiles -- ThingsAsian Article


This is shaping up to be an odd day 24 hours.

But first let me give my thanks and appreciation to the jackass that put dynamite on the freeway. I got on this morning and it was a ghost town. I was wondering what jewish holiday it was but then turned the radio to traffic to find that the freeway was closed completely one exit north of my house and seeing as I was heading south I had an open freeway. It was a blissful 12 minute drive to work.

Last night I obliged an old friend that had asked me to go to a "cool thing" with his family. He only told me that it was very important to him and that it would be really fun. Any time his family is involved i'll usually accept cause they're super cool. We I get to this building down by the airport and ask the security person at the front counter what the hell all this is. She lets me know that it's a personal growth seminar where everyone smokes, everyone sits on their cell phones and it costs a good penny. I think ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit, can i leave now? I do notice that there are tons of really good looking people going in there, which isn't bad for the eye candy but makes me suspect. I call him and he says he's stuck in traffic so I enter and they immediately ask me to fill out a card which is obviously a marketing card. I fill it out with as much bogus info as I can and she hands me my sticker name tag that says Willy (i couldn't put Dick). He shows, his family shows and an old friend of ours shows. There are about 500 people here but they go into stories about how people attain breakthroughs in their lives and that is usually all they need for personal betterment. The whole time I know my friend is a bit off and more, I guess, progressive thinking. (grad from UC Santa Cruz with a psychology degree!)

There were ceo's, actors, family people general cross section of society, but there were brief sessions of question/answer where every single person participating in this program got very close and looked you straight in the eye and let you know that they are to be honest, and recommiting. I said thanks but was still a shade uncomfortable. People shared their personal breakthroughs and all this but the facilitator found time to throw in quick "suggestions" to register for the class if we would like our very own breakthroughs.

We were then told we had to go into separate groups and meet with "counselors" to see if we qualify for our own awakening. All the while tons of tables with credit cards scanners and registration forms. I and my old friend went to our group while our mutual friend stayed in with the rest of his class, and his family went into their own group. This is where I started getting upset cause it was a sham, total sham. I got done with it and didn't want to share the fact that i was writing jibberish like "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" on my workbook. He asked willy what he had down and I had to say, "I got nothing Ali ("counselor's" name). He immediately took his focus off of me and didn't interact with me the rest of the night. I tried to keep my body language as non defensive as possible but I was trying my best to not go off on this guy that was a screen writer doing this for not a single penny as he kept saying. Their pamphlet had all kind of funky jargon and they had their own odd esotericisms. I was done, i was pissed. But immediately following he hit us up again for the 435.00 registration. I understand that these people are probably getting personal growth out of this or their self esteem is so shitty that they have to do this but I was thinking that most of these people are professionals and prolly have health insurance. Why couldn't they just get over their own mental blocks of going to a therapist (who is certified) for their 10-15 copayment. Crazy, different strokes for different folks i guess. It was sad, I seriously felt like i was listening to Tom Cruise in Magnolia and wanted to know when the space ship was coming to pick us all up. Either way thank god I brought my own water cause I was waiting for Jim Jones' cousin to show up with a bowl of punch. Waste of my time, and I feel like I wasted theirs and my friends. But I hope above all hope that he gets the help he desires.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

he is truly one of my 3 favorite nephews

This is what my brother sent about his toddler son's imaginary friend


Just thought I should pass along some important information on Joey. According to *****, his buddy is a Dinka tribesman from southern Sudan. He saw a picture and immediately heralded: "THAT'S JOEY!" So let's all make our transcontinental pal feel at home. Joey is painfully lean, but gregarious as ever.



That was the coolest thing I had heard all month. My heart swells when i hear bout those kids.

Monday, December 19, 2005

We gotta go back up here.

Untitled Smart Web Gallery - Page 1

informal exorcisms were required

Friday, not much happened in the evening, but Saturday was pretty good. Oyie and I started cooking a little bit after 4pm and kept goin. We had just our closest friends over for dinner. Lemme see if I can recall the menu. Fried Turkey, Stuffing, mom's homemade mac and cheese recipe, cajun dirty rice, green salad, creamed green beans, mashed potatoes, candied yams, beer bread, cheese baklava (sp? ala-Larisa), and not sure what else. Help me if you remembered that you ate something and I don't remember it. There were then homemade chocolate chip/butterscotch cookies (ala sara), key lime pie (ala kan), Reese's Peanut Butter Cup fudge (ala- Dron and Jaime). I know I'm forgetting things, but it was a damn good feast. We then had one of the loudest/funnies white elephant. Yuko and Sasha had brought a game called "What the F*ck" (look for it, thats how it's spelled). Freaking hilarious, it's a NC-17 type game, maybe worse but funny if people can handle the content.

Sunday I got up as I was determined to go sit on a mountain somewhere. Dron and Jaime and I went and picked up damn tasty sandwiches at Whole Foods (seriously, cheaper and way better than any sandwich shop). We then went above malibu beach and drove about 7 miles into the mountains to a peak of one of the mountains. We hiked a bit in and ate lunch on a bad ass outcrop of sandstone rock jutting diagonally upward. We hiked another two hours after that trying to see if the trail led straight to the ocean as that's where it looked like it led all the way down the mountain. On the path we found one stretch that was all (and i mean hundreds of thousands) fossilized seashells. I picked a few of those, and also found a curious perfectly round rock with a glyph on it. Jaime and Dron told me that a guy sells them for about $20 a pop and that it was some sort of bardering stone for indians in those mountains (chumash i believe). We kept going and then finally turned around when we realized that it would be dark by the time we got back, but it was a long, hard, and painful trek back up, but no cramps! Until now! We finished our sandwiches before we got back and watched as the sun went down over the water and peninsula. Damn nice.

I got home and found out that my work football pool pick that I sold to my roommates had won. So now I'm sitting with their 1080.00 in my pocket. Sucks, cause it requires a lunch for the guys in my office, but I figure Titos Tacos will feed everyone for very little money. Mates shouldnt be too pissed, it's a ton of money still right before xmas. Why did I sell my pick again, oh yeah, cause I didn't have any money. Dammnit.

To top it off, a girl at my work has noticed my overuse of scarves and made me a fly ass 7 ft long grey scarf. Bad freakin ass. How ya like me now!

Friday, December 16, 2005

you know what?

I'm aight. I got almost all my money back and can go grocery shopping. I have some things to deal with but about 90% of shit was out of my control. I'm good. Thank you all for your concern and good thoughts. It'll come back to you in spades from me and elsewhere. Atleast i'm in good shape financially right now. I was stressed, i lost some weight, grew some gray hairs and didn't shave for a week but that'll change. I'm still going to meditate somewhere and have some things/people to iron out but everything'll be fine and people will get xmas gifts. Time to refocus, get back on the bike, redouble my efforts, whatever metaphor i can think of but atleast i can eat now. The vomit feeling is finally gone. Time to be funny again.

Tszyu vs Judah-holy crap thats funny

Tszyu vs Judah - Google Video

so dig this

for my holiday party the executive that was there post party in the bar was picking up the drinks. I had a tab going and coworkers found out about it and told me to transfer my tab cause the company was pickin it up. i told the waiter and instead he transferred the whole tab to my acct and killed my money (it was a lot and it was payday). Therefore all my payments (ie-rent, couple other bills bounced) I didn't know this as I have a whole other story with the check card. But either way i found this out as my rent check bounced twice as I was sure I had money to cover my bills. Safe to say the roommate that we write checks to then sends out the rent wasn't happy, rightfully so, but i can't say he was all that cordial about it in his replies and I'll have this bouncing stigma now; atleast judging by his last reply. We'll see how much friction I'm feeling in the house cause i was a bit taken back by it (but expected it) but I'm sure he was too, but have it his way, it was ultimately me that shoulda checked where my money was going but the silver lining is work cut me a check today and covered the overdraft fees as well. Pretty freakin cool. But now I've got to run around and make sure everything that was supposed to be paid is paid.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

smoke em if you've got em

I'm not smoking hopefully for a good long time. I'm just goin cold turkey. It's high time. I did it before, I can do it again and I don't need the ultimatum from a girlfriend to do it. But I smoked my last one at 5:15 Monday night. I'm jittery, I'm not all that focused, I fell asleep early last night. I can't afford to smoke em and theres a million things I have to do in my life that I said I'd do before I turned 30 and thats 6 months away so what better way to quit one thing and start another?

I still want to just take off, I want to skip the holidays. I don't want gifts, I don't want parties, I don't even want company right now. I don't want computer replacements, dvd replacements, nothin. I'm not a big fan of christmas or what it means now or the commercialism it's become. The only thing I like about it is seeing the kids which is crazy cause thats one of the reasons that it's so commericialized but it makes me warmer than anything on the inside seeing them. I'm just tired and want this month, year whatever to end. I'm not one to usually be the pessimist or to not have something funny to say, but i just don't have it in me right now.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

tearing things up and still nothing

I've got to find the receipt to my computer. I can't get shite back in money if I can't find it. I know i have it. I looked at it about a year ago when the extended warranty ran out. I don't know where else to look. I think about 40 new gray hairs have popped up on my head thinking about it. Haven't done shit else other than that. What else, what else. Ain't much. I'm broke for the holidays. Getting presents is going to be tight but I'll manage somehow. Sorry I got nothin else for ya. i've been pretty much all consumed by finding this thing.

Friday, December 09, 2005


I have our company year end party at the Four Seasons beverly hills with a supposedly open bar or some free drinks. And my dear friend and jewish brother sasha has procured an apple mac g4 for us for free from his company. I have to go pick it up and test it but after that it's ours so atleast I'll have a computer at home. My other brotha by anotha motha is gonna have his dad (a locksmith) come by and core the doors for deadbolts and change the locks for free. I love my friends far and wide to death and thank the fact that we're all so tight no matter where we are cause it makes tough times that much easier.

Thursday, December 08, 2005


what are your links for your blogs, i had them saved on my other computer and with the amount of pot i've smoked in my life i only remember a couple. I have to relink you all.

not gone, just away and pissed

So I haven't been online anywhere as I haven't been at work. I haven't been at work because I've been at home without computer because it was stolen along with alot of other stuff. Our pad was burglarized and computers (with all my designs for freelance and shirts), cameras (with our video to costa rica), a ton of dvds, jewelry, and various electronics. Look like the fucker was casing our house as we were able to tell exactly when he entered. We've been taking shifts chilling at home and getting entry points and crap fixed but we're now getting a dog ASAP. Just sucks it had to be this close to christmas. Fortunately we have insurance and the prospect of replacing a lot of the stuff looks good, but if that asshole is reading this, I want my designs and pictures and vids of my nephews back. Thats it. You didn't get my gun but if you'd like to check that out, i'd be happy to show it to you before i put a whole somewhere in your body that won't kill you, just injure you badly. Then I can make medievel pulp fiction look like a pbs kids show.

i'm thinking i can say that this might be the bad luck i'm getting for deleting everysingle one of those chain emails and myspace bulletins. I may have to start sending you guys a whole ton of crap so you can be as angry as me.

Friday, December 02, 2005

polar opposites

The only bad thing so far is listening to bad 80's music. The guy i work with is streaming soft rock. Some how I exited the room and my pod hit a quiet coupla strokes songs so he thought it was off and the rule is, if theres silence then it's the first to put on new gets the comm. Pretty good day today tho. I'm wired and I found our office discussion on the glut of sex offenders becoming santas this time of year was pretty good.

Billy- Thanks santa.
Santa- Oh wait Billy you can't go yet. You haven't heard what Santa wants this year.

Yes, yes I know, but these are the conversations that I have at work.

Thursday, December 01, 2005


and i lost all my links!!!

alexander and the terrible no good very bad day

I'm trying to avert a truly crappy day. I got on the freeway to sit in my 40 minute traffic spike and someone pulled up to let me know i had a flat. If you know the 405/101 interchange, you know it's difficult to move let alone get off the freeway in an area that theres a gas station, top it off to wonder if you have change floating around the car to pay for 50 cents worth of air. Lucky for me i found a station and the guy at the full serve didn't bug me while I filled up my tire. I didn't see any punctures or things in the tire but i did find the wheel grease that had rubbed off all over my pants. I figured today was going to go that way which explains my football pics, Yeah I took Tennessee at indy +16, and UCLA +21 at USC. who knows maybe it'll hit but considering my day, prolly not. Todays a wash. I'm just going to read my paper at lunch and try to get the hell home. I wanna watch lost again.