Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Rambo (2008)

Best movie i saw this wednesday. hands down, bloodier than a menstrual cycle and about as classy as that comment. seriously, worth the netflix 1 of 3 movies of this coupla days.

awesome, thumbs up! until they're blown off by a .50 cal or plucked off by an errant rambarrow. I'm not joking, i went in expecting dead christians and filipinos as myanmarians, and I GOT EM, with a .50 cal.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

the most interesting thing i've seen all week

Friday, May 23, 2008


Atleast now I'm embracing my super uber geekdom. i've come out of the closet as a fanatical jackass star wars fan (I still will never get a tattoo, tshirt yes, tattoo, hell nah). I went from only liking certain figures and expensive lightsaber replicas to only liking certain figures, expensive lightsabers AND figure vehicles which I like to display. But now...NOW, i have moved toward liking certain figures, expensive replica lightsabers, figure vehicles AND a Boba Fett USB key drive that is overpriced Urban Outfitters kitsch. I told myself that I would never buy their overpriced crap and would rather spend hundreds on the salmon at Anthropologie. But here I am breaking another taboo (much like the one when i said I would never buy anything willingly from Wal-Mart). But George Lucas has broken me for a second time you merchandising crack addict. I'll probably never use the damn thing cause i have a 2 gb, and 4 gb drives now!

i've got problems but if thats the most of them, then life is okay.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

it takes some skill

But seriously, denim can be hard on a guys extra parts. But doing this? really? no chaffing? no loss of skin? really? really?!?

painting on walls + amimation = just clean fun

The fun would actually be quite messy so it's not in a literal sense.

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

i didn't know kermit was so emo

Last thing I need to hear is that he falls on a knife that was possibly but mysteriously left there by the swedish chef.

this is my favorite dog commercial, right now

hairy, pimply, pierced man boobs....

...that is all

Thursday, May 15, 2008

as the salmon migrates...

At least we found out that Oyie didn't have a 9-year-old girls twin found inside his stomach.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

oh laaaaaaaaandooooommmmmmmmm!


I hate prius drivers. I just do. You may have read me rant about them. I don't know what it is with you people. You're not saving the environment, you're just damaging it at a slower rate! Do you think you have some kind of license for assholedry? You're saving the environment by not using that much gas so you build up a credit on cutting me off, driving slowly in fast lanes, making 4 lane changes into the carpool lane to cut me off, or block me at a green light so you can talk on the phone for another few minutes? I can't emphasis enough how dumb prius drivers are. You'll notice it. I've even conducted my own experiments to see if I'm just biased against people that love this butt ugly car. And it is not. You watch, and you will notice. I have much more to say on this but seriously, i'm thinking the percentage of foreign cabbies, asshole guidos in european imports, flat billed douchebags in monster trucks from san bernardino, and even old asian drivers are wiped out by your overall assholeosity quotient. seriously take up the challenge and observe it. I will have a tshirt out this somehow once I out you all and you fabulasshole-ness.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

okay i usuk

mistake? maybe...freud said...

I've been a bad blogger. Sue me. i work a lot of hours now and if i don't see an email on the flaq-berry then i just fly by it cause my day is about 5 minutes long and i ain't got time fo' yo' jibbajabba. actually, i'd like to make time. i like yo' jibba jabba.

My friend, my good friend, one of my best friends has been pretty ill for some time. you may know him as oyie or whatever other name you may know him by. he's been holed up for some time, over a week to be exact in a hospital room. He's getting out tomorrow and we miss him. I miss him, and that is evident. we can hardly wait for him to come home. home to his normality. there are a million normal daily things i'm sure he can hardly wait to do that we all take for granted.

i mean look at the look sc'barber is giving me. that obviouly says "wow, tim, you just said...something...highly...inapprop...ehhhh...whatever." Either way, the pillow-fino is happy.

it makes me think that there are many things i take for granted, health insurance for one. bike riding, seeing live music, boozin outside on a nice day. i must make time for exercise, and movies, and going out, and being normal. Not just day to day, a-b, wake up shower, work, come home, sleep, repeat. I must make time for my girlfriend, my friends, silkscreening, stupid things. either way it's about making time for things that matter, and make your soul feel good. they're important. It's time to think about health. the exuberance of youth and the indestructibility is a farce. take care of yourself. watch what you eat, get exercise even if it is mild, drive safely, be mindful of yourself and if you get tboned (not boned by T) then that was in the cards and I hope you have insurance (of all kinds-knock on wood). I thank those of you that read and I want to tell you that i will make an effort to provide you with the mundane, the curious, and the odd. i miss it, i hope you do too. i need to get my soul back. i need to screen, i need to design, i need to spend quality time with my girlfriend, and i need to draw, and express myself somehow cause i'm expressing for someone else daily on many occasions and thats not my voice and it's taking up ALL of my time.

I'll post some funnier shit but i found out i can take tonight off and unplugging in any way is sometimes my best medicine. i'm deeming tonight medicine night. tomorrow is more of a celebration so i should be getting back to regular by friday, thursday night is lost and thats my only tv night that I schedule outright so friday. Deal? deal. but i promise, with rest, i will get better and i will get back to my 8 hits a day instead of 2!

thank you and dog bless.

Monday, May 05, 2008

I get emails like this every few days

How's your engrish?