Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I hate prius drivers. I just do. You may have read me rant about them. I don't know what it is with you people. You're not saving the environment, you're just damaging it at a slower rate! Do you think you have some kind of license for assholedry? You're saving the environment by not using that much gas so you build up a credit on cutting me off, driving slowly in fast lanes, making 4 lane changes into the carpool lane to cut me off, or block me at a green light so you can talk on the phone for another few minutes? I can't emphasis enough how dumb prius drivers are. You'll notice it. I've even conducted my own experiments to see if I'm just biased against people that love this butt ugly car. And it is not. You watch, and you will notice. I have much more to say on this but seriously, i'm thinking the percentage of foreign cabbies, asshole guidos in european imports, flat billed douchebags in monster trucks from san bernardino, and even old asian drivers are wiped out by your overall assholeosity quotient. seriously take up the challenge and observe it. I will have a tshirt out this somehow once I out you all and you fabulasshole-ness.


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