Tuesday, February 12, 2008

booo the fuck on me

I don't know what to be more pissed about, the fact that i haven't posted anything of substance (which i have significantly) or the fact that this signed me out of my tireless work email that I desperately wanted to complete tonight. is it a sign? perhaps. either way. i have my garden pics. i have getty villa pics (and j pauls garden), I have wedding save the date printing updates, i have yard sale goodnesses (and badnesses) i have hot lightsaber on lightsaber action, i have movie update action. what the fuck?!? i'm a newly indoctrinated crackberry (somewhat) addict. I only check my personal email briefly before i go to bed cause i'm too damn tired to go on the desktop to actually return email. so basically, if you get a short, terse email from me, it's cause my thick sausage fingers don't want to type too long on the little tiny keyboard. i'm tir-red, help me...

...qwerty, my ass...qwerty at 1/48th scale, model people will know what i'm talkin about. H.O. scale but that would be too big for the ho's. more like N-scale. lucky train people might know what i'm talking about.

wow, i'm speaking in model train speak, FUCK ME WITH A SPLINTERY NIGHTSTICK!!!


At 2:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi-Oh!! Cin here. Happy valentino day..oh sorry got into the model thing. well there is a lot going on here and at the same time nothing. my fella is playing his
2nd gig at a coffee shop. pretty cool. mysteriously there were a dozen roses waiting for me when we came to set up. :) so i am pretty excited right now and sniffing flowers. i hope you get something sweet today too!!! miss ya bro, don't work those snausages to the bone!!! lots a huggies to you and ur lady!!!!!!!!!!!!


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