Friday, April 28, 2006

get on it - Study: New study shows that fellatio may reduce the risk of breast cancer - Oct. 2, 2003

this is about all you're gonna get today

my stomach distress will hinder anything insightful or demeaning today.

New York's graffiti law said to violate free speech - Yahoo! News

I've got to applaud Mark Ecko for his efforts, but his tactics are a bit outta whack. I mean Air Force 1?

New York's graffiti law said to violate free speech - Yahoo! News

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

why on earth would you want this?!?! takes the fun out of it.

Study shows secret to gas-free beans - Yahoo! News

you know what would be a cool superpower

to know anytime when someone farts, even if it's sbd.

so you know if i perk up stare at someone hard and leave the room, I got my power.


if you know me, you know i tend to butcher the english language. I'm pretty well read, and love my bartletts, and my dictionary. But dammnit all if i can EVER use the words capitol and capital correctly. I've been told many a time which is which but i just let my fingers type and i eff it up everytime. Capital is money, i know that, but thats about it. Anyone know any mnemonic devices?

Monday, April 24, 2006

from the weekend.

Photo credit ala Thenotic and my crappy cellphone

Friday we hit up the Getty for the Christopher O'reilly show and the auditorium was gorgeous, the stage had nothing on it but a grand piano and him. The music was amazing. He played all Elliott and gave some bio as to why the music has touched him and how it has been used as a muse. Super cute woobird in front of us let everyone know that it was a good show. You know it's a good vibe when someone stops playing and about 4 seconds later everyone claps, or one good looking however drunk female sitting in front of you starts wooing (and also making "heh" sounds at random like she knows something more than us; i think she was just urinating in her seat). But the music was beautiful as he incorporated all the layers that elliott did as well as playing the vocal range (without lyrics-very important).

Saturday to the Los Angeles Central Library for Far and Wide: The Golden Age of Travel Posters . Scoped out some damn nice architecture, then hit the rotating penthouse of the Bonaventure in downtown for some cocktails and good views. After getting sauced, we wandered around downtown and admired Gehry'd Disney Concert Hall and got lost in it's folds (it is easily possible). then wandered about tons of stairwells to get back to the car.

sunday to chinatown to get shirts and on to El Monte for Kaaaaaaaaaaaaan's warehouse opening.

Brinza MAKING us drink
His family restaurant catered and it was good. Lots of toys, but lots of kids. Took the pooch so that he could hang, but he ended up being a damn good playmate to every kid there walking dutifully, and licking faces when appropriate. It was a damn fine weekend. And check this fine print that he had lurking in a box of napkins nobody wanted. How fucking awesome are they?

Friday, April 21, 2006

ketchup bitches

So.......yesterday was a holiday for us "hippy types." Yeah, yeah hitler's bday, columbine, okie city bombing. I tend to look at is as accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative. Got home after a pretty damn good decent day of work, lunch hour atleast. Then home to get the food ready and wait for peeps. The usual suspects came over but only the dedicated puff daddies and mommas out of those rolled, we smoked, then smoked, then smoked cigars, then smoked again. Even the child got in on it. I thank Hi-mee and Dron for doing the dishes, that can't ever be bad. Dizzean rolled and left his mighty 2.5 footer on the table. What to do? What to do? Oh wait i know! And I WILL! Tonight I meander with the mates and sayshuh to see christopher o'reilly at the getty cover (pianically) some elliott smith and perhaps radiohead. Either way, it's at the friggin Getty! Sat, gonna go hit up artwalk at the brewery and then travel posters at the central library, then maybe a double feature of some classic movies. Theeeeeeeeeeeen, sunday to elmonte to hang in a warehouse.

No, no not a whorehouse, a warehouse, but i'll be on the lookout.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

It's been almost a year but still wanna go back

seriously, if you ever get to go, stay here. Maia will take care of you.
Guanacaste - Playa Grande vacation rentals Costa Rica Duplex

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Jack White Coke Ad

Judge for yourself, it's stylie, but it's coke. wish it was a cocaine ad.

YouTube - Jack White Coke Ad

Monday, April 17, 2006

I'm telling you...sayshuh = gems

now just hear me out

But, and only but (cause if i DO in fact have a reservation in hell) if there was a hell for black people and a hell for white people, I'd much rather go to black people hell. I mean James Brown would go there, Robert Johnson is already there. Name some others that you'd want to be there with. I think Miles got out of it only cause of his music, same with Chuck Berry, cause you know they did and saw some heinous shit. I think the only bad thing about it is a few murderers (ie OJ-but i think he'll be fucked in hell and i'd definitely get to watch him burn. he offered nothing to the advancement, not a damn thing while he's been alive).

yeah yeah touchy, but wouldn't you think it'd be better than white people hell? I don't wanna hang with Bush, Cheney, and Abramhoff. That alone should illustrate my point.

jesus is still unressurected

Had a good weekend away from home for the majority of the duration and ate well, and saw good art. I'll link when I can find these guys we saw cause it was sick. LACMA is always a fun time. Saw some really nice Ed Ruscha prints and some others from a single private donors collection. Pretty sick i gotta say. Someday I would love to be able to donate my collection (when i get a nice collection).

Easter was cool, got to play with the nephews and, if it stuck, got to show them the proper way to throw a frisbee. I do love them even though it's painful to think that they're going to start losing their innocence little by little, but that just starts a new journey. They'll always be my favorite boys, and girl. they're still receptive to me when i talk to them one on one. Linus, Hiram and Jazmine all got along well enough for being three totally different personalities. I think linus was really really crapped out even though he performed magnificently even though we knew he was tired. I got home and hye crapped out super fast and super hard. it was a good day.

Friday, April 14, 2006

food for thought

Today is passover and the king of the jews is the only one slated to die today. either way i thank both Elijah and Jesus for cutting down the traffic today.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Little boobies rock!!!

MSN Video

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I took it and thought i was Custer!

LSD tested on British Troops

might not be cut out for it

I think in order to do I.T. you have to be a little bit ADD. That ain't me. A little OCD maybe. I'm a multitasker but i get centered on something if i'm working on it. seriously some days i don't hear a damn thing thats said to me on the phone or over my shoulder. Doesn't help if the person talking is a boring slag.

Monday, April 10, 2006

fun weekend

So we took off for Mammoth at about 6:30 friday and headed up. Didn't get in until bout midnite. Kan, brinza, and the wellands showed up shortly after us. Tons and tons of freaking snow. We had some cocktails and walked the pooch around town til about 2am. Got up the next day early as hell cause my furry alarm clock let me know that the altitude had made him very regular. We cruised around town some more and ate juevos con chorizo while watching wedding crashers. Headed out after the others boarded and hit up Whiskey Creek for happy hour. It made me damn happy, so happy i only last up til post dinner and a 9:00 bedtime where i missed Trivial Pursuit. If you know me, you know i don't miss that game. i OWN IT. We got up on sunday and had to be out of the place at 10am so we rolled back into the village and had some crepes and panini's then hit the road. We hit Bishop and Schaats freaking bakery. Yommay, nuff said. After that we hit up Manzanar. It was a relocation/internment camp for the japanese living in the LA area during WW2. It was pretty crazy, and bigger than i thought even though there aren't really any buildings still standing. Eerie, thought the ghosts speak loudly. It's at the base of the Sierra Nevadas (big snow capped mountain range) with nothing but desert around. It's seriously desolate now even with a major highway running through. To think of it 60 years ago it might as well have been the moon. Really cool to put a visual with the book (mandated for public middle schools) Farewell to Manzanar. So thats about it. we made it back, it was fun, ate well, hung with loved ones, and got to make alot of yellow snow (to coax the dog into peeing).

I'll post about it in a bit, after I eat some more of my Schaats lemon coffee cake.

Friday, April 07, 2006

This is where Hiram is indoctrinated into the world of snow

Mammoth Cams

They have had their record high snow pack in their recorded history. However this is what happened Thursday

mountains' toxic gas kills when teams fall into canyon ass crack

not to belittle the rescuers that died but mammoth DOES have gas. But if they were injured in the fall the high levels of carbon monoxide just put them to sleep quickly and they didn't wake up. Death by mountain isn't a bad way to go.

PLAN?!? we no need no stinkin plan!!!

Bush, GOP Approval Ratings Find New Lows - Yahoo! News

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Peep this chicken race rabbit!

So it's that time of year again when we celebrate the death/resurrection of Christ by eating hardboiled bird embryos, and shoving even more multitudes of candies into our pieholes. But it does give occasion for one of my favorite pasttimes. Y'all know the marshmallow peeps. The sugary marshmallow chicks and bunnies and whatnot? Yeah you do. I've never really been partial to eating them myself, they're just not that good, but I do make the time for "Peep Race." And this annual installment for oh-six started off with my first victory. I got a pretty good crowd of bored coworkers and chose my dueling weapon, the blue chick aptly named Marsellus, and coworker #1 chose the pink bunny, (aka-Honey Bunny). Separate plates in one microwave on 1 minute 30 seconds.

Wait...what you don't know the rules?

Simply select a peep of any nationality, color, creed or assexual preference. find a surface that you dont care gets melted marshmallow on it, place them side by side (separately-as they may join if placed together and form a super peep, thus creating either a nuke-u-lar explosion or a rift in the space-time continuum). Place them in for no more than 1 minute 30. And watch as your microwave may smell worse than burned popcorn. When one or both peeps pops that is the end. Whichever one either holds out or got bigger is the winner.

Safe to say Marcellus won out over Honey Bunny. I mean come on. Now i'm left with the spoils of my victories. Two "flat as a pancake" blobs of synthetic fiberglass. Atleast the crowd was good, alot people came in thinking it was out weekly cock fight but alas this one was for Jesus.

Higher they are, the bigger the splat

News-Miner - Associated Press

leave it to sayshuh

I Killed My Lesbian Wife, Hung Her on a Meat Hook, and Now I Have a Three-Picture Deal at Disney (1993)

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Mouth Grills Become Flashy Fashion Trend - EarthLink - Strange News

Gotta get one of these for my teef

CLEVELAND - The hip-hop culture is sinking its teeth into a new fashion trend. Individual gold-capped teeth have given way to grills and fronts - removable mouthpieces made of gold, platinum or silver and sometimes studded with jewels.

The trend has been boosted by hip-hop icons such as Nelly and rappers like Paul Wall.

After Nelly's 2005 hit "Grillz," which glorifies the trend, young people all over scrambled to wrap their chops around a shiny grill.

Jacob Owens, a 17-year-old South High School student, snagged a diamond-studded silver grill a couple of months ago for $200.

"Everybody is getting grills," Owens said while hanging out at the food court at Tower City. He chose silver to set himself apart.

Owens sheds his grill to eat and at bedtime, but wears it for hours at a time to match his earrings.

The mouthpieces are made from dental imprints and many are purchased online. But they are sold at local outlets too, like Wired Up at Tower City.

Jeremy McGrew, manager at the Wired Up kiosk, said business has been booming since the release of "Grillz."

Generally, tooth imprints are made and sent to a jeweler who fashions the fronts and returns them to the client or retailer where the items were purchased.

The flashy mouth jewelry has caught the attention and concern of the American Dental Association.

Matthew Messina, a Fairview Park dentist and ADA spokesman, said improper use and care of fronts can result in serious gum disease or cavities.

Messina has no problem with the aesthetic aspect of a grill, but he warns of problems down the road if they are not kept clean or if they are bonded to natural teeth.

Snap-on grills do not fit particularly well in and around the teeth, he said, allowing food and bacteria to get trapped underneath, which can cause cavities or other problems like gum disease or gum recession.

Other dangers include allergic reactions to cheap metals and adverse reactions to jewelry cleaners, which can burn gums, Messina said.

"The really wealthy who have them made of high-quality precious metals, you will have less allergic reaction," Messina said. "Someone going more of a cut-rate route, where they are using lesser metals, we see a lot more metal-allergic reaction to more-base metals."

Messina said some vendors may be unaware that in some states - Ohio included - taking an impression of someone's mouth is considered dentistry, which requires a license.


Information from: The Plain Dealer,

Monday, April 03, 2006


I thought my ipod died today. it just wouldn't turn on at all. i even tickled it on all the right spots. Just turned out the site i was lookin at had the reset buttons wrong. it is now up and running. I won't be a total dick for the rest of the day.

Sundays for checking out other peoples housing you'd die to live in.

It was a full weekend and I'm paying for it now. Never noticed the time change. Saturday went to the grove and actually shopped. Refreshed the scent, hit up Banana's sale tables and got some damn comfortable ish't. Tried to see the new spike lee joint (twice) and it was just too crowded and they don't refund you money. I have no clue where the ticket vouchers went, and also got some gourmet dog treats for the pooch. I missed the final four completely and the group rollin over for some food and other rollin.

Sunday got up and took care of some cleanin and then headed out to orange to check out the eichler houses. The links below are what their ish't is. They're fabricated homes from the mid 50's and sold for about 15k when first built and now are going for 800k. The thing about these is they're truly 50's with a japanese influence, angled ceilings and feung you wouldn't believe. We did a 3 house tour (they pick 3 different houses every 6 months to tour). It's like a contest for them to almost one up each other in a really fun and competitive way. I mean theres a good mix of oldenburg (sp) art, some rothko!!! alot of shag art. The couple that we got the invite from took us to their house and it was immaculte. Between the Barcelona Chairs, the ORIGINAL Eames'(tons of eames for that matter) Le Corbusiers', there was some of the best original pieces. The windows in the homes are huge and numerous and the sliders had all the original hardware. Marcel Breuer chairs up the yang. I can't even begin to express how sly the furniture, art and design was. But the people were awesome. Raunchy, friendly, intelligent and wicked sheik. But they would pull us into their houses and give us the better booze and show off their shit and make sure we knew which houses were for sale. We then went to the last house on the tour and i tell you, they gave a lemon to each person that walked in cause each and everyone had stink face on. It was almost a complete remodel and not a restoration. These people are big on the restoration, rabidly and this was looked like someone took it to Tuscany and threw cow shit on it. It was not good and we were bummed it was ending on this note. Well until all the others (the click) said no, you need to go see the other ones in a completely different tract. Well we all meandered and we took Stuart (a charming and super exhuberant gay guy in the click) up to a couple others that were more creme and I mean creme. More vintage fridges and appliances and hyper intelligent design. And if you're into, then you're in heaven with them cause they know what they were doing. Dave and Steve had the most intelligent house and nearly every piece of furniture they had was original (every freaking piece of eames) all bought from garage sales and st vincent de paul for disgustingly little money. We didn't want to leave but had to even if they wanted to keep us longer. They all kept letting us know that they'd keep up on the new for sales and that we really did need to get out of LA. Effin aye i would for these houses. Plus it's only about a 5 minute drive from Angel Stadium. You don't need to sell me, i need to find the money!

Eichler Homes of Southern California

write ups on em