Wednesday, July 30, 2008

awwwwwww shit

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

so lemme get this straight

It's now 5am Chicago time, 3 am California time and i haven't gone to bed. I haven't been out partying. Actually, we just went to dinner then came back and answered a million emails and strategized. We have to be at a trade show in a few hours. Room service is coming soon as well. I was sleepy at 11pm california time but then couldn't get to sleep. I'm hoping I can go through the motions and get enough information to hold me over. The one bad thing is I can see a gigantic Oakwood building from the hotel room. That could be a bad omen. Dunno. Why the hell am I not sleepy?

Good thing is we're just powering through the show to get contacts and find out if this program is good for us. Then, a nice dinner, and sleep. Thursday, we get to wander a bit and see the town, so i want to be well rested for that.

Funny thing i wore one of our more potentially offensive shirts tonight and was downstairs watching drunk people file out of the house of blues and a really trampy girl asked me for a lighter. i gave her one and she got on her phone. I let her know she was welcome and she came back and said i was snotty as she said thank you. For the record she did not, but she tried to ask me where something was and when i let her know i wasnt from here, she asked where there was. I said LA. She was from Marina del Rey. I knew what kinda work she was here for, especially being in a hotel near the trade show. Her trade was obvious as I later saw her really fawning over a man atleast 40 years her senior.Thereis no way he could like her makeup,more her surgically enhanced money makers. either way the point is, locals dont like offensive shirts. they cause dirty looks or looks of distaste. But i'm a big guy that not many people want to confront right away. The only people that approached me were asking for directions neat the hotel and obviously didn't have the midwest sensibility.

either way. i may be leaning away from the museum of contemporary art cause it's a jeff koons exhibit and i can't stand the dude. there might be a white sox game where i can berate perzynski (spelled wrong out of distaste and ignorance) but i don't know how i'd make it to that if i'm staying up all night cause the other two actually went to sleep and they're both snoring, woooooooooooooooo (lower case).

so once again....why am i awake? i miss my bed, my kids, and my girl...not even 24 hours away.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

some dickhead... Costa Rica thought it was a good idea to use a dog in an art exhibit. This dickhead used a dog tied to a wall and starved it to death to prove some kind of artistic point and quite a few fuckheads showed up to the gallery and did nothing while this dog died. I've been to Costa Rica and have seen quite a few stray dogs on the side of the road so his claim that the dog would have died anyways (google "dying dog as art") is bullshit. But this dipshitassfuckhole thinks that the dog would have died anyways if left to it's own means is a farce. why the hell did no one cut it loose?

Drew Barrymore linked this from her site which links to a petition. There are links all over the web, find them. All I want to do is break the dipshits jaw, so he can eat through a tube if he can, cause i'd break it so bad they couldn't put a straw down his throat. Theres even video of it on youtube which I'll link but i can't watch. I think its another person like me, but I'm too pissed to watch.

I want this dipfuckshit-tican-bitch beaten to an inch of his life and left to starve in a gutter. Seriously, i'll chear for the person that does it. Why hasn't PETA been called in? I'm sure they have...i hope. If you're on Facebook

Sunday, July 06, 2008

all things favorite = sarcasm

A week has passed since we got back from the furnace called vegas. It was hot. really hot. I don't have photos, those stayed in vegas. i could give a showgirls shit about em. I was a bit of a wet blanket and I don't particularly mind. I got to stay on one of my favorite streets and got to see alot of my favorite oldest professionals (the dancing kinds). Really, I coulda done without. I DID get to play my "least favorite" slot machine and won just over a hundred bucks so that was a bonus. I didn't really drink too much, I didn't smoke any pot, and I got not a single lap dance. Go fig. Maybe it was my favorite heat. I did see my newest mancrush in Josh Holloway. He's good lookin.' I almost got the gumption to say something but I'm not one for bugging celebs with my fanboydom.

Dusty's back in commission...

We went and saw Tell No One today. Seriously, Tell Everyone. This was the whole picture. Suspense and alot of it. Murder, intrigue, good plot, good script, good music, good character development. It was subtle, beautiful (leave it to the French), and complex without confusing you. It was really good. I just wish it went on for another hour or two. It was really that good. Maybe I was just cleansing my palette from one of my "favorite" movies, Vantage Point, no, no link. It's only in limited release right now, but it won just about every french award there is for cinema and their history is deeper than Eisenstein's (pulled that outta mi culero)!

My 4th was uneventful. We doped up one of the kids so she wouldn't bark at the fireworks but she did, and it was difficult, and there was alot of vomiting. Hye is getting better after his mauling. I don't think I wrote about it but he got chewed on by a rottie that was really nervous cause her owners were being foreclosed upon and were moving out that day. He cost $300 to get patched up and the owner (that was being foreclosed upon) was taken aback that i asked him to pay for the bill (for fixing up my dog that was on a leash across the street walking by, friendly like). Asshole. I'm afraid I won't find him either. His dog attacked another dog in 2006 so it's moving closer to being euthanized. I don't want this for the dog. It was only protecting its' house which i assume she was concerned over the move out and the almost requisite nervosa. She was a rottweiler, thats what they do. Dumbass owner just didn't think and my pooch and myself paid the price (sic- euthanize deadbeat, non mortgage paying owners).

Other than that we went to the Aye-zook-ians for bbq and Mr A cooked some fine gouda bugers that were almost well worth the lashing I took upon getting home later...almost. it was a lashing. righteous lashing, but severe nonetheless. I have nothing to say, the nervous child was nervous again from the continued firework action and when theres enough of her going nuts, I have two females going nuts. I didn't do enough and thats enough said. The Barber is confirmed pregnant. That's gonna be a good lookin baby. Maybe it'll be a little ManBarber and i can coo coo coo roo all over him. Yes, thats creepy, but not that kinda creepy, really. But still creepy.

I gardened as well, it felt good, the 'maters are coming in with full force so i can eat many of them soon.

ummmmmm, thats it, i think... go see that movie, seriously.....

mmmmmmmmmmmm...i'm fine thank you, how are you?

salutations last.