Wednesday, February 28, 2007

goddamn! nice shot

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

bitches and sabers

this is my sister, she whups fools with her obi wan kenobi model 4x-2671pw lightsaber. I think she has a problem with being a schoolteacher temptress to fragile young minds. i told her to post it as her myspace pic (alas, no more myspace for her). Dig the atari jacket. that shit is true vintage circa early 80's-been-sittin-in-her-old-closet-since, atari jacket. fucking hipster.

Bush and mantle on a baseball card together. atleast they can both have a drink

Jeter's a Fag

It shoulda just had him and arod in bed together. Oh wait thats right, they're not talking all that much. Maybe jeter didn't like the bukkake.

today i post my 666th blog

That should be of note. So, with horror, i come to you. If you haven't seen this it's just gnarly. Not theismann gnarly but it'll make your bung pucker.

but the times story captured. it's been edited in the online version but they make some comparisons to past injuries and the words alone made me shudder.

Clippers lose Livingston
They defeat Charlotte, 100-93, but the point guard is sidelined for the rest of the season after dislocating his left knee in the first quarter.
By Jason Reid, Times Staff Writer
February 27, 2007

Clippers 100, Bobcats 93

- Cassell ready to fill the Livingston void
- Just imagine Livingston's suffering
In a potentially devastating blow to the Clippers' bid for a playoff berth, point guard Shaun Livingston suffered a season-ending knee injury Monday night in the team's 100-93 victory over the Charlotte Bobcats in front of 18,442 at Staples Center.

Livingston dislocated his left knee while landing awkwardly after going for a layup on a fastbreak early in the first quarter. He was sidelined 52 games in his rookie season because of a dislocated right kneecap, and the injury he suffered Monday is considered more severe, a team physician said.

The Clippers braced for playing their final 26 games without Livingston.

"The second I saw it I knew he was done," said Cuttino Mobley, who dropped to one knee and prayed while Livingston was wheeled off the court on a stretcher. "When I saw his knee … I was just messed up."

Said Coach Mike Dunleavy: "You could see that he was in tremendous pain. It was just a really, really tough night."

X-rays taken at Staples Center were negative, the Clippers said. Livingston was taken by ambulance to Centinela Freeman Regional Medical Center in Inglewood, where he was scheduled to undergo further tests late Monday and today.

Corey Maggette scored 25 points for the Clippers (27-29), who won their second consecutive game. Forward Gerald Wallace had 20 points for the Bobcats (22-35).

Livingston, who had a career-high 14 assists in Saturday's victory over the Golden State Warriors, was considered among the keys to the team's effort to make a strong run down the stretch in the regular season. Now, the Clippers must move on without their young floor leader.

"It's really disheartening," said Elton Brand, who had 14 points and 12 rebounds. "You worry about his career and his health first of all. You also worry because of what he means to the team.

"He was coming off one of his best games. I don't know how we're going to compensate for losing him. I think he was on his way."

The injury occurred with 8 minutes 18 seconds remaining in the first quarter. Mobley stole the ball from guard Derek Anderson and tipped it ahead to Livingston, who raced to the basket with a defender in pursuit.

Livingston rushed the shot and was off-balance when he landed. Team physician Steven Shimoyama, trainer Jasen Powell and paramedics quickly attended to Livingston, and play was suspended at the 8:10 mark of the quarter.

With the third-year player in obvious pain, Shimoyama popped Livingston's knee back into place in a process known as reduction.

"It popped into place on the first try," said Shimoyama, an orthopedic surgeon who has worked with the Clippers for seven years. "It alleviated nearly all of the pain. When he dislocated it, he was in a lot of pain."

Shimoyama said that further tests were needed to determine whether Livingston had torn arteries in his leg.

An arteriogram exam, in which dye is injected into the knee, would reveal tears, Shimoyama said. Livingston was supposed to have that test Monday and then undergo an MRI exam, probably today.

"Knee dislocations are famous for causing damage to circulation," Shimoyama said. "On our preliminary inspection it did not appear he had damage, but you need to do an arteriogram to make sure."

Although only 21, Livingston has been hampered by injuries throughout his career, and his teammates said they would be there for him again during his recovery.

"He was worried about us winning the game and not about himself," Maggette said. "It just shows the character of the person."

Thursday, February 22, 2007 wouldn'ta thunk it

just browsing brands of the world and found this

i love the cross

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

suggestive advertising and -mart & -inal

Name omitted to protect the guilty

i just noticed the stacking practices at my local branch and thought it was quite apropos. I mean would you want to chew on a kotex brand pad as hard as big league chew?

yes i know the image quality is inferior cellular technology but take my word for it

today i will recap the injuries

So far, in the 13 months i've had my bedpartner, I've accumulated some injuries had in the height of wrestlemania. I've had:

puncture on the forehead
puncture on the bridge of nose
blackened eye
multiple bite contusions to forearms, no broken skin
punctured webbing between fingers (all the way through)

and today...

a bruise/scratch from a punch
punctured upper lip, all the way through.

with this being said, i love every single one of my injuries, and love my dog immensely. i'm just hoping i get to have a minor scar from him as a reminder in the future. atleast i know that, if he can possibly kick my ass, i know if we ever got into a fight, he can help me fend off someone atleast as strong as me.

and remember you can't spell food without doof!!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

fun with stock photography

This may become a regular thing. I don't have to pay for the stock photography here. I'm going to just take the oddest ones that i find on any given day and add in what i think they'd say...


Monday, February 19, 2007

first time i've said this

this is the one singular time i'm kinda jealous of you dames

Thursday, February 15, 2007

my goal in life...

is to live somewhere that i don't have to travel the 405. Anywhere but there. I'll sit on a different freeway for long stretches of time but not that one. In fact i would be happy if i never had to be on it again. I say that with the knowledge that never is really never cause i gotta go to the getty, thats the only reason. thats it, i'll drive the canyons to and fro or i'll land in burbank. Just keep me off of it. But that leads me to the other goal. Whatever city i may travel to i must see one of their better museums. this will be something i strive for the rest of my able years.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

this is why i love the 405

now cause of this selfish fuck there's going to be alot of missed vd-day dinner reservations. check at the line break

405 South Before W Sunset Blvd Possible Fatality 4:55 PM

Thomas Guide Map Coordinates: Page 631, Grid 1H
Roll Fire Department 4:55 PM
Message/Item Delivered LA Fire Department #93 4:56 PM
7 Vehicles on Right Shoulder 4:59 PM
Message/Item Delivered 79-S7--Also Advise LAPD to Check on Wilshire 5:00 PM
Roll 2 Fltbeds--1 Rotation Tow 5:03 PM
Message/Item Delivered Q 5:08 PM
Message/Item Delivered 3 a Opr# H662 Order Number #15009 ETA 25 Mins /fltbd Request 5:10 PM
Message/Item Delivered All City Tow ETA 20-30 Mins with Fltbd 5:11 PM
Message/Item Delivered LAPD Wla Bcc Copies All Info 5:13 PM
No U Need a Rotation Tow at All ?, Message/Item Delivered to All City Tow to Disregard Fltbd Truck 5:17 PM
Suspect is Down on Sepulveda Just North of Getty Ctr Under 405--Fire Department is On Scene Admin Cpr to the Suspect, He is not Moving---Fbi Agent is On Scene With Suspect 5:22 PM
CHP Unit on Scene 5:25 PM
CHP Unit on Scene 5:26 PM
CHP Unit Enroute 5:26 PM

Suspect is Possible Fatality on Sepulveda Under 405--Message/Item Delivered 79-S7 5:27 PM
This is a Jumper--Intentionally Committed Suicide--Roll LAPD 5:30 PM

Message/Item Delivered LAPD 852 5:31 PM
All North 5:42 PM
Recall 3 a for Another ETA (line 21 Has 3 a Order #) 5:54 PM
Telephone 3 a, Updated ETA Per Y073, Unable To Locate, Will Issue 2nd Call, New 3 a Svo 16191, Foxx S Village ETA 25 (req Exped) 5:58 PM
Transportation Management Center----405 is not Closed for this Incident at All---Only North Sepulveda No Getty is Closed--Please Correct Your Msgs 5:58 PM
LAPD is On Scene on Sepulveda With the Possible Fatality 6:00 PM
Advise LAPD Will Need Traffic Control Unit With Possible Fatality Scene on Sepulveda 6:08 PM
Per 79-64-Just Call the Closest 3 a Tow That is Rotation for Flatbed Tow Truck 6:08 PM
Foxx Village Did not Know Flatbed Tow Truck Was Needed--New ETA 35 6:08 PM
Message/Item Delivered LAPD #678-They Have the Call But No Units Assigned at this Time 6:12 PM
Message/Item Delivered LAPD #506--Inc#4324 6:17 PM
CHP Unit on Scene

from a casket on the hill.



just classic

the t is my personal touch

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

i love it when

friends call to ask you to sign in to their ebay and bid on something cause for whatever reasons they can't be at a computer. it gives you full reign to just run amok around ebay and search for items they think they should own, like a signed 8x10 glossy of robert loggia. everyone needs one of those...and a few other things.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

is this why i never became a figure skater?

i'm thinking no but this is pretty heinous

and if you're morbid, here it is set to some inappropriate music and show over and over in slomo

one thing i like about her...

my girlfriend is such that we can talk art, music, politics, design, food, etc, etc. But the real joy comes when we converse about different topics. Such as, words that have a certain feel to them. sharp, crash, clap (i know what sayshuhs thinking). words that have a feel or edge or a bit of onomatopoeia. we can also bust rhymes at length.

but when you get to the real meat of the things we can talk about cotton swabs. Namely, the unilever company brand qtips obvious superiority to other swabs. it's not even like

"gimme a coke."
"is pepsi okay?"

it's more like you shove an inferior swab in your ear and it bends and stabs with it's less than ample amount of cotton cushioning and you immediately wish you had invested that extra 40 cents in the real deal. lesser swabs just don't seem to pick up anything. qtip brand you can get in there deep without fear of drum puncturing unless youre the careless type that leaves the tip in your ear whilst prepping and bump into something sideways ramming it deep inside. c'mon now you know you cringed at that one.

don't be fooled people, open up your eyes...and lose the earjam.

damn you...damn you this and everyweekend...

anne litt. I don't like you. I've decided to turn you off. you kill my buzz from open road and drag it through sappy ballads. my pod has more than enough alternatives. you've done this to my weekend more than once and it's got to stop. if you're not going to quit affronting me with this drivel, then i concede, you've won, you own that slot of airwaves that i just need to work around. yes i know i was surprised to see that you had set up the music for little miss sunshine until i really gave it a think. it's a kindof depressing flick, you might say that it was a cinematic ballad and the more i thought of it, the more it seemed appropriate. don't get me wrong this doesn't give you a repreive, you are still damned by me. and seriously, no knock on little miss sunshine, taht shit kicked ass but i'm done with you. I WILL BE SAD NO LONGER ON SUNDAY AFTERNOON.........................CLICK

Friday, February 09, 2007

last update of this week

I just had a marvelous movement at work. nuff said on that

i just wanted to reiterate (or i wouldn't call this space overlyverbose) I DO in fact have racist bones in my body. I hate all stupid people. I hate stupid black people, brown people, yellow people, but especially white people. I have a general distrust of white people. I haven't dated too many whitey but the ones i have, have been dry, banal, and well, extremely racist in a kkk kinda way. I was raised on sesame street and reaganomics. It could be those reganomics that began my trist with trusting whitey but seriously, i just can't stand them. they freak me out. first people to have an agenda to have it their way right away. well heres something for you bk broiler. I don't trust you or your self righteous, god given right to all the perks with being white, selves. Screw you. have a plan and follow it, honestly. Most other racists are just stupid (again-which i hate) because they're uneducated and this is due in part because of whitey not wanting them to have said education. either way...i hate whitey, i love my fellow man and woman, but god do i hate you stupid fucks that aren't even reading this cause you only stay on your upper crust sites or you're too poor and ignorant to have a computer.

to my other note thats frustrating me, as this has turned into my personal bitch blog. I'm doing a freelance movie poster and i did what they asked for despite my warnings that the images weren't high enough in quality to accomplish what they wanted. They told me to push forward and see what i could do, but photoshop can only do so much to tighten up a picture that is blurry and pixelated. when they saw my finished comp they said to go in the direction that i had originally wanted. I cranked out something i thought hit all the marks and rules of a movie poster AND made it look good. They want all the stars to show however even without many images and limiting me to 640x480 screen caps that haven't come out all that well. I cranked this thing out and they didn't like it. I'm charging them a flat rate, a cheap one as i thought originially this would be an easy thing. Well, now i have to do a 3rd comp, and a flyer as well. The price is going up and the work is now dumbed down because there was no real principle photography for key art, just wardrobe. i'm just about done with the "can you have something to me in 2 hours?" i'll work this weekend and go at it and get something done. however the second comp is going in my book. Nuff said.

holy fuck batdung

i've been pretty busy lately. I've been forced to do extra work AT WORK lately as the computer at home isn't operational. I've had one music album cover i've had to do, a movie poster for an hbo film festival movie and i picked up another cd cover that we have to do a photoshoot tomorrow morning for. One album is all but done and the movie poster is finally moving in a direction that i want it to move. The first comp was just bad but it was requested by the clients to do it specifically that way. I maintained that the images were not of the quality but they persisted and now that it is close to the wire on printing they wanted me to go in a different direction. I suggested a direction that was far more appropriate for the oddities of the movie and suggestive enough for the quirk of the flick. It was 100% photoshop and i gotta say i think i pulled it off pretty well. It needs tweaking but i think i'll make mondays deadline.

If you happened to catch the office last night it was the funniest 1:30 in tv ever. I bought the friggin episode on itunes just for the first couple minutes. Ding! Altoid? I feel obligated to post some links that sayshuh has been sending so here they come:

got lost in this for a bit, but mighta been cause i was a bit stoned

super mario bros redux

background textures for PS

ipod storage shite

enjoy perhaps i'll check back in later.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

aight i'm getting really bad at blogging

I actually had fun at work last night cutting and pasting comps together until 1130 pm, but it was better than what i have been doing. also helps drinking beer while doing it. I also had a leisurely morning and afternoon before going to work today but i found out there must be an exposed electrical wire next to our street sign as the doof peed on it and started screaming bloody murder and when a dog does that it's not a good sound, but no sign of anything that coulda hurt him there. i have to call the city. he's fine, went running off when i called him.

on more interesting news, i have come up with a new name for the salmon. It's actually her porn name which people who know me, know i come up with good porn names. i have christened her "Fleur de Licious." oh yeah thats the ticket. aight until i get another wild butthair or take my herbal remedy, until next time!

Friday, February 02, 2007 history month

I listened to the I Have a Dream speech today and found it still to be one of the best speeches i've ever heard. MLK is an amazing orator and this is why he still is tops on my list even above the jezuz dude on people i would like to dine/hang with. Jezuz, i just wanted to have a heated conversation to see if he was more like a david koresh. But i digress, MLK made a damn fine speech way back when and I think you should give it a listen here.

on another note on the side of freedom check this. Love the fact taht Aqua Teen Hunger Force can shut down a freaking city. I was told that the gentlemen only answered questions from the media about different hair styles and not about the case. Who says pot only leads to harder things. Check em here. ATHF is a threat to Boston, and Here
Dontcha just love america? yeah me neither

just watch it you wannabe subversives