Sunday, February 11, 2007

is this why i never became a figure skater?

i'm thinking no but this is pretty heinous

and if you're morbid, here it is set to some inappropriate music and show over and over in slomo


At 12:43 PM, Anonymous sayshuh said...

wow...its not often that i see something so depreaved and outlandish that it makes my jaw drop and my eyes expand as wide as diner plates. hell - i frequent and always play bad crash videos on and including the faces of death videos, but this is the ICING on the cake. (i had to do it). that poor gal. all that time spent practicing, all that emotion and energy spent unwisely. this is so bad - that i wish it never happened. i don't mind that i saw it, but i do mind that it happened. i don't mind that sinatra is playing while her face is sliced - but i do mind that their careers are gonna be sidleined for a long time and their lives are going to be impacted negatively. but - anyways, i enjoyed this post thoroughly, thanks!

At 1:28 PM, Blogger Teo said...

she's fine, she was out of the hospital that day with no broken bones or lost eyes, just a bad gash. she's due to practice this week.


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