Thursday, January 25, 2007

i guess i'm back in town, ready for interspersed linkage?

the rundown on san francisco goes like this:

sunday: woke up quick, at about noon, just thought that i had'ta be in compton soon...

530ish wakeup, finish packing and then ms. coworker gets there and we hit up the airport and pretty much get right on the plane and go. we take a cab from sfo to the hotel, friggin nice, really really nice. check the bags and go hit the town for a bit and go to virgin recordstore to have a citizen cake satellite sandwich. Ms Coworker had the aptly named "best cheese sandwich in the world." Then confirmed that it in fact was. We hit up
MOMA and the alexander girard was damn cool. Quick shoot over to H&M for me, and we had to be back by 3 to rehearse our boss' act and then head up and go get ready. fit into a tux after a barely warm shower and hit the penthouse room for cocktails. then it was downstairs for a long and drawn out bit of awards and gladhanding and more booze, that ended and then my evening ended turbulently with others and I changed and did a walk from Knob Hill to Presidio. Considering it was all downhill, it was aight. I hit up the Palace of Fine Arts This one and chilled there in the rotunda for a while then walked the marina back to Ghiradelli Square until i got to van ness and looked up. i was still a bit drunk and hepped up on red bull and still didn't want to tackle this friggin hill, it was huge. HUGE. I took a $4 cab up the hill in minutes and crashed out.

Monday morning went aight other than my slight hangover and a clearup of events. worked most of the day and played solitaire on the pod for hours without winning. We had a tiki event that night that we ditched cause we didn't care about getting free hangover causers or the overtime. We instead walked around town looking for something to eat and decided after much searching that we'd hit a store that we saw and liked cause of the sign. After asking a doorman to another hotel and finding out they did only breakfast we decided to check it out anyways and found that they have a really good menu for dinner. Sears fine food has some DAMN FINE FOOD. It was one of the most tasty and enjoyable restaurant experiences i have ever had. the staff kicked ass, the exec chef came out and talked to us at length while we lauded her mad skillz and writing up a hearty thank you on some paper. they brought us desserts (not charged for them either) and we drank some fine cocktails and closed the place down, but not before purchasing some fine tshirts. it was good, seriously good. check it, i dare you.

tuesday we got up hit breakfast and i decided to skip out on the meetings and go shopping at the h&m, and having to walk up the hill in my crap ass steve madden shoes which i had finally purchased some insoles for so that my feet wouldn't swell anymore on the hills when the shit ass sole would bunch up at my toes. don't buy them, they blow. got back in time for lunch to appear like i had been there and found all the other people that had the same idea. we finished up by all 200+ watching an olympian from the 84 mens gymnastics team do a motivational speech including demonstrations on a pommel? horse. it was cool but i can't help but think of how much it cost to pay him, fly him up there and shack him up in a suite. I won't go into detail about the LAME ass gift the owner of my company gave him but I'll just say if i got it, i'd toss it or white elephant it to some poor soul.

that was the end of the meetings and we were there until 9pm so we walked down to city hall and went to Citizen Cake which until now was my favorite restaurant in SF. It was aight. not worth that much money, but tasty, good scotch and damn good pastries to take home. Cabbed it back, picked up our bags and took off for the airport for stank shoe removal fun before we sat in the terminal and waited until we heard last call for our flight by our names as they had been calling and we hadn't been listening. Quick flight back and some joyous dog love, then crashing. Yesterday at work blew, nobody was in the mood and we were all pretty useless. Today i was much more productive. aight i'm out.


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