Friday, January 05, 2007

okie doke

I know, all you throngs of followers. You thought i was dead, or in the hospital or kidnapped by insurgents or held up for spewing antigovernment drivel. Nope just not in the mood to write.

Lessee to cover it all xmas was cool, i still have a bit of shopping to do for ms everything cause we were supposed to do xmas in february and she just up and got me my gift the day after xmas. Got my nephews some lightsabers that i wish i kept cause they're cool and probably broken now. and got me a new gee-tar. Fun getting my fingers all beat up again. New Years we went down to the LBC and saw master Deans new place. Really nice and right next to the beach and some kick ass nice houses on Shoreline. Word of advice tho, don't eat at Rockbottom Grill. It really lives up to the name. No food from the menu and what they did have wasn't really good. It's a brewery and their beers aren't that good and they tried to charge us for nonalcoholic drinks even for the dezi-drivers. Either way the food sucked.

I got sick the night of New years day and felt like ass for a coupla days but work is letting me work a flex schedule so its nice waking up late and walking the dog and reviewing the newspaper and rolling in when traffic dies down. Then i'm already poppin when i get in and work after everyone has done their standing around talking thing and i work straight through that, after everyone leaves and then crank my music in the empty office. Perfection other than the fact my dog had to sit outside in the cold rain cause my roommate doesn't ever let him in the house when he's home. Thats another disgruntled story that I'm not going to share here cause i have not a single good thing to say about it. in fact i have quite a few really nasty things to say but again i digress.

This weekend is going to be spent with ms everything and her pooch on a weekendlong double date filled with muchas smoochas and some moviewatching in a somewhat voluntary sequestered state. Might have to go see Saul Bass at the Skirball and might have to go see Pan's Labrynth (after I pick up my medicine-cause i'm not seeing that sober i tell ya). Thats about it until i get back into all my links and shite. I get to go to San Fran for a work thing and stay in a nice hotel (hopefully in a room by myself) and do some shopping and hopefully museum going.

Other news we're considering a move to Texas...YES TEXAS. Austin is a pretty cool place which is one of a few places i've cosidered moving. I'm contemplating all the things i would miss. the ocean, my beloved museums and some of my dearest family and friends. But as i get closer to wanting to actually buy a house, i realize it's pretty difficult to afford one here. Austin is pretty forward thinking and has a kickass music scene and is actually pretty. The more important thing is that there are midcentury homes there starting from $265k. Thats a 1/3 less than here. Dunno, we're going to plan a fact finding trip out there to investigate the options. Thats about it on this front. I love designing full time but hate my job. Theres no clear direction and the people making the requests for design are the ones dictating the look even though they're not supposed to and they're sending this backassward company on the same course of crap looks. Either way my first comps are my nicest and those are going into my book so hopefully i'm only doing this through the summer. We'll see, stay tuned i might write more often than I have been.


At 12:55 PM, Blogger cinnamon said...

I have been so busy lately I have neglected reading your blog. I miss your ramblings. I have been neglecting my ramblings for that matter.I would say that I would miss you if you moved, but your zip code really means nothing to me. I think Chicago would be better for you.... but Texas sure could use a few more quee....I mean steers!

At 3:26 PM, Anonymous sayshuh said...

well damn...i don't blame you in the least. owning a good place here in LA means you're paying for it for the rest of your existence - well, it seems like it. Its more important that happiness comes first and foremost and if that means the stars and stripes are big and bright, deep in the heart of republicanville, then so be it. BTW, fuck the dog hating bitch, that sucks, and I'm surprised you put up with that for this long. Poor little guy, if you're ever outta town and you need a dog sitter, u know who to call.


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