Friday, December 15, 2006

time to reduce my vehicular strikes

y'all know about my hood bender last week, well last night i got hit with the traffic camera even though i was through the intersection. The onramp to the freeway is just past the intersection and some jackass 2 cars ahead decided he didn't want to get on and we were forced to slow to a stop and i was in the proper side cross walk when i got the flash of the camera in my face and behind me. i didn't notice any other cars but i was through just butt of car in the crosswalk. i hope they see past it. then this morning i'm looking at my dented dusty parked next to my work patio and there is water coming from under it. I talk to the office car dude and he said that he was really certain it was the water pump.

"how long do i have? til monday when i take my car into the mechanic?"

"no, doubt it. if you don't drive it at all till monday you should be fine but it'll go and then you'll be fucked."

so i took it in just to get that done, and tomorrow dusty gets new tires, and monday gets the whole shebang from his regular mechanic. good times. is there CAR-ma?


At 6:40 AM, Blogger jedaz said...

Take this advice from one who has done this before. What ticket in the mail, if they come to your door have a someone beside yourself answer and say he does not live here and get off my property. They will send a process server if they have the time lay low at home for about 3 months.


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