Sunday, December 03, 2006


It's sunday....I'm at work. Why? well not to really work. I have to do some personal design/photoretouching/invoicing/blogging/blogreading/streaming/music ripping/farting/office spelunking.

Alas the computer at home still doesn't work, and Ms. Martini.x4 is visiting her mom all weekend.

Friday brought an okay week to an end. I got to usurp my superior for the sake of better design and had her superior agree with me as the former quickly recanted and agreed with me as if she always had. Then we met up with Sayshuh at the best seniorsdivebar with best filipino bartender on the westside. Swilling quite a few back Ms Martini and Sayshuh and I got pretty tipsy before going to Typhoon for some eatin for MasterVics birthday. Alot of the regulars showed up even though are obviously missing due to moving really far away. It was good. I will review it for losanjealous as there was some unique eating of toxic insects and large ugly carp.

Saturday, I slept...during the day!!! go fig i dont do that very often and then drank enough to knock me out early. I needed it. I was tired and have to be fresh for this week.

ummmm aight thats it. i'm gonna crank my johnny cash and walk around the office naked.


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