Monday, December 04, 2006

monday is for people that work

I sat at work yesterday and finished a ton of invoices that hopefully will get paid before xmas. Daddy needs to pay for alot of stuff. I did get a happy visit on the tail end of working from ms. shoe-for-everyday-of-the-week. We went and found her a ton of shoes and went shopping for other stuff. Quite a bit of a lovely dinner at sisley with super generous portions of giant salmon filets. It was good. I wasn't expecting her back from ms. shoe-for-everyday-of-the-week sr's visit. Actually i was extremely happy to see her. weird, but not so weird. Thas about it so far. I'm twidling my thumbs right now.

Oh dig this, i was out on the patio at work and I look at the vending machine and just happen to walk to it and check out whats on top as it looked out of place but the jackass left the money bag from emptying it on top. There was a pretty fat wad of ones and more than a few silver coins in it. I thought, and thought but turned it in. Dude'll probably get in trouble especially considering that I've been asking him to throw all my former coworkers desk supplies into it for two months now. If he does it, I'll speak positively on his behalf. I mean I coulda eaten at taco bell for like a month on that shite.

check this out. one of my lovely friends at work collects parts (mostly chrome of old cars) check out the cuda side panel cover she gifted me today. bad freaking ass even if it is with a camera phone.


At 5:09 PM, Blogger jedaz said...

Yah good idea on the bag after the candle store mishap you pulled off many moons ago.

At 9:35 AM, Anonymous sayshuh said...

mondays kinda give you a chance at afresh start. if the week before was grimy and lackluster, monday gives you a clean slate to go all out and make your new week mr. clean fresh. maybe that'd be a good look for you, shave your dome and get a big ear-ringer and white shirt? that actually, by today's standards doesn't seem that clean anymore, nor does mr. scrub, that octopus looking thing that slides around the bathroom - its kinda buggy...

At 1:33 PM, Blogger cinnamon said...

AND Wednesday is for swallowing solar systems>


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