Friday, February 02, 2007 history month

I listened to the I Have a Dream speech today and found it still to be one of the best speeches i've ever heard. MLK is an amazing orator and this is why he still is tops on my list even above the jezuz dude on people i would like to dine/hang with. Jezuz, i just wanted to have a heated conversation to see if he was more like a david koresh. But i digress, MLK made a damn fine speech way back when and I think you should give it a listen here.

on another note on the side of freedom check this. Love the fact taht Aqua Teen Hunger Force can shut down a freaking city. I was told that the gentlemen only answered questions from the media about different hair styles and not about the case. Who says pot only leads to harder things. Check em here. ATHF is a threat to Boston, and Here
Dontcha just love america? yeah me neither

just watch it you wannabe subversives


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i hate pussybleeders


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