Friday, February 09, 2007

last update of this week

I just had a marvelous movement at work. nuff said on that

i just wanted to reiterate (or i wouldn't call this space overlyverbose) I DO in fact have racist bones in my body. I hate all stupid people. I hate stupid black people, brown people, yellow people, but especially white people. I have a general distrust of white people. I haven't dated too many whitey but the ones i have, have been dry, banal, and well, extremely racist in a kkk kinda way. I was raised on sesame street and reaganomics. It could be those reganomics that began my trist with trusting whitey but seriously, i just can't stand them. they freak me out. first people to have an agenda to have it their way right away. well heres something for you bk broiler. I don't trust you or your self righteous, god given right to all the perks with being white, selves. Screw you. have a plan and follow it, honestly. Most other racists are just stupid (again-which i hate) because they're uneducated and this is due in part because of whitey not wanting them to have said education. either way...i hate whitey, i love my fellow man and woman, but god do i hate you stupid fucks that aren't even reading this cause you only stay on your upper crust sites or you're too poor and ignorant to have a computer.

to my other note thats frustrating me, as this has turned into my personal bitch blog. I'm doing a freelance movie poster and i did what they asked for despite my warnings that the images weren't high enough in quality to accomplish what they wanted. They told me to push forward and see what i could do, but photoshop can only do so much to tighten up a picture that is blurry and pixelated. when they saw my finished comp they said to go in the direction that i had originally wanted. I cranked out something i thought hit all the marks and rules of a movie poster AND made it look good. They want all the stars to show however even without many images and limiting me to 640x480 screen caps that haven't come out all that well. I cranked this thing out and they didn't like it. I'm charging them a flat rate, a cheap one as i thought originially this would be an easy thing. Well, now i have to do a 3rd comp, and a flyer as well. The price is going up and the work is now dumbed down because there was no real principle photography for key art, just wardrobe. i'm just about done with the "can you have something to me in 2 hours?" i'll work this weekend and go at it and get something done. however the second comp is going in my book. Nuff said.


At 8:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"marvelous" is a goofy word.


At 12:50 PM, Anonymous sayshuh said...

REQUEST: post the comps, lets see 'em! But make sure you but your copyright info on it before posting it here...

At 1:27 PM, Blogger Teo said...

i will post but the job is done and i'm out and will with hold my comments until i get paid.


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