Wednesday, February 07, 2007

aight i'm getting really bad at blogging

I actually had fun at work last night cutting and pasting comps together until 1130 pm, but it was better than what i have been doing. also helps drinking beer while doing it. I also had a leisurely morning and afternoon before going to work today but i found out there must be an exposed electrical wire next to our street sign as the doof peed on it and started screaming bloody murder and when a dog does that it's not a good sound, but no sign of anything that coulda hurt him there. i have to call the city. he's fine, went running off when i called him.

on more interesting news, i have come up with a new name for the salmon. It's actually her porn name which people who know me, know i come up with good porn names. i have christened her "Fleur de Licious." oh yeah thats the ticket. aight until i get another wild butthair or take my herbal remedy, until next time!


At 1:53 PM, Anonymous sayshuh said...

i dunno. it seems kind of forced, and more of an inside joke kinda thing. i know of 'max load' but what other things does she call you - oh yeah, i almost forgot - wait, i won't type it out loud. embarrasment sucks...


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