Thursday, March 30, 2006

see stereolab in a small venue at all costs

Went to see em at the good ol' Henry Fonda Music Box on a rainy Tuesday and they kicked some shit. The crowd was good but slow to start. I mean they're a new age/hippy, french/brit, dance/jam band. And they kick ass. Once the crowd was up well so was I. Mighta just been the few new jams they played which i don't remember as pretty much the only speaking that was done was the name titles. But once it got goin holy crap, i challenged pretty much anyone without a stick up their butt to get a move on. Personally i was sweating profusely come the end of the show. The visuals, were good, the sound was excellent and I couldn't tell if people were stomping or the system was thumping that hard but everything was still clear. Gotta give props to a band with 3 keyboardists that can switch up to french horn, clarinet, tambie, guitar, trombone, mix machine effortlessly. mad props to em, this was a much better show than the hollywood bowl even though that was pretty spectacular in it's own right. I must say Laetitia has now cracked my top 25. I dont know where she falls, but she has style and skill and is beautiful in a funk-tastic way. I mean she busts out the trombone!!! Either way, go check'dit when you can. I had a decent buzz thru to the next morning so you have my recommendation, could you tell?

Dat's funny shit honky bitch!

Ask Da White Bitch

Monday, March 27, 2006

Friday I caught up on much needed sleep and saturday chilled for most of the day. Damn what really did i do? I took the pooch for a walk in the park with oyie and the cherry blossoms were in full effect.

see? thats just purdy especially when they're blowing in your face. No really it is.

It's actually a nice big ass park.

Just wanted to throw this in there cause zoomin in with the camera phone makes it look like a Monet in his later (blind) years.

Saturday rolled back to the caboom show to get the contact info on the booths that I didn't get info on so I can buy some early bday/xmas gifts. Then found Tom Rush wasn't totally my thing.

Sunday morning rolled to ma's for breakfast with the brother and his family for his missus' bday. The wee ones were damn cute, DAMN CUTE! Spent a ton at Target, again, went home met up with an old buddy of mine and then went home to wash and detail Dusty. He was a mess and hadn't been washed so it got the full freaking treatment, including almost 4 bucks in quarters for the industrial vac at the station. After that, chilled, watched sopranos, did laundry, freshened the sheets, and showered and shaved so I could sleep the eff in today. Aren't you impressed someone could actually write something so banal as this and share it with total random people.

Oh yeah I skipped the protest downtown. 500,000 latinos and latino advocates show up to protest the bill setting up more strict immigration policies. Crazy why don't we draft illegal immigrants for Bush's war and then we can finally have a respectable war protest instead of the shitty ones organized so far by whitey.

Friday, March 24, 2006

VIP room AND cocktails in hell

I mean, I know Alabama has alot to offer, but even IF she was alive, do you think Helen Keller would know she has a commemorative quarter?


ain't no more candle to burn at both ends. It's done. I made it to Friday and I can hardly wait to go back to bed. Went to the caboom opening party. Tons of nice, nice stuff. Looks mostly like it would benefit hospitality industries but some home and self promotion. KCRW had dj's spinning and the music (mostly remixes) was really good. I wandered around checking the scene as there were ample pretty LA people. Gramma did well, was dressed to the nines and put on her best LA face (muah darling-you suck, you're not buying my shit). I rambled back to her booth with a couple other peeps seeing someone that looked damn fine and watched her walk away when gramma let me know that she had been calling me and that was Salma Hayek and she wanted to buy one of her beds. I went meandering around to find her again as she's in my freaking top 3, why shouldn't i? Alas I found her not but did, however, find John flippin Stamos. Whatever. Stuck around (waiting for Salma to come back to me I suppose) and had a couple drinks, walked a couple of gramma's entourage to their cars and did so for her and drove home in an exhausted stupor. Got home, killed a two day peace treaty and slept less spectacularly than my body wanted. I just need to get to about 6:30 pacific so I can walk the pooch and I'm good.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Good way to kill a sleepy thursday


worth it for a wednesday

I took the day off work to help a friend set up for a show that I'll go to check out tonight. It's been months of helping her nitpick design aspects and setting up the space at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. I spent the morning doing laundry and having good conversation. Reluctantly concluding that I meandered to the west side and set up the booth. That took a couple hours of tweaking details then over to Shutters Hotel on the beach for noshes and expensive scotch while staring at a mostly empty beach on a sunny warm day.

CA Boom 3 - The West Coast Independent Design Show!

Setting up that booth was an exercise that my mind hasn't done in a while. I'm almost gay when it comes to interior design. I have an eye for it. I was getting tiny details worked out with it and we moved things endlessly as theres alot of money to be made. and it was mentally, really stimulating. not many things better for me than sitting and talking design with other designers.

Bounced back to the valley to fold laundry and walk the dog and wait for oyie to roll home so we could go try to get into king king smack in the heart of hollywood. We got there with a smallish crowd before 9pm with no tickets in pocket. There were two lines and we got at the end of a shortish "i gots no ticket line." The drummer for Earlimart came out and we chatted it up with him about general playing and how they did at south by southwest in austin. Asked him to put us on the guest list and he stared at me giving me neither a hell no or a hell yes. Cool guy, he looks like jesus. really he does kinda. We got into the line and over the next hour and 45 mins we watched the moron (at this time) of a bouncer bungle admittance for tons of people. There seemed to be about a thousand people on "the list." Thats the thing about hollywood is theres this list. I've never actually seen one, it's usually just a couple promoters that wave, point and talk on the their treo's. But every good hipster, bad art fag, dirty musician, and homeless elves seemed to be on this "list" and zipped right by us. People gave up as the ticketless line kept growing and so did the list line but it got to us at the front of the former for about 25 minutes and finally when Penn Gillette (bouncer) kinda organized the line, he looked and us and let us in. Scene was packed. The venue was the size of a car mechanics garage and tastefully set up and open. We grabbed a drink and i got a cup of knob creek with a shot of coke. it was gasoline served by one of the best looking female bartenders I have ever seen. And the Band of Horses came on. Heard a couple tracks oyie sent me and they were good. Live, they were excellent. Excellent. We saw a ton of writers getting in rolling stone to industry insiders and apparently they were there to see them. Lead singer had some of the most beautiful guitars I had ever seen. Big as whale of a Gretsch. I love those guitars and someday when i have the a small fortune to blow on a sick guitar I'll be in the market for one. They really really did kick ass, enough for me to buy the album at the venue. People watching between songs oyie looks to our left and who's standing about 10 ft from us is Meg FREAKIN White!!! I said god damn god damn! Mighta been the drummer for the yeah yeah yeahs with her with a nasty long pubic cat stevens beard, but i can't be sure cause that beard was nasty. But A) she's plain, B)she's tall, C)She's very graceful, and D) her boobs are pretty damn big. For the most part she was left alone and i wasn't gonna be the fanboy and go bug her. She's the type of person that wants to go out and see a good band and get out of there, and thats exactly what she did. I think I commented on the vibe of this show a few times during. One of the strangest feelings i've had musically but it was a damn good feeling knowing that we got in without ever going presale. Earlimart came on at about 1120-ish and played a damn loud and energetic set which is different as not all their music is that pulsing, but it was. The crowd thinned out after midnight and the other band mingled and people were smashed hammered drunk as evident by the couple behind us that just as well mighta been playing drinking jenga and been on round 15 of it. it ended we bounced quick, grabbed some of the del taco and got home to rip the album for the pod as quick as possible. Friggin awesome day. awesome. Priviledged in every aspect of it even the fuckin laundry.

Tonight I go to the caboom show for free ($40 ticket) and open bar and gnoshes. There is going to be some obscenely sick amounts of money and contracts given at this thing as it's one of the biggest interior design shows on the west coast with some of the best designers, so i'm jazzed. I need a 4 pak of redbull as 3.25 hours of sleep may not cut it.

Did i also mention that was my 4th show in 9 days? First really good one tho, so streak is broken. And stereolab is Tuesday at the Fonda!!! Might check out another one this weekend if the sister keeps avoiding me and I don't go up there. So fellow music junkies I'm lacking in seeing the same people at all these shows, what the fuck!?! Get out there!

Monday, March 20, 2006

weekend in review

St Pattys day introduced me to a restaurant/bar down the street from our house that was pretty cool. it was an interesting night with no extreme highlights other than a hangout there. Saturday I spent running around the city with a friend looking for materials to create diorama boxes. Not cheesy kids ones, pretty high art ones. Went back home and found the drains in the house had backed up. A buddy of mine came over that is a contractor and he tried to find the source of the blockage. After hitting every drain in the house we went to the main and uncapped a brown geyser, nuff said. That relieved the problem for the time being but oyie was able to acquire an industrial size drain snake. Then fell asleep watching lord of war. I have to finish that up cause it was funny as hell. Sunday got up and got to converse with a friend for a while that ended up being a good wake up. Then went to the drains with the snake. I tell ya, if i had something in my stomach it woulda come up. NASTY, just nasty. But it killed the clog and we're back in business. Next I got a call from ma that she was sitting the niece and nephew and that the latter had a high temperature and she didn't have the utilities to get him to get any medicine. I picked some up and rolled over and he was knocked out on the couch with close to a 104 temp. I got him to smile for me and gave him the meds and sang some beatles songs (thanks to breakfast with the beatles) and he hummed some tunes with me until he fell asleep. I went home and Hiram had a play date with Jake (the gay chocolate lab). We're gonna see if Jake and Hiram can hang together as his mom needs to leave town and wants a good place for him to stay. I dunno if it'll work as Hiram isn't an asshunter but he tried to slay it a few times. He peed in the house and kept trying to mount him. Jake wasnt fond of having a 77 lb dog on his back and let him know but they were still cool. We'll see. They need one more playdate and we'll see if it's a good fit. After that we met up with Sayshuh, his missus yuko, and his sister miss ayres. Hit up the Kitchen in silverlake. mmmmmmmmmmmm dinner. After that to the wiltern for Belle and Sebastian. The new pornographers weren't as good as i'd hoped and then Belle and Sebastian whom were really good live but either I was tired or not feelin it, i just started to knock out. They're pretty soft. But have a large ensemble for a band. me and the two mates adjourned to the lobby and people watched. Way too may emo/hipster outfits, a grotesque amount of fishnet stocking abuse and a couple elton john lookalikes that didn't need to be putting forth their efforts. Thats just about it.

Friday, March 17, 2006

General Irish

General Irish

Thursday, March 16, 2006

celtic music for the week.

even though the celts could give a rats ass about st valentines day

DO VIRGINS TASTE BETTER (A Cliche Revisited) - Filk Song Lyrics, MP3s, Chords, Sheet Music

Lusty Young Smith - Filk Song Lyrics, MP3s, Chords, Sheet Music

i wanna do it but registration is closed in LA

StreetWars: A 3 week long, 24/7, watergun assassination tournament - NYC, Vancouver, Vienna, San Francisco


I love you fruit punch gatorade

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

great, just great

somebody stole my friggin clarks!!!

tracking said they left my shoes at the door, they ain't there. i call fedex to file a claim and the bitch says "just a minute" 9 (i counted) 9 times. I said i'm not going anywhere. She then says to call back tomorrow at 8 am central. And says i'm all set do i need anything else? I say no i'm not all set you told me nothing other than just a minute, what am i calling for and what are the actions normally taken, dammnit? she said that teh facility will be open then. I said, i'm not set and you are a very poor communicator and need to get out of telecommunications, it's not your calling. now you're set.

Mar 14, 2006 3:13 AM

On FedEx vehicle for delivery


Mar 13, 2006 11:26 PM

At local FedEx facility


10:27 PM

Departed FedEx location


4:36 PM

Arrived at FedEx location


Mar 9, 2006 9:03 AM

Departed FedEx location


4:39 AM

Arrived at FedEx location


Mar 8, 2006 10:03 PM

Left origin


7:39 PM

Arrived at FedEx location


4:53 PM

Picked up


Monday, March 13, 2006

one pain replaces another

Friday I stayed home and was fit for shit, i just chilled. Saturday the sister and nephews came into town and they met Hiram, and mom again was really cool with him. Thats not typical but becoming so. He was a gentleman but he's getting a cone for his head today cause he's licked his sutures swollen and I'm sick of harsh words and grabbing him hard, don't wanna do that so embarrassment will have to be it but he won't wear it outside the house. Went to dinner on saturday night and lost my only gift i got myself in costa rica. It was a coconut ring and the restaurant refused to look for it just saying that it was probably already thrown away, so if anyone goes to costa rica and you can fit a coconut ring on your biggest finger, that'll be a perfect size for my pinky. I'll give you the 200 colones later. The roommates were at Mammoth Mountain all weekend so I had the house to myself to walk around in the buff (okay-i only did it once cause i needed what was in the dryer)Sunday stayed in (nuff said). sunday afternoon i made shirts, alot of them. I am now incredibly sore. These shirts pay for my car repairs so it was a good tradeoff, but not the pain in my back. Sorry i don't have anything more or intuitive or funny. I just don't. My brain is slow to turn on today.

Thursday, March 09, 2006


Hiram loses his testicles today, I'm really sick and HAVE to work. I intended to stay home and watch movies and sleep and do laundry but that may have to wait until tomorrow. but one of my coworkers beat me to the day off. i just want soup a big bowl of soup and some rest. i have consumed robitussin, dayquil, motrin, red bull, gatorade, tons of tea, h2o, and some shrubbery. i'm loopy. i just have to get off to pick up my pup, he's gonna be out of it. oh and i can't hear for shit and my nose is raw. i'm going to replay the while album over and over today.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

funk that

animal collective live blows, i love their studio stuff but that show sucked ass, and the sound sucks too. We left early. Two shows in two nights that i left early for. I don't think i've ever done that. to top it off, i'm pretty sick now. good job jackass.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

just in case

you wanted to know....

my pee smelled like cheerios today

to recap the past future

went to the concert, it was good, youth group was excellent. matt pond sucked. They sounded like the gin blossoms. I did get to talk to my bartender and meet her bartender friend Alicia, we flirted and i got to smell her perfume tho. not bad. she was cool. i'll say whats up in a few weeks at the next show. Ran to jack in the crack after too many drinks for some free tacos afterward. I feel like garbage and forgot my airborne but we'll see how i make it through the concert tonight

Bummed kirby puckett died, guy was a damn fine ballplayer and not alot came out about him in a negative light. sad to see him go, even sadder seeing how big he got.

thank god i can finally watch this asshole fall - MLB - Shadows reveals truth behind Barry Bonds' steroid use - Tuesday March 7, 2006 1:57PM

Monday, March 06, 2006

just thought you might like to know

there are two partially formed ducklings in eggs sitting in a pan on my washing machine. They are not meant for hatching, They're a filipino "delicasy." yeah i think i just vurped too. Nasty yes and i won't be around when they are consumed. fucking gross man. Baloot (sp?). My foot i say!

4 days in review quick-2 haven't even really happened yet

Saturday up at 430am rolled into downtown with Branded and Bastard Artist and assisted in throwing up the whale, theres no pics yet, i'll throw one up for posterity when they're official. Cool, lotta glue in my face but not nearly as much as branded, ran to mclogan, grabbed silk screen materials, then to brite spot for breakfast, then back to brandeds pad, then back to downtown la to pick up blank shirts. Back home to prep screens for work later, played with pooch and then got ready to go to pasadena for jasons birthday dinner at the aforementioned (funky menu) restaurant bi-stroke (spelling altered to make it somewhat funny). Alot and I mean alot of wine (no corking so we knocked ourselves out, wait that was just me).

Back to valley pass out. Wake up sunday, read paper then run to target and grocery knock out a ton of shopping, come home prep screens. Branded comes over, make him a screen, make myself a screen, made a test shirt to pay for my car (mechanic is getting paid in shirts-fine by me!)Walk the dog cause he's bored come home watch oscars drink, and drink. make dinner, make brownies, fall asleep (not watching Flightplan)bed.

Come to work, blah, blah, blah (edited to remain slightly better than lame) Go to youth group at the Troubador, come home sleep.

Tuesday (yes i know it hasn't happened yet) drop car BACK off at mechanic cause he didn't fix it) sit in long bit of traffic, come to work, blah, blah, blah whatever, work. Go check out animal collective live and dig em deep. yaheard squib? yeah thats what i thought. i'm so fly i recap the future.

Friday, March 03, 2006

How to Screen Print a Poster. Start to Finish! || FECAL FACE

similar but also very different from what oyie and i do. it does include beer often as well.

How to Screen Print a Poster. Start to Finish! || FECAL FACE

Thursday, March 02, 2006

don't they know it's all about the pirates

Everyone should know

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

roshambo all day bitches. seriously why can't world leaders solve things this way?

The Official Shotgun Rules - Rock, Paper, Scissors Simulator

gotta say i'm interested in trying JUST A COUPLE things

LQ MANAGEMENT SERVICES INC.: "Stuffed Duck Hearts with Foie Gras served with Braised Duck Tongues with a Light
Balsamic Vinegar Jus $11.95
Leek and Haddock Terrine, Chervil Aigrellete Sauce and Quail Eggs in Brioche $8.95
Terrine of Violet Scented Sonoma Duck Foie Gras served with a Violet Martini $14.95
Torchon of Sonoma Duck Foie Gras with Boston Lettuce and Toast $13.95
Poached Hen Eggs, Black Truffle Oil, Spanish Chorizo and Date �Ragout� in a
Light Chestnut Nage $7.95
Steamed Black Mussels with Lime, Ginger, Curry and Coconut Milk $8.25
Thin Tart of Thai and Japanese Eggplants, Brandade of Salt Cod and Marinated Pequillos
(Allow 15 Minutes) $8.95
Cassolette of Artichoke Confit with Basil and California Goat Cheese $10.95
Duck Gizzard Confit Saut�ed with Cep Mushrooms, Anaheim Chiles on a Bed of Winter
Greens lightly dressed with a Black Truffle Oil and �Griotte� Vinegar Vinaigrette $8.95
Saut�ed Duck Foie Gras, Lightly Smoked Eel, Caramelized Green Apples and a
Splash of Xeres Vinegar $14.95
Fris�e Salad tossed in Pomegranate Vinaigrette, Sweet Corn Tamale �Elote� and
�Selles Sur Cher� Goat Cheese ripened by Nicole. $8.50
Pig�s Ears Terrine and Sauteed Snail Simmer in a red Pasilla Infusion, Winter Leaves with Sweet Garlic
Chinese Yellow Chives Italian Parsley Coulis Dressing $8.95
�Tian� of Dungeness Crab and Pistachio Bavarois, Grapefruit Jelly, Chives,
�fleur de Sel� and Grilled Pistachio Oil $12.95
Hawaiian Blue Shrimp served with Braised Pork Feet on Chick Pea Galette and
Nutmeg Roasted Asparagus $19.50
Saut�ed Atlantic Monkfish in an Oat Meal Crust, Banana Squash Puree and a Celery
Cream Infusion "

salvaged tuesday

I went home after an especially painful day of work with a splitting migrane. I took Dusty in for some needed repairs and just went home until D-ron called and told me he had two tix to the Laker=Orlando game. I gotta say his seats are friggin awesome. Almost center court. It was an exciting game and the lakers kept the magic under 90 points so everyone got free jack in the box tacos. Ousted former governor of Cali Pete Wilson walked out the door in front of me. He was also on my plane to New Orleans. I think he's stalking me. I don't think i'll ever be able to sit anywhere else in the staples center again.

Wonderful thing after I've changed up my work hours and end up losing time for taking the car in, i went to get it (after waking oyie up to help me caravan) the cars not ready. I have to take ANOTHER day of being an hour late and sitting in prime 405 traffic cause he didn't call me and let me know that I didn't need to come in. Dammnit! doing it again tomorrow.