Monday, July 30, 2007

biking, bruises, blood, brides and good folks

starting last thursday was a trip to mammoth mountain mainly to watch scorley wed the barber and i gotta say for such an extensive trip for people, it was damn close to being a perfect wedding weekend.

thursday got in and met up with the bride to be at the irish pub with some of her family and friends. lots of drinking later we went home to rest up for Fridays trek up the mountain. we went up and down pretty well the first time. i only endo'd twice initially and i gotta say pumice is my friend as it makes a nice pillow to fall on.

the second trip up, we met with KAN and headed down what i'd call a more difficult run. the next time, rear suspension, and disk brakes will be a must. A MUST! cause about 7/8's of the way down i met a bright then shady spot that had a root with a vendetta against me and down i went face and arms first to meet that tree with my head. we didn't mix words, i just wanted down off the mountain. i was dazed and didn't make any more runs. the 4 mile ride down from the lodge which was so fun at 40 mph wasn't as fun the second time while hurting. a shower and herbal remedies mixed with booze made for a good recovery. we went to a park with the wedding peeps in full tow and had A beer, and A slice of tiny sandwich that used to be 8 ft or something. We all headed back to our place for alot of wine, booze, and gourmet grilled cheese and more herbal remedies.

couple minutes after

bruise day 2

bruise day 4

Saturday was scouting the wedding spot as some of our crew went rowing and the doof went swimming. We got unofficially married too. who says incestual/homosexual beastiality is a crime?

Then the wedding after a few cocktails to numb the pain and the reception in the off season lodge that was eerily like the shining. my body shut down and couldn't do the afterparty at our place. i crashed out early and woke late.

sunday was packing and meeting up with the wedding party for a quick continental breakfast and then onto the road. it was good times, very good times, physically yet pleasantly painful and my everloving respect, congratulations and happiness for the sc'barbers.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

aight people

We're off to sc'barbaro's wedding tomorrow am so you three won't hear from me for a couple days.

tokyo police club was tonight and not only did i defacate in an italian restaurant bathroom the size of a closet, but my ass crack was full of sweat the whole time...stick that in your pipe and smoke it. or just wince in pseudo-pain, i don't care!!! I'm gonna be eatin schatts in less than 24 hours

oh yeah i ran into brian smith tonight. he promotes all the shows at the troubadour. go fig! dig that one mayo! remember him?!?!? married too! i thought his gay stage would last longer! again...go fig newton.


okay, that made even me sick

i was talkin to the salmon and she let me know that she was NOT going to miss me this weekend while we were up in mammoth...

...this in part because she has a strap on...somone would need to wear that strap on...she stated her dog would wear it...


...fucking wrong...

...seriously fucking wrong...

...i'm still shivering...


...peanut butter on the genitals woulda been easier to swallow...


effing aye

today was looking like it was going to be dull, mundane and eventless. but then i got a call from that client and they approved my contract!

so come next week i'll have plenty of work to do, but i'll also have a 30% deposit to show for it. not too shabby for my first bit of contract writing.


Tuesday, July 24, 2007


i used to have a propensity for latinas but that has passed to most extents, and now i'm into asians...well cause the salmon is a japanese hybrid salmon. well if you saw die hard, and i can only say this

socially unacceptable things could happen here

i mean slammin legs, and lil boobs...c'mon!!!!

even the salmon would agree... i think

with all the weddings this month

okay i'm hearing it's fake but i'm sure it happens alot!!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

aight then...

i submitted my bid for that job and will see what they come back with. i just hope my connex with the copywriter help. next onto my unemployment...

it's hot, it's muggy and feels kinda like texas did. hmmmmm foreshadowing?

went and picked up dog food and hit a bike ride and moms and thats about it. i gots work to do, then potter to read. my sis thinks i'm crazy that the 7th edition is sitting in my possession and not being read. but i'm in the middle of (rereading) order of the phoenix and will get to the next (half blood) shortly. but the 7th ed can be put to better use in the hands of sayshuh who can't handle the rumormill and whispers. he gets it and will NOT share anything with me. i want to read it in mammoth.

aight then back to sweating, wish me fuck....not luck, me, salmon'll know.

hopefully i have more interesting shit soon!

Saturday, July 21, 2007


it's been a busy end of week for me. i got my book in a nice place and with some more work it should be aces, but it was one all nighter to get it here. i'll need another or spread it out. the interview went well. i'll talk about it later when i've secured the bid.

the fish came outta water and all the way over with her magnificent chocolate kiss and stayed the night!!! it was nice. i'm rereading order of the phoenix as the salmon purchased the last installment of the potter series and it's sitting in it's box at her house. So i'm trying to hustle through the last two books so i can see the movie and get caught up on half blood prince before tackling the last bit. could be i'm just trying to lengthen my grieving process that it will all be over in a bout a week. sad, thats it's over, not sad that i'm a fan boy.

sayshuhs comin over to watch the fight that we're not going to see cause it's ppv, but maybe we'll have wild crazy buttsex instead?!? wonder who'll be on top. maybe we'll have a spartacus match to find out. I GET THE TRIDENT!!!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Good reading thanks to mayo

The Unknown Candidate: Who's Sorry Now?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

if you were to eliminate 3 states...

I would eliminate texas, florida and oklahoma. originally it was alaska, hawaii, and puerto rico, but alaska is gorgeous and we get oil, moose, and crab from there and women can get a man at the drop of a hat. hawaii cause well, it was made a leper colony, shouldn't it be free of us and lepers. And... well puerto rico isn't a state, just a province. so... texas, cause it was the brownmans initially and it should have tacos as the national food. plus i don't wanna pay washington taxes. florida cause i hate that state and humidity with a passion and we wouldn't have to pay for hurricane repair or alligator preservation, and oklahoma cause i have no idea what the fuck they're saying.

you sucked 37 lightsabers?

haven't mentioned him in a while

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

how the hell he made it to france and back without me knowin i dunno

sure looks like my boy

Canine spectator falls for Tour de France rider
By DUNCAN ROBERTSON - 21:40pm on 17th July 2007

Cyclists spend months training for the gruelling mountain climbs and tortuous distances of the Tour de France, aware that the slightest nudge by a competitor could send them crashing out of the race.

But it is unlikely that the course safety manual spends too much time detailing the potential hazards posed by wandering pets.

All of which will be of little consolation to German cyclist Marcus Burghardt whose race plans lay in tatters yesterday lunchtime after he collided with a large labrador.

Footage of the dramatic crash shows the dog ambling across the road straight into the path of Burghardt's speeding carbon fibre bike. The front wheel buckles on impact, sending the rider tumbling over the handlebars on to the confused animal.

The bike then up-ends before crashing on to the dog's back, while the pink-clad cyclist rolled around on the road.

Remarkably, the dog was unhurt by the battering and clambered to its feet wagging its tail with a rather bemused expression on its face.

It is was then grabbed by a spectator before it could cause any more damage to the cyclists.

Burghardt suffered nothing more damaging than cuts and bruises, and quickly replaced the faulty wheel with another one.

The 159.5km ninth stage was eventually won by Soler Hernandez.

The section between Val d'Isere and Briancon is considered one of the most gruelling parts of in the 3,550km race.

The cyclists climbed to the highest point of this year's race, the Col de l'Iseran at 2,770m, in temperatures over 30C with the road surface melting in places.

Burghardt's bicycle is made from expensive components from all over the world.

It is described as 'light, rigid and aerodynamic' by his race team T-Mobile - but proved to be little match for the bulky dog.

but apparently my pooch is unphased by a couple years of pleasant abuse by his dad

Tour de France Dog

kurendt ee-vindts

today was a good day. woke up next to my girl and got to watch the dogs play. they get along damn well.

came home, chilled, and found out my credit score, which i've been dreading, and found that it is pretty fucking good for what i've been worrying about.

then came the california edd letting me know i was now eligible for unemployment as my forms arrived that WERE TURNED IN ONTIME. guess that was the only holdup other than my appeal form that i sent in. Thank you 490 a week proactive from early june. i'll take it if you gottit.

and responding to calls from yesterday i have to go in and bid on a freelance job to recreate collateral for an environmental company which looks actually pretty frucking easy. and the logo is already done and somewhat corporate which is pretty much what my design consists of.

then i gots a call from pornbuddy asking me to do shirts for the crew of the newschopper 4 (apparently the local news). It's two color and 3 sides of a shirt but i'm willing to toil over it. doesn't seem too hard but i need to see how "fineline" the artwork is.

Plus i gotta design shirts for my aunt that works for disney and are for her particular branch of disney but it's my illustration, so there.

i'm kinda on track right this very second.

i have a good (sic-well above normal, with interesting dynamics) relationship, pretty decent credit, the chance at income, a roommate thats leaving me for a reunion to run buck nekkid through the house and the ability to stay up all hours and work at my odd nightowl pace. (i find 330 am to be the penultimate time to be creative) and a bunch of redbull. plus TONS of new music to listen to. 530 is second wind kickass time, cause you know the deadline is coming. so it looks like the next 5 days are wrapping up nicely if bust my ass and conditions are perfect. it when the stars align.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

thats the norweigian alroight

...cause americans get it in the arse

these are the specific times to BE an american

click the title yo

Saturday, July 14, 2007

aighty then

so the condo work is pretty much done. just gotta get him a couple plants then photograph the stuff to put in a portfolio to show i can stage a condo (and do general general contracting). well it's staged and ready to sell whether it's just moved into or not. it looks good. but it looks manly so i need to broaden my horizons a bit and get a feminina coupla rooms done. i think i'm good on that with my metrosexual self. but more is possible for sure. i think i can get a couples place done as well too so it's a piece thats neutral for both parties.

i can't see harry potter tonight even though i should've tried to make it to the drummers place and there with his wife. but i'm kinda anxious to read it right quick before i see it. sayshuh is on his way over and can't see it until he's with the missus. i see phoenix as a full delvance into true evil where goblet kinda stumbled on it quickly at the end. hopefully the 21st comes quicker than normal and i can read the last installment. then i can read them all again and go forth, back into the movies. i mean i'm not even that into hpotter like i am star wars tho some could argue. but the hpotter toys kinda blow.

aight well i'm done, and gotta go to target tomorrow since ALL the cleaning supplies are gone, even those i bought, cause there ain't gonna be a housewarming present unless it's free. important thing is, the cat is gone. not that i had anything against him but i blame him for the fleas.

piece out with your peace out.

Friday, July 13, 2007

don't the june bugs know it's july?

i mean it's hot, really hot and it's not convenient to stay at moms to housesit right now. it will be this weekend but we took the doof down to chinatown just to get him out of the oven known as the lake and it wasn't much better. atleast the taco lady gave him a bowl of water that he promptly lapped down.

even better is i went for a bike ride at about 11am and the tire popped halfway through. it was oyies downhill bike which is probably an easy 50 lbs to push and my detour through the park ended up being a long tour. total ride/walk time 1 hour 10 minutes in the blazing sun. good times. i'm a little vitamin d'd out. time to take my meds and watch a movie in the swamp cool.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

as it should be...

jesus made the dinosaurs...

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

last night...

i had habanero sauce on my fingers, and, whilst driving home, i picked my nose...

ouch...for a while, ouch.

i haven't wanted to write, i still don't want to write. i went to a wedding, that, aside from some shitty happenings was a pretty delightful time. my friends are wonderful and nonjudgemental and saved the wedding for me.

i'll post pictures of riley the rat (name will forever rotate until i get another dead little fucker) at a later time.

Friday, July 06, 2007

seriously, why not just plug an exhaust hose to the back seat?

oh yeah

we went to see transformers yesterday, and we transformed ourselves from happy movie patrons into evil "walking out of the theater, getting our money back" adults. It was either a recruitment movie for the military, a burger king ad, or one long commercial for GMC cars/trucks. it was just terrible. i kept getting more and more angry that i was sitting there for more time. now i'll just wait until it's on cable for free.

but fucking aye if salmon didn't have it dead on that we'd hire whatever agency cut the trailer cause they made her want to see it...

...until she saw it.

White Stuff – lovely clothes for lovely people

This is a nice home page. anything that starts with funkily dressed donkeys and benny hill is good for me but the shitty thing is they don't have the kick ass mens leather satchel up yet that i really really want.

dammnit, i'm a borderline metrosexual bitch....

yes borderline.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

protect em!

it's quite troubling that this shits coming from IRAN!!!

vazvan-net, Internet Service Provider)
ISP Telecommunication Company of Iran (TCI)
Location Continent : Asia
Country : Iran, Islamic Republic of (Facts)
State/Region : Esfahan
City : Vazvan
Language English (United States)
Browser Internet Explorer 6.0
Monitor Resolution : 800 x 600
Page Views 1
Referring URL
Search Engine
Search Words fuckme

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

damn you cnn for letting the secret out!!!

now real estate can jump even more

Austin: Haven for the healthy, paradise for the party crowd -

gotta love ads shown before the EU

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

vietnam part deux

i found myself compelled to watch this

and about 40 seconds into the not so great cnn video, i switched over to this

the former being the much much more harrowing, but the latter being the more painful to watch and think about. what is this world coming to? why can't there be peace so i can worry about my techno gadgets full time? seriously it's a shame. i'm a horrible american...or a typical one

I also thought why don't we call independence day, dependence day and celebrate the brown man with lots of proper carne asada and indian fireworks that can truly blow off a whole hand instead of one paltry "safe-n-sane" finger?

you may have heard...

on more than one occasion, that our house is the gateway to hades come this time of year. i gotta say when we got back from texas the heat didn't feel bad due to it's dryness. but fuck me. it's hard. i turned on the swamp cooler and that made it feel about as cool as a florida swamp in july. i go outside and it's about 10 degrees hotter than unbearable. Now step into the office where this computer sits and it's about 10 degrees hotter than it is outside. it's an addition with poor cross ventilation. it's not fit to step into from about noon til about 6pm, and even now it's damn hot even with an industrial fan blowin straight on my lid. i hate it. i got no ac to go sit in at a nice fancy job but i may need to as my unemployment was denied but i can appeal or reapply which its looking like i'll do. life is just grand right here and now.

are you effing kidding me?!? i feel old

Thanks oyie

The picture will tell it