Wednesday, July 18, 2007

kurendt ee-vindts

today was a good day. woke up next to my girl and got to watch the dogs play. they get along damn well.

came home, chilled, and found out my credit score, which i've been dreading, and found that it is pretty fucking good for what i've been worrying about.

then came the california edd letting me know i was now eligible for unemployment as my forms arrived that WERE TURNED IN ONTIME. guess that was the only holdup other than my appeal form that i sent in. Thank you 490 a week proactive from early june. i'll take it if you gottit.

and responding to calls from yesterday i have to go in and bid on a freelance job to recreate collateral for an environmental company which looks actually pretty frucking easy. and the logo is already done and somewhat corporate which is pretty much what my design consists of.

then i gots a call from pornbuddy asking me to do shirts for the crew of the newschopper 4 (apparently the local news). It's two color and 3 sides of a shirt but i'm willing to toil over it. doesn't seem too hard but i need to see how "fineline" the artwork is.

Plus i gotta design shirts for my aunt that works for disney and are for her particular branch of disney but it's my illustration, so there.

i'm kinda on track right this very second.

i have a good (sic-well above normal, with interesting dynamics) relationship, pretty decent credit, the chance at income, a roommate thats leaving me for a reunion to run buck nekkid through the house and the ability to stay up all hours and work at my odd nightowl pace. (i find 330 am to be the penultimate time to be creative) and a bunch of redbull. plus TONS of new music to listen to. 530 is second wind kickass time, cause you know the deadline is coming. so it looks like the next 5 days are wrapping up nicely if bust my ass and conditions are perfect. it when the stars align.


At 6:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes indeed sir! I got a lappie today, the neighbor has unsecured network..I got a writing offer for a new online zine. I confirmed my first interview and have to have 3 paragraphs and pics by monday! weird huh :) Ohyeah and the boy took a long tip to Home Depot

At 7:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

penultimate means 2nd to last...what's the first then?


At 10:00 AM, Blogger Teo said...

that would be the 530 so that i know that it's close to done and ready to show. C'MON NOW

At 12:50 PM, Anonymous sayshuh said...



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