Friday, July 13, 2007

don't the june bugs know it's july?

i mean it's hot, really hot and it's not convenient to stay at moms to housesit right now. it will be this weekend but we took the doof down to chinatown just to get him out of the oven known as the lake and it wasn't much better. atleast the taco lady gave him a bowl of water that he promptly lapped down.

even better is i went for a bike ride at about 11am and the tire popped halfway through. it was oyies downhill bike which is probably an easy 50 lbs to push and my detour through the park ended up being a long tour. total ride/walk time 1 hour 10 minutes in the blazing sun. good times. i'm a little vitamin d'd out. time to take my meds and watch a movie in the swamp cool.


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