Saturday, July 14, 2007

aighty then

so the condo work is pretty much done. just gotta get him a couple plants then photograph the stuff to put in a portfolio to show i can stage a condo (and do general general contracting). well it's staged and ready to sell whether it's just moved into or not. it looks good. but it looks manly so i need to broaden my horizons a bit and get a feminina coupla rooms done. i think i'm good on that with my metrosexual self. but more is possible for sure. i think i can get a couples place done as well too so it's a piece thats neutral for both parties.

i can't see harry potter tonight even though i should've tried to make it to the drummers place and there with his wife. but i'm kinda anxious to read it right quick before i see it. sayshuh is on his way over and can't see it until he's with the missus. i see phoenix as a full delvance into true evil where goblet kinda stumbled on it quickly at the end. hopefully the 21st comes quicker than normal and i can read the last installment. then i can read them all again and go forth, back into the movies. i mean i'm not even that into hpotter like i am star wars tho some could argue. but the hpotter toys kinda blow.

aight well i'm done, and gotta go to target tomorrow since ALL the cleaning supplies are gone, even those i bought, cause there ain't gonna be a housewarming present unless it's free. important thing is, the cat is gone. not that i had anything against him but i blame him for the fleas.

piece out with your peace out.


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