Tuesday, July 03, 2007

you may have heard...

on more than one occasion, that our house is the gateway to hades come this time of year. i gotta say when we got back from texas the heat didn't feel bad due to it's dryness. but fuck me. it's hard. i turned on the swamp cooler and that made it feel about as cool as a florida swamp in july. i go outside and it's about 10 degrees hotter than unbearable. Now step into the office where this computer sits and it's about 10 degrees hotter than it is outside. it's an addition with poor cross ventilation. it's not fit to step into from about noon til about 6pm, and even now it's damn hot even with an industrial fan blowin straight on my lid. i hate it. i got no ac to go sit in at a nice fancy job but i may need to as my unemployment was denied but i can appeal or reapply which its looking like i'll do. life is just grand right here and now.


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