Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I'm back people

And you should all thank sayshuh for his molded vagina, and breast milk links. he's a good fill in, even if oyie doesn't always want to. He'll take to blizzogging at some point. So we got back last night and that town is friggin cool. FUCKING COOL to be frank... or me. I don't like the name frank.

Y'all need to go to austin. seriously, or come to austin when you have a place to stay. That town is so untexas it's not even funny. I'm sending out the pics so you may see em twice. Tons of music, good food, hippies, and bats. The art scene is good. the real estate wasn't as freaking amazing as I thought it was as far as price but thats not going to stop us. They HATE dubya with a passion, and show it in every way they can. The only thing they don't have is Trader Joe's but everything else is there. They're even contemplatin puttin in a mac store from what I've read, but they have an Anthropologie and they have an 80,000 sq ft Fucking Whole Foods! I can't tell you the heaven this place is. Each section is a REGION of grocery and kiosk of premade kick ass food. They even have a beer alley that is about a 30' long fridge full of beer on each side. Right smack in the middle of downtown with the anthropologie and REI (big looking) across the street and Waterloo Music is across the street from that which is Austin's version of Amoeba Music. Oh yeah did i tell you that we got inked up by this guy, John Reed. Super cool Billy of a guy, kinda like me, but more Billy, but just as nice. And if you get time go to the south congress bridge at sundown and watch 1.5 million bats come out to grub on 15 tons of summer bugs!

I wore a different one of our shirts daily and more people got em and commented on them there, than they do in LA!!! Fucking jackass scenester angelenos. You think you're too smart to say, thats a cool shirt. Well texans aren't. AND they're polite as hell, wave all the time, hold the door, say nice things, and even the homeless need to school LA homeless, cause they're nice too. Except for the fuckass dickshit that clipped our rental car in front of our dream home that we will NOT be buying because of the parking sitch. Thank god for the GM dealership that helped us out for $90 and put in a new one and didn't kill us with H[U]rtz rental charges and didn't ding my insurance. not much damage but enough to put a kink in mondays fun. it's cool. Just don't plan on comin out in July or August cause, from what we hear, it's deathly, and unbearably hot. good thing we're going out in the fall. Booyahshakka HEAT! beat me now! oh wait, you are, it's hot in the valley.

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At 10:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those dwellings are pretty cool. I love indooroutdoor showers. Nice INK. Did msj get a matching one?


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