Sunday, June 17, 2007

and then on Friday...!

so my motley crue (yes crue) of friends that i happily liken to St Elmos Fire brat packers usually meet up and have a grand birthday dinner for each other. I figured some of us are floating some huge bills, like houses, weddings, moving, cars and whatnot. I figured we didnt' need one for me this year but some took it into their own hands and we went to The Stand and met up with the scorleys, and a few others. It was tasty as usual and a tiny bit expensive (despite what Los Angeles magazine says) but i have good roommates that didn't let me pay. We then hit Springbok for some cocktails. Unbeknownst to me quite a few people showed up. The usual suspects, as i love them all, we had cocktails, conversation, and some BUTTERFINGER CAKE!!! Guwwun sayshuh! it was fun and all i could ask for as most of us are in alot of flux and we have limited time to see each other.

I love you all, seriously, i cherish all you's guys and everything you's do.





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