Wednesday, July 25, 2007

aight people

We're off to sc'barbaro's wedding tomorrow am so you three won't hear from me for a couple days.

tokyo police club was tonight and not only did i defacate in an italian restaurant bathroom the size of a closet, but my ass crack was full of sweat the whole time...stick that in your pipe and smoke it. or just wince in pseudo-pain, i don't care!!! I'm gonna be eatin schatts in less than 24 hours

oh yeah i ran into brian smith tonight. he promotes all the shows at the troubadour. go fig! dig that one mayo! remember him?!?!? married too! i thought his gay stage would last longer! again...go fig newton.



At 6:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeaaaa! more weddings! I have one on Saturday. How many f'n people do you know? Seriously I know a lot of people and I get invites to a lot of weddings. Rarely do I go. I guess you are a better friend than me. Novel- I got an invite to my first boyfriend's wedding (like 1st grade 1st boyfriend)I didn't make it cause I was out of town.


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