Saturday, July 21, 2007


it's been a busy end of week for me. i got my book in a nice place and with some more work it should be aces, but it was one all nighter to get it here. i'll need another or spread it out. the interview went well. i'll talk about it later when i've secured the bid.

the fish came outta water and all the way over with her magnificent chocolate kiss and stayed the night!!! it was nice. i'm rereading order of the phoenix as the salmon purchased the last installment of the potter series and it's sitting in it's box at her house. So i'm trying to hustle through the last two books so i can see the movie and get caught up on half blood prince before tackling the last bit. could be i'm just trying to lengthen my grieving process that it will all be over in a bout a week. sad, thats it's over, not sad that i'm a fan boy.

sayshuhs comin over to watch the fight that we're not going to see cause it's ppv, but maybe we'll have wild crazy buttsex instead?!? wonder who'll be on top. maybe we'll have a spartacus match to find out. I GET THE TRIDENT!!!


At 11:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well....who won?

At 5:48 PM, Anonymous sayshuh said...

me...he fell asleep anyways...

At 10:00 AM, Anonymous sayshuh said...

its funny though, had we stuck with just whiskey and beer that night, maybe wrestling may have taken place. but the mixture of isht and pinot noir chemically drove both of us to the couch and dvd player. although we did have Jackass 2 to stimulate our minds, it wasn't enough to battle the effects of an entire bottle of red, coupled with a hearty BBQ dinner and endless conversing on our friends, computers, the future and more. golden lab dog that guards the lake's grounds passed out at Teo's feet, and lay still and solid as a hairy piece of concrete. me thinks that when another occassion such as that arises, i'm gonna have to insist we get the Eff out of dodge and go see show or just get up and get the blood moving. couch potatoes on a saturday night - my grandpa is right sometimes, youth may be wasted on the young for sure.


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