Friday, September 28, 2007

moving days

spent all day getting a couple more delicate loads to the house and tomorrow i pick up the truck at 6am and start a-loadin the major stuff and multitudes of boxes. i'll be offline for a few days until the cable gets hooked up but will still be working freelance then finding a hotspot. the salmon has her bed and will be staying allllllll aloooooone there tonight.

until then we celebrate oyies bday tonight with tacos and then 3 of Clubs (ages since i've been) feels like Swingers just came out and we were hangin there more but either way. a little 80's'll get the party started, then i can ske-daddle home early to retire so i can wake up at the ass crack. if you're reading and you know where i live, c'mon over, we're starting at 7am (or earlier).

piece out, don't miss my banality too much.


Thursday, September 27, 2007

just go ahead and read it

i got this as a comment to my trip to CR way back when...finally someone that loves grammar the way i do. especially after i trash their town.

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

san francisco in a hot minute or 210

aight so we sat around in the rain on sat until 2ish, drove to frogtown, picked up the salmons lovely gigantic piece then got on the 5n at 3pm. Only hit traffic and/or rain a couple times but made really good time in the bee-huie-mouth van to gilroy where we stuck our heads out of the boat to smell lots of garlic. we stopped finding meager pickings for food but an in-say-shuh-bul hunger for anything garlic. It was heavy and not that good the little diner we found. After a day of "i'm only going to be in gilroy long enough to drive through it," I think I can say that if i developed a food allergy to garlic, i'd kill myself.

made it to Sunnyvale to see Germy at about 11pm and hung with his girl until he got home. The salmon retired and we went through the house at length. The boys got tools, lots of em. quite nice. his garden is lovely. Tomatoes that almost put mine to shame. so to speak. we got up early the next morning and headed the hour into san fran, drove by the procession of giants fans going to a game outside at&t & momo's. then luckily after a little bit of driving confusion in northbeach, found the client and their lovely pooch and carted the crazy big platform up three flights of crazy kinking stairwells, without dinging a thing. It looked amazing. fit the room and the furniture and their taste perfectly. i think the st bernard liked it too!

we left from there and i found how fun it is to maneuver a 16 foot long van around downtown sf on the hills and one way streets. we found a good garage to park and headed back for our second trip to Sears Fine Food - the San Francisco Tradition (ours for sure now). It was as good as we remembered and we ended up talking it up to a gay couple, both older but spry and to my immediate left was jeff who is a graphic designer and we shared tips on programs and things we like or dislike about others. the salmon got to chat it up with the more uppity of em and he was fun too. But that makes two splendid meals at that establishment with kick ass wait staff, good bar (@ 1:30pm) and dee-rish-ous (as she says) food. we walked a couple blocks and then got in the car and headed back along the 101 which i gotta say is MUCH better than the 5 and takes just about 15 minutes more than the 5 but about 2 hours shorter than the 1.

many a conversation we had, but this one, while somewhat on the topic of the gays, was the one that did both our heads. Gay musicians, click it. i can name a bunch of lesbian musicians. just look at a lilith faire billing. But significant gay men in music had us a bit flummoxed. we named the regs like freddie mercury, george michael, but you gotta think of others. Are they? I don't know little richards real name but i've heard of him and well, c'mon, i'm sure little richard is probably quite known as bigger richard. I've also heard Pete Townsend with alot of stories to boot. Could i be wrong?!? I dunno, add me some, spiral off on topic. please, for once you lazy bastards from iceland and iran looking for perverted shit that you find when you land here, speak up.

i digress.

either way, my back hurts from the driving but it was fun. i hadn't stepped foot in pea soup andersons in years but i did so i could add pee and stretch. what they do with it is up to them. then home. it was a quick trip, but a damn fine trip nonetheless. i must go back up so i can shop in germy's garage. Next weekend, a whole new meaning to tired.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

saturday september 29th

c'mon over and sweat and toil with me, my girl and oyie. i got a 24' truck so it should go in one trip. if you don't show up, don't ever expect me to help you move from the south end of the valley to the north end. if you wanna come over sunday and help unpack boxes you can but that shit's boring.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

i see you're nuts and raise you a dead son

dusting off a classic...with dynamite

Monday, September 17, 2007

matt & kim troubadour 9/17

after an exhilarating but tiring day of driving all over socal for furniture that, i gotta say, the salmon was impeccable in finding, we moved said furn into the house with the owners' emphatic approval, they met oyie and loved us even more, especially with salmons modernica couch score, and diner booth goodness. we inspected one other piece of almost museum quality couches/endtable that we'll pick up later this week.

after that oyie and i went and saw MATT AND KIM at the troubadour. i gotta say, that was a super fun show. not the best concert i've been to but one of the MOST FUN which puts it up there in the tops. they're kick ass and after the show matt showed up in the crowd and danced with fans holding his red label buh-wiser. then kim showed up. they have got to be one of the MOST fan friendly bands out there (two people, LOTS of noise). i gots pics with them telling oyie what he can do!

she signed my ticket and i let matt know that it's not just kim i wanna fuck but him too now! they both laughed hard and she let me know that she'd try harder next time for my full affection, but they're fucking fun, and rock hardcore in a way that makes me feel young in a really good way. he's funny as hell and she's crazy good lookin and had no problem giggling her tiny boobs in her tiny tank. she's not hot, not stunning, not anything. she's crazy cute and sparkly. unexplainable, i guess. she has a grin that never ends and kids are absolutely gaga over both of em. i gotta say us too! matt was super apologetic, i mean really apologetic for having to cancel some shows on a fan and took full blame for it and held the kid and sincerely said he was sorry for that. i caught a vid on youtube of them in austin and they were really happy to play there so they're exceptionally well wishing with me.

i got back to my car at the river and the fish had left me a love note that ended the night very nicely on a near perfect day. this is where fatigue is well worth the toil. so up yours life, you can be pretty damn shiny sometimes. today was a good day.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

au revoir, lake..almost

i'm finally feeling it...

Friday i spent the whole day 8am-10pm cleaning the house, well the office and the garage and staged it to get my stuff out. the office is nearly empty and the grafitti from our parties is, well mostly painted over, i realized i could see through the paint the next day. but i was tired and am still sore. sat morning i took the doof (as he had to be out of the house so the owner and vic could walkthru) to arroyo grande to my sisters for my brothers and his boys bdays both pretty belated. it was fun as my niece and i "camped" under a blanket with make believe marshmallows and hotdogs and AIR CONDITIONING! They're all precious, the niece and nephews and i love my time. even though it seems more like work lately, it's not work i loathe in the slightest. i could tell my pooch wasn't happy to be there as my sis' dog is sick but NOT DYING! although the stink can be strong, really strong. strong enough to take a shower immediately upon getting home. we cleaned up the yard again and i think her house is in really good shape or getting there.

but coming home the office is empty, alot of my stuff is packed away. i guess the walkthrough went really well and the owner agreed that the house was in better shape than she delivered it...ofcourse...

i'm bummed i have to leave my tomato behind before it's done. theres like 30+ blooms on it and that means those tomatoes will probably die a dry death and i'll be wanton of fresh flavorfull red fruit. i've seen it since it's 2" sappling that i planted in late march to it's 7 foot splendour.

while far be it that this house was ideal (my girlfriend spent about 30 seconds, or less in the shower and asked, seriously how i lived with it at my size, it was still a decent house. decent is a good word, cheap is better, we're almost outta here and my dog will miss it.

what he misses more is oyie. he really is almost to a lethargic point. oyies been gone for 3 weeks in europe and i think the doof thinks he's gone forever to never come home to him again, which he LOVED. he even stands at his bedroom doorway sticking his nose up in the air or sniffs his bed as he walks by, for his filipino "effervescence." Little does he know oyie is coming home TONIGHT! he's going to shit, well probably pee, when he sees him. i can't tell you how much of a difference that presence does for my dog. he loves him, he's the uncle that fusses over him whenever he gets home from work with his "WHAT DID YOU DO TODAY?!?!?" 100x. the pooch loves it, misses it, and will once again have it shortly, even if oyie is jetlagged and timezoned. i guarantee a wet spot in the car port. that'll be super fun. maybe he'll stick to him like a magnet, we'll see.

theres a short time to deal with this house, which again, is a good word, then we're onto a much bigger and much better plumbed house. i can hardly wait. there'll be 2 dogs, much wrastling, and alot of work, but i'm happy. now i just have to find a job. which i could be looking forward to. i want to be able to pay for the salmons riverbed to the standards that she expects, and that time starts very very soon...what time is it? really soon.

piece to you all and peace to the rest.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

yeah i know...

i reread my post from yesterday and that shit was all over the place. i was exhausted, excited, and a lil bit buzzed from my celebratory cocktail, so whatever. talked to the new potential landlady today and she said she was excited to have us move in. if that means we're accepted i dunno but they're jazzed to have NONstudents that will actually respect the house and care for the garden. they have our credit reports and a deposit but that means they stop showing the house and take it out of the papers and off the sites. we're excited, it's a nice ass house and the owners are super cool and just want someone to care about where they live. and we will as alot of our plans for design and furniture will fit the space nicely. alot of space, a tad over 2000 sq ft so it's big. and cozy. and for the first time in a long time, nice plumbing for oyie and i. now we just have to wait for him to get back so they can meet him and we can get moved. as long as all the deposits and first months is paid we can go in now if we got it, but we'll wait a bit. the last days of the month are a weekend so thats good, means a uhaul for 24 hours should do it.

had an interview today that didn't go particularly well, lackluster even. they wanted someone for more net than print. why they hit me up i dunno, my resume doesn't show much net. either way, it was ten minutes and out, but the good thing was they had a yellow lab that walked around and atleast she liked me. oh well, theres quite a few other ones on the horizon.

aight piece out pasta peezy

Monday, September 10, 2007

ahhhhhh shit

okay i havent been posting. my last post was a video that wouldnt' work. but me and the salmon have been trying to find a place agressively for the last two weekends, and have been to about 30+ houses. we found two that we really liked but one had all french doors. i mean every door in the house was a french door. the other is kick ass, in northridge. 4 br, 2 bath so oyie can actually have a nice ass shower AND be close to his family and fuck around on the computer whenever he wants without distubance. we get a kickass bathroom tons of room, a backyard, place to silkscreen and room for the dogs. so tomorrow i have an interview, this weekend my sisters, next week another payment installment from the client we should be good. but the landlords are kickass, oyie has TONS of space, almost a whole small house, i mean TONS and his own, PROPER shower, of space. space to silkscreen, nice kitchen (not kick ass) but nice. AND REBATES. if we (I) do work on the place, they may give me rebates and pay me back...may. but sal's an old galoot and would rather have me do the work but be there and have a young buck squeeze into the spaces. i'm hopeful, super hopeful and the salmon gets her own bathroom so thats key. should have comps by tomorrow night and finish undoing some of the stuff in this house then up to SLO for my sister, then the next week of hopefully finishing my freelance and getting a printer and getting last payment, then san fran and some hometime to finish thhis house and get the fuck out. the landlords seem super cool to let us in early since the house is empty to get our stuff in. ALL ON ME. i like that shit and can handle a couple days of hardcore labor and thats it! i won't miss this plumbing, toilets, kitchen, yards, or lack of ac but you pay for what you get we come northridge, I'M COMIN BACK!!!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

larry manetti would be my best man

...i mean he's got the ice pick hook up.

you can take your miami vice or your alf or silver spoons. i think magnum pi is the best 80's action drama out there, and one of the best 80's tv theme songs of all time

way better than their original theme, but the graphics are cool

in other news, it looks like renting a house might be easier than first thought...i hope. and i might be gamefully employee pretty soon. i'd like to say sooner than the salmon but she's got something lined up that might get her employed faster. fortunately my client might pay me another installment as the contract date is coming up and my direct report wants me to stay happy. the salmon is mega happy, she's got everything lining up perfectly. new car, possibly new job, already upgraded bank acct. but i have some nice nibbles from placement agencies and an interview tomorrow. they have a test of my capabilities and for once in my life, i'm really confident on my skills. so bring it on bitches, i'm cool. I have my id's, portfolio, and 16 page app already filled out.

so yeah enjoy magnum...i do.

Monday, September 03, 2007

A Celebration of 30 Years of Morning Becomes Eclectic, KCRW and

A Celebration of 30 Years of Morning Becomes Eclectic, KCRW and

For those of you that live in socal or left but still need your kcrw...Morning, Weekend Becomes Eclectic, or Open Road, you know you can still stream it at any time, but you also agree that if you listen, and you do, faithfully, it is one of the best pieces of original music programming you've ever heard. It's simply luxurious, sublime even. You've also heard kcrw touting the music library. You deify this library as you seek out many bands and wait for live shows with said bands. You covet them. This library is a room in the basement of the Santa Monica City College (yes a community college) and it is a thing of awe. i wish to see it, but worry I could possibly lose all bodily functions if i enter it's hallowed, climate controlled grounds. Those in charge of upkeeping it are it's saints, it's keepers, it's lovely soulmakers. I highly suggest you listen today. It's easy, open itunes, go to radio in the listings underneath your library, then select public, and choose kcrw music or kcrw simulcast. Go here and find out showtimes for MBE, WBE. Listen, feel it, love it. Can you hear the angels harps? well, neither can i, but if i did, they'd sound like this music.

Sunday, September 02, 2007


so i watch alot of flip this house and designed to sell etc etc. i've seen now a total of 4 people i know including a girl that used to be my manager named lily lillie, no, that is not a typo.

today i saw a psuedo country hick that i used to be a flashlight cop with. he eventually went onto the lapd back in my dark period of wanting to be a cop. on the show his wife said he was hurt on the job and couldn't work. well thats a crock of shit. i remember when we all heard about a year into be a cop he was still a "rook" and shot and killed a dude they thought had a gun. the dude apparently was reaching for his cell phone and he's been on paid administrative leave since. he was a prick so i have no problem saying that Tim O did his fair share of bringing a bad name to those named tim. fuckin asshole cop prick, cause he was, and i'm sure still is...weird thats the second Tim i've known and seen on these shows. nuff said about nuthin.

back to the heat

lucky bastards

as i sit here trying my best to not get heat stroke, oyie and sayshuh send a pic of them at the guiness factory. i'd like to be there but alas someone has to make sure the house doesn't spontaneously catch fire.

seriously, we went house hunting yesterdsay it was 110 on the house thermometer. normally i wouldn't bitch but it was hot all night too and our house doesn't have the AC. my best defense is to stand in the sprinklers and pour ice water over my head, then go sit in front of the fan for 5 minutes until i'm completely dry...INSIDE!!! after going with salmon to drop off EBU (her upstream travelling vessicle/vehicle) at the dealership as the lease was up in Hawthorne, it was a momentary respite from the valley heat, but right back i came to feed moms animals. fortunately for the Doof, i brought him to mothers icy cold abode and here we sit for a while longer to appreciate proper AC.