Saturday, April 30, 2005

saturday night

So instead of coachella, I organized my cd and got them back into cases. It about 300 albums. They're almost all backed up on the computer and on the ipod so I don't need em anymore. Then I drove the audi, that thing is fun. Getting done with that, Dron and Jaime came over and we made some gourmet ass chicken tacos. They were damn good is all I can say. Traders Joe's chocolate chip cookies to go with, then we sat and watched scuba cdrom.

If you ever decide to get scuba certified, get the videos or a dvd to watch in your player. the cdroms are a pain in the ass and there is a lot of small video and reading at teh computer which isn't all that good on the eyes. The read of the booklet stuff is not bad. But don't get em is my recommendation. Dishes are done and I'm tired as hell, G'night, hope you enjoyed the tacos, oh wait you weren't here. Well I did and theres some leftovers for tomorrow unless Oyie gets back and eats it all which is a good possibility. Coachella goin bastard. How's the pulse between teh three of you. If I know any better you watched a ton of bands by yourself. Still lucky bastard


We went to The Kitchen in silverlake last night to celebrated Master Vics new automobile purchase and I had a flank steak with veggies, and wasabe potatoes, and as soon as we walked out I had a blinding spell of acid reflux. Now I've only had that to the best of my knowledge twice before but this buckled me over to the point I wanted to purge. I could not but also couldn't see and hear very well it hurt that bad. The meal was excellent but those potatoes had a ton of wasabe in them as I could feel that flavor in my chest. It felt like someone had punched me really, really hard in the chest. Mates wanted me to sit on the curb but i just wanted to get home. I got in the car and thats about all I remember. I go home and bee-lined for bed and that was it. Woke up late by my standards this morning and still feel kinda blech. Mental note no wasabe potatoes next time.

Let's hope to see my dear sweet sister "gina" this weekend on her way to Coachella this weekend. Alot of my favorite bands are playing but alas I ain't spending 150 backs and a looooooong drive and no hotel to see em. I'll wait until they back in the safe compounds of Hollywood in the tiny venues.

Friday, April 29, 2005


so I go in spurts, for chrissakes, I'll find something and stick to it for a while until something better comes along. That only usually happens on the web but I think I'm more hooked on sitemeter to find out who's looking, it's almost like seeing who got whom the better present and then talk shit about them/that present. But I almost like seeing where this is being read and wondering why my friends don't and then thinking again that I'm glad they're not reading this. I mean france, india, UK(the motherland IRE) and then wondering if what I wrote is good enough. I know, I know, new kid in the school yard and everyones gotta see the kicks he's wearing but damn, am I holding up? Is my shirt nice enough, did I just shit my pants. I know, it'll taper off and I'll have my regulars that I adore but I'm not looking for fans, just seeing if anyone is as interested in my mundane life as I am interested in theirs.

Aight mates are yelling at me to go eat dinner.




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So my roommate and I make shirts. I'll post some pictures soon. We make all kinds, political, esoteric, rehashed logos, sports, company. They fun and I'd like to do it. Our company is called Bridges Burning. Cause well, that's what we like to do. Light em up, watch em burn, and walk away as if nothing happened. (and thats metaphorically speaking) The web is not up yet, but it will be. When you see em, and you want em, and you will, hit up until we get the hosting squared away. Some of you may have them, seen them, you gotta comment on to the pimposity they exude. Again pictures coming as I get to a pc and not me mac. I'll link in a few.

apple pan

one of the top five burger spots in LA. A plain burger with apple relish, their fries, cream soda and a slice of apple pie. I must say that it was heaven. It really is that good. And it was free, so I couldn't resist. It has been on the west side since 1945 and the guy that has worked there the least amount of time has been there 17 years. The one with the most tenure has been there since the summer it opened. It's an old time lunch counter, the decor is still exactly the same since 1945 except with a new exhaust vent. People talk to each other, a regular old timer sang at his seat (quite loudly i might add). The counter guys wipes up any time you spill or drop something and will keep pouring your drink into your cup until the can/bottle is empty. Thats the way business should be done. Reliably, and tastefully. Damn that shit was good.

I can show anyone the best tiny spots, dives, taco shacks around as I've been to them all. Next stop Tito's tacos, cause now I'm close to it.

that woke me up

So yesterday was take your son/daughter to work day and there were a ton of rugrats all over the place. I must say my esteemed associate Walker Texas Ranger(WTR) let me know that he had a very smooth evening last night after all the phone numbers he got yesterday at the event.

Today we must clean out the refrigerators at work. I think I'm going grocery shopping in the lunch room.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

why do i feel funny?

Oh it's cause I'm not smoking pot thats why. How long will this break last? Dunno, til I'm ready or I can afford it as the luxury it is. Why don't I drink? oh yeah cause I'm not drinking, shit. How bout a cigarette? oh yeah cause I'm trying to quit and i only had one today. Seriously, i'm about to eat this damn patch. Fuck, it this why i'm lethargic? There's plenty of vicodin, but those things fucking suck, hence the plenty. This is why I didn't sleep last night i bet, that and too much jewish winebuzz. Any offers to just lay next to me in bed? no sex necessary, just a body. and not cwith's. please. I'll seriously take a labrador if thats all I can get, mayo, can i borrow Linus? I miss waking up and hearing someone else's breathing. It was like the trains I'd hear in the distance as a kid, that shit always knocked me out immediately. Better than white noise.


How famous is famous?

So I was on my way into work and just to give you an example of just how many A-list stars. Sitting on the 405 in traffic. I was sitting next to the man himself. THE owner of 1-800-Dentist. I only know this as he is now on the commercials. Why I don't know, I kinda miss Judy and her perfect teeth with her little headset. I gave him a point to my teeth and the thumbs up. He reacted slightly as it was before 7am. Good times

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

damn thats alot of matzo

I had a wonderful experience at seder. It was pretty formal. I wore a yarmulke. Imagine that fitting on my huge fro for Irish hair. We sat for like 2 hours going through traditional prayers before eating. We stood, prayed, then downed wine. You can't have any other alcohol other than 4 wines. There was a plate of bitter spices (parsley) that we had to dip in salt water and eat. Strong salt water. I had so much matzo before we ate I was bloated but had a somewhat nontraditional meal of matzo ball soup, brisket with matzo stuffing, then a matzo cake, and walnut/apple/cinnamon/nutmeg thing that I could only bare a bite of in fear of an allergic reaction, which I got a bit of. Carrots, green beans, more matzo crackers with something on it. I layed off the gefilte fish with matzo as when I had that last time, I wanted to blow chunder and I was just about up on my quota for matzo. It was still cool, you have to hide a blessed piece of matzo from the elder, in this case Adam's father that led the ceremony. We went though alot of pomp explaining why the jews had to flee, the hand washing in silence (but you can hum) Moses' upbringing, the ten plagues, and such. At the end, the ceremony can't finish until the elder offers something for the over-celebrated hidden matzo, and we all got 10 bucks from the pot that was predetermined because thats how much he had. This is cool because it creates a dialogue as to how that money is split and how righteous that decision is. By this time we're all pretty buzzed cause of the wine so it's really amiable conversation. We ended with everyone saying what passover meant to them and it was pretty informal but genuine (there were quite a few non jews that were friends of the kids and friends of the family).

We had a marvelous time, ending with coffee, tea, and pastries.

It was pretty cool. If anyone knows me, they know that i'm pretty removed from the Catholic faith, but i do admire the Old Testament. Food was good, the lessons, were good. I now know that there are 613 commandments in judaism and thats me birfday so they can't be all that bad. It was damn fun with wonderful people, some I knew for ages and some that I met tonight, I felt like I knew them for my whole life, plus Claire's friends were nice as anything and well, I mustn't say. So if none of this is new to you, you just wasted a few minutes, but it was new to me, fun, and enjoyable with good food and good people. It was a valuable experience especially for sitting at a dinner table for 5 hours. Aight, well, I'm done, and wanna go to bed so I can attempt to digest the unleavened bread. Woof, lots of unleavened bread. Does this make me Jewish?

Thank you Tenenbaums and L'chaim or something like that, I'm not touching matzo for a year atleast, not even at Brent's Deli


I learned something new today about Judaism, as I'm going to celebrate the departure of the jews from Egypt, a ritual for passover to save the first born by wiping lambs blood...yada, yada, yada.

A Mezuzah is as follows:

me·zu·zah also me·zu·za ( P ) Pronunciation Key (m-zz, -z-zä)n. pl. me·zu·zahs, also me·zu·zas (-zzz) or me·zu·zot (-z-zôt)
A small piece of parchment inscribed with the biblical passages Deuteronomy 6:4-9 and 11:13-21 and marked with the word Shaddai, a name of the Almighty, that is rolled up in a container and affixed by many Jewish households to their door frames in conformity with Jewish law and as a sign of their faith.

and incase you were wondering

Se·der ( P ) Pronunciation Key (sdr)n. Judaism pl. Se·ders or Se·dar·im (s-därm, s-dä-rm)
The feast commemorating the exodus of the Jews from Egypt, celebrated on the first night or the first two nights of Passover.

This instead of the blood on the door. I always wondered what that little thing on the door was. I just say it's just damn good eatin, with good peeps. Thank you Tenenbaums. I learned something new today and there is everything good in learning something new each day.

I want some frog legs, stomachs, heads....etc

I think it's a Nazi conspiracy. Bioengineered frogs to defeat the allies.

Exploding Toads Puzzle German Scientists
April 27, 2005 8:38 AM EDT
BERLIN - More than 1,000 toads have puffed up and exploded in a Hamburg pond in recent weeks, and scientists still have no explanation for what's causing the combustion, an official said Wednesday.
Both the pond's water and body parts of the toads have been tested, but scientists have been unable to find a bacteria or virus that would cause the toads to swell up and pop, said Janne Kloepper, of the Hamburg-based Institute for Hygiene and the Environment.
"It's absolutely strange," she said. "We have a really unique story here in Hamburg. This phenomenon really doesn't seem to have appeared anywhere before."
The toads at a pond in the upscale neighborhood of Altona have been blowing up since the beginning of the month, filling up like balloons until their stomachs suddenly burst.
"It looks like a scene from a science-fiction movie," Werner Schmolnik, the head of a local environment group, told the Hamburger Abendblatt daily. "The bloated animals suffer for several minutes before they finally die."
Biologists have come up with several theories, but Kloepper said that most have been ruled out.
The pond's water quality is no better or worse than other bodies of water in Hamburg, the toads did not appear to have a disease, and a laboratory in Berlin has ruled out the possibility that it is a fungus that made its way from South America, she said.
She said that tests will continue. In the meantime, city residents have been warned to stay away from the pond.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Aight so I finally created my blog on a regular public blog. I have been posting for a while on myspace, and well, I'm just not reaching enough of my fan base so I decided to lay it down here.

Let me start by letting you know how I write. I'm not a big fan of puntuation, therefore i seldom use it. I don't usually capitalize letters at the beginning of a sentence, but i figure i don't have to cause this is MY blog.

I curse alot, I make fun of people, minorities, and those with disabilities. I care for all these people deeply so don't take what I'm saying out of context. I like to help people of all sorts and I'm not a bigot, homophobe, or sexist in any way. I do hold to certain stereotypes. Black people are loud in movie theaters, I hate that, but not black people. I'm loud as hell too, just not in movie theaters. I love kids and often make fun of smacking the shit out of them but never would. I also love talking about having sex with animals though I don't think I'd ever do it. If I'm in Kentucky, well thats another matter. When in rome....

I don't know who reads my shit, but i'd like to. I like creating dialogues about just about anything. Especially politics and religion. God can be a cruel fucker. Job got a raw deal, so did Isaac so we can talk about that. I'm a reformed catholic meaning they didn't want me around to get confirmed. I'm a big fan of Buddhism, Shintoism, and most ism's for that matter, I'm just not that into practicing them heavily as I don't want to have it crammed in my ears or head.

With that I'm thinking of writing more later but as for it now. If it's boring right now, well stay tuned, I get somewhat more interesting. I just finished washing my car, doing the dishes and taking out the trash and folding laundry so I'm not all that excited. Get me after watching pig fucking or something and I might have something more amusing to say. see? there I did it again.